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Necessary Candor: Standing Up To Racial Discrimination and Bullying In The Workplace

Necessary Candor: Standing Up To Racial Discrimination and Bullying In The Workplace

by John D. Bumphus Jr.


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Every work day, literally millions of black people in America feel as if they are being racially marginalized, disregarded or disenfranchised while on the job and at work by their white employers and co-workers. The general and socially accepted option of action for these black people is to learn to "go along to get along"; that is, to "keep working on your job", unless things happen to just get too crazy. "Too crazy", you ask? Yes, each and every black American has, and always holds onto, their own individual perception, idea and understanding about how much, is too much, for any person to be asked to put up with, just in order to "keep your job".

Of course and rightly, filing an in-house complaint of racial discrimination is the most expedient and accepted form of resolving any issues which may come into dispute. Most companies are adequately equipped with Human Resource Departments designed to observe and monitor these occurrences, so as to effectively adapt, and change their policies and practices when necessary, in a timely enough manner to avoid the costly legal expenses of outside litigation. When an in-house complaint has been filed, with no resolution appearing to be forthcoming, the next general option is to take that complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC. Also, and in the event where the worker is a union member in good standing, oftentimes the assigned union shop steward will correctly intervene, address and bring the complaint personally to company management, in lieu of having to involve the EEOC. And then ultimately, if that dues-paying union member finds no resolution from filing a legitimate complaint with the company, in addition to receiving no assistance from the union which steadfastly receives his oftentimes mandatory dues payments, the last sensible optional first step is a visit to the overseeing entity of all America's unions, the National Labor Relations Board, or NLRB.

Unfortunately, and far too frequently, not everyone presented with workplace issues of pent-up rage based upon racial discrimination seeks the socially accepted bureaucratic path to resolution; the matter can then tragically turn to de-evolve into situational workplace violence. For these people, who have willfully chosen the path of self-destructive violence, instead of seeking the practical remedy of procedural justice, along with the intervention of psychological counseling, as a remedial measure, they never find that they could have found a potentially life-saving medical option; sadly however, very many people continue to view the social stigma associated with seeing a psychologist as a personal failing of appearing to be weak, or personally not being unable to cope with pressure, while implicitly not understanding that asking for help when you realize you need it, IS the best form of coping.

Standing Up To Racial Discrimination and Bullying In the Workplace


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