Nearer Yet Further: Story Of one man's illusive medical diagnosis with more than ten years of unanswered questions, until ...

Nearer Yet Further: Story Of one man's illusive medical diagnosis with more than ten years of unanswered questions, until ...

by Garfield A. Wray




Nearer Yet Further by Garfield (Ian) Wray is a semi biography centered around a diagnosis of Multiply Sclerosis I got in May 2002. The approach engaged to cover the over thirty years considered is largely day to day memoirs. It set in Jamaica and features Kingston and St. Andrew mainly with St. Ann in a supporting way.

The story started in my childhood as I made an effort to establish lifelong value of Faith and stick-to-it-iveness. These I started learning as a youth. The actual period covered is 1980 to 2012, a period of thirty two years.

Overall my book is a story of overcoming and victory. This book of faith is one in which I portray my story as a testimony and an example. I write to empathize with, mentally accompany and encourage discourage people with a bad medical diagnosis. their families and friends.

The main target readership to whom this book is intended are; people diagnosed with a progressly degenerating disease. Central Nervous system disease patients, Relatives and caregivers of these 'patients'; Academics,and Medical and nursing students. This book also has enlightening messages for the curious reader.

My manuscript was very ably endorsed by Dr. Hillary Robertson-Hiclling, one of my Lecturers at The University Of The West Indies. In her words, "Garfield (Ian) Wray has courageously put pen to paper to write this book. He has chronicled the illness which threatened to change his life from that of an active bank employee, father, and student at the UWI to a man with a severe disability. His faith and persistence has taken him through his ordeal and he is in the process of seeking recovery and healing. This book is at the same time therapeutic and informative and it encourages those faced with a disabling Illness to keep fighting and believing. He must be congratulated for his efforts which have gone beyond the medical diagnosis of doom to effect rehabilitation and redemption"

It was also endorsed by my pastor, who has known me since 1981. He commented, "This book is indeed an inspiration. It is one man's journey of faith, courage and perseverance that will give you a new perspective on life. I applaud this effort."
Bishop Dr. C.A Holdsworth

The Title suggests' the illusion and a stark and frightening awareness in reality. The mystique revealed is something worth discussing.

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Garfield (Ian) Wray a native Jamaican was born April,1972 and is the third child of Frederick and Jollitee Wray. I am also the father of two sons, Roderick and Dominic.

I started school at Craighton All Age up in rural St. Andrew near to Red Light district. By the time for second term in grade 3 my family moved to East Kingston. I completed my primary school experience at Norman Garden all Age school.

I got my High School education at Excelsior High School. At high School I joined 'The Jamaica Combined Cadet force and Rose up the ranks to Adult sergeant. After High School I continued to Excelsior Community College where I earned a Certificate in Computing. I also read for Bsc, Management Studies at 'The University Of The West Indies, Mona.

I also had other values impressed on me apart from education, mainly spiritual, relational and other dimensions of life.

I am however, still being perfected each day towards wholesomeness.

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