Necessary Restorations

Necessary Restorations

by Kate Canterbary


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ISBN-13: 9781946352477
Publisher: Vesper Press
Publication date: 10/04/2017
Series: Walsh Series , #3
Pages: 378
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.84(d)

About the Author

Kate Canterbary is the author of the Walsh series. She started out reporting for an indie arts and entertainment newspaper, and she has been writing and surreptitiously interviewing people-be careful sitting down next to her on an airplane-ever since. Kate lives on the water in New England. Visit her at

Lucy Rivers is a seasoned narrator of erotica and books on human sexuality.

Christian Fox is a seasoned veteran for erotica narration.

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Necessary Restorations (The Walsh Series, #3) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
khulseman More than 1 year ago
This story isn't easy. This story doesn't belong in the wheelhouse of what I find entertaining to read. Yet, it moved me and so engrossed me that I read slow, not wanting the story to end. The journey for Sam and Tiel isn't paved with rose petals to get to a HEA. As you read through the series, you'll find yourself experience each family member through the POV of the other. You know that Sam will be complicated. He is. As a romance reader, you hope he gets a heroine who is spreads sunshine and rainbows to save our complex hero. No such luck. Ms. Canterbary gives us flawed and beautiful characters that aren't meant to save one another. This isn't the typical trope where one saves the other. Because the only way they can be saved is if they save themselves first. What they had set them to a journey to be better humans. Okay did I frighten you away? Please don't. I know this sounds overly dramatic but Sam and Tiel's story pulled a lot of emotions from this reader. Although sad at times, not so heartbreaking that it ruined me. From the start of their relationship, this was the first book where I began to believe that if they didn't end up together it would be okay. It's seriously the journey of them coming to grips with the issues they face over the HEA that won their story for me. Another day - same lecture: Read the series from book one in order. Sam and Tiel are complex. They deserve the readers time and attention to know them first through other's eyes before giving voice to their own story. I am bewitched by Kate Canterbary's story telling and be a forever fan. 5 out of 5 stars.
10520406 7 months ago
Kate Canterbary's Walsh series just gets better and better. I like book one with Matt and Lauren, and it intrigued me to go on. I really enjoyed Patrick and Andy's story next, but Sam and Tiel's story just blew me out of the water! I think what really inspires these stories, is the backstory of the Walsh children's it created a bond between siblings who united in their adult years to get each other through the messed up feelings resulting from the years post - Mom's death and Dad's abusive rage. Yet, it isn't all boohoo. Canterbary weaves humor, sibling rivalry, great sexual tension and soul baring truths to bring these characters to life. When Sam meets Tiel, in an elevator of all places, it's the beginning of two troubled souls who find they are the missing piece of a puzzle for each other. Tiel too, has an unfortunate issue with her family. Little by little they begin to divulge pieces of themselves, only daring to show so much because of the mess in their heads left by the adults in their childhoods. Two people who seem to be polar opposites, yet have all the right grooves for the other to fit. I absolutely loved this story. It has relationships-family as well as sexual, great banter between all the characters, angst, joy, sorrow and most of all, love. Honestly, I'd give it more than 5 stars if I could. (
Trisha-R More than 1 year ago
Necessary Restorations (The Walsh Series #3) Kate Canterbary Oh Sam, poor sweet dysfunctional Sam. This poor fella has so many issues ocd, anxiety, and deviancy. You just can’t help but to fall for this pervy boy. Then there is Tiel sweet dysfunctional with her trust issues and fear of large families. Kate does so well introducing and carrying on such a wonderful story. Her characters come alive, and you want nothing more than to become bff’s heading to a local seedy bar to catch a new punk/folk band. You want to comfort Tiel and tell her not everyone is her family. When Sam is broken and in need of healing you want to be the one there to help pick up the pieces. I have read this series multiple times and it never gets old. I also really love the fact that even though it is part of a series you can read any of them as standalones.
Trisha-R More than 1 year ago
Necessary Restorations (The Walsh Series #3) Kate Canterbary Oh Sam, poor sweet dysfunctional Sam. This poor fella has so many issues ocd, anxiety, and deviancy. You just can’t help but to fall for this pervy boy. Then there is Tiel sweet dysfunctional with her trust issues and fear of large families. Kate does so well introducing and carrying on such a wonderful story. Her characters come alive, and you want nothing more than to become bff’s heading to a local seedy bar to catch a new punk/folk band. You want to comfort Tiel and tell her not everyone is her family. When Sam is broken and in need of healing you want to be the one there to help pick up the pieces. I have read this series multiple times and it never gets old. I also really love the fact that even though it is part of a series you can read any of them as standalones.
Lisa_Loves_Literature More than 1 year ago
I've been reading and enjoying this series since I got the first one for free. Since then I've either purchased the others as I was in the mood for them, or in the case of this one, I won a free book from Amazon on Facebook, and so this is what I picked. You can read my reviews of the first two books: Underneath it All and The Space Between, on my blog, Lisa Loves Literature. Each book in the series focuses on another family Walsh family member. Not sure how much I enjoyed this one in comparison to the first two, but it was still a good story when I had time to just sit and read and not be interrupted.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really appreciated the fact that the main character has some serious health issues since I rarely read books like that, especially the Type 1 diabetes. The push and pull is frustrating to me when it goes on too long but they had great chemistry and this author is funny and fun to read
KSP91301 More than 1 year ago
I love The Walsh series. Hard. But I put off reading book 3 until just before book four's release because Sam's been my least favorite character. I. Could. Not. Stand. Him. When I finally cracked open his story, I got as far as his manwhore spewing about BJs before I slammed it shut with a FTS. I mentally castrated him six different ways before trying again, fully prepared to skip him entirely if necessary just to get to Shannon's story. Thankfully I didn't. I adored Tiel's quirky character the minute she stepped on scene. She pulled out a side of Sam even he didn't know existed. And that's when he started worming his way into my cold heart. I loved these two together. Their uniqueness. What they made each. And I loved their story. It was everything - witty, snarky, emotional, intense, hopeful, super sexy, and more. Shannon is up next. Her take-no-BS attitude makes her my favorite Walsh. I have a feeling her story is going to need all five stars.
LightningCityBookReview More than 1 year ago
I am seriously getting addicted to The Walshes series. The giggles, the tears, the perplexing emotional rollercoaster, of "Necessary Restorations" in particular, make this series one that keeps me invested in this tight-knit slightly dysfunctional family. Kate Canterbary created such a rich array of core characters with great depth and nuances and pairs them off with equally complex and multi-layered mates. Even the "on the road" best friend who, for a majority of the book communicates with the heroine via phone, is marvelous. This third installment of the series focuses on Sam. He is the Walsh sibling that may have suffered the most, psychologically, as a youth due to health issues, bullying, as well as the cruelty of their "unhinged" father. Sam is also the sibling who was most closely attached to their mother - she kind of shielded him due to his health issues and the bullies. When I met him in the previous novel I really didn't have a full picture of his social life. In this novel when I learned what that encompassed fully my warm and fuzzy feelings about him became kind of chilly and prickly. But then I got into his head and understood where it came from - I didn't like it - but I understood it. He was also more shallow and judgmental than I had thought but that evaporated really quickly. The Heroine is a quirky force of nature named Tiel. She's a sunny, free-spirited musician, an adjunct professor who also does music therapy with children on the autism spectrum. They are the most unlikely pairing: Sam is Burberry suits and cufflinks and Tiel is mix matched color clothing combinations with multiple strands of funky necklaces. He is vegetables and tea and she is festival foods and six cappuccinos a day. Sam is all about his dysfunctional siblings that he is constantly surrounded by and Tiel is family-phobic, to the degree that her defense shields become offense mechanisms. They have an awesome "Meet Cute" and for the first time Sam the Manwhore has a friend that is a girl. But of course the "Friends to Lovers" theme is "a thing" so ... there you go. But the journey is incredibly adorable. Again, The Walshes are hilarious but there are moments that you are wiping the tears off of your cheeks. And my "frenemy" character, Shannon, who has me incredibly irritated in this novel, starts baring her soul to Tiel (a veritable stranger to her) and crying like she's being interviewed by Barbara Walters! I'm FREAKING HOOKED ALREADY - chill. "Necessary Restorations" is much more emotional than the previous novel in the series. Serious emotional introspection and development occur. The medical themes: Sam's diabetes and the Music Therapy as an alternative to sedation and as therapeutic sessions for children on the Autism Spectrum was truly insightful. The relationship "coaching" in this book - is fantastically handled by Tiel's lesbian friend Ellie and the "man-boy" Riley. Insanely they have the best advice which of course is not heeded. Speaking of Riley, he and Sam were two of my favorite characters now Riley has my heart. Kate Canterbary drops breadcrumbs to the future novels like a drug dealer offers samples to potential buyers. God help me ... I'm addicted. To read the entire review please visit: This novel was provided by the Publisher in exchange for an impartial review.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Another fantastic story in this series. I love this author's writing style. Her characters are bold and intriguing and Sam Walsh is about the most interesting yet. Plagued with health issues, anxiety, and OCD tendencies he's dealing with life the best he can. If people want to label him a manwhore, he can live with that. When Tiel Desai comes into his life though he is completely blown away. His old ways of dealing with woman don't work with her and he's not sure he wants them to. Is she the one that can bring peace and calm to his life or should he push her away and run as fast as he can?? I definitely recommend you grab this one and find out.
Linda_RochesterNY More than 1 year ago
Necessary Restorations is a great addition to The Walsh Series by Kate Canterbary. I love Sam and Tiel. They both have family issues that have been the source of a lot of pain. Sam has never wanted a relationship before. His OCD tendencies and medical issues have always been major deterrents but he can't resist Tiel and the way she makes him feel. This book, like the others in the series, is well-written and rich with detail and emotions that make this family come alive. This sexy hot but sweet romance is a great read.
KYBookmama More than 1 year ago
Tiel is a free spirit who is laid back. Sam is high strung and anxious. He has panic attacks and lives life in a hurry. With Tiel's help, Sam learns to relax and enjoy life. This was my first Walsh book and I can't wait to read more of this series! *I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
bhillson83 More than 1 year ago
Hot, sexy, steamy and oh so yummy are sensational words to describe this hot, hot, hot book. Kate Canterbary knows how to work her audience into capturing their attention from the very start.  The hot and risqué attitude of the main character Sam Walsh will have you captivated, needing and wanting more. Walsh can write the pants off of any character in the most creative way, keeping her audience in her back pocket as she writes a scene that you will leave you panting … The characters are well written and grow within the length of the novel. Sam Walsh’s character developed throughout the novel as he started off as a man whore, a one time, thank you man …. until he meets her in off a chance – Tiel Desai, his life and hers are forever changed. The instant chemistry and connection between the two are very obvious – and the friendship that ensues is very heartwarming. The growth of the characters is very well developed as they are forced together in such a way that have forever impacted the two of them. The hot sex between them will steam up any room as the instant chemistry and connection, is extremely over the top. Canterbary has a style that cannot be reckoned with as her talent is written all over the pages. Necessary Restorations is a book about personal growth, friendship, growing up and finding yourself. Kate Canterbary does a wonderful job in writing a story that depicts the hardship of life, love and finding yourself – and she does it in such a flawless way. Her writing style is second to none, her talent is over the top and this book is a definite must. Definitely do not hesitate to add Necessary Restorations to your To-Be-Read Shelf.
JeriTRyan More than 1 year ago
I was speechless after finishing this book! And you can ask my friends this does not happen very often. My next thoughts were – Who is this author? / I need book 1&2! Yes you read correctly this is the 3rd book in a series and I have only a vague clue about what is happening in the first 2 as I did not read them. But honestly … for the storyline of this book it is not important if you read the others it works beautifully on its own. The only issue might be that I know now how the other 2 will end as I can see their results in this book. What can I say about Tiel and Sam except “WOW”… First of all I have the automatic tendency to compare book characters with real life persons to give them a face AND I compare new authors I read with other others I already know. And with this book I came to an interesting result … Because of SAM I felt the need to compare this book with Jodi Ellen Malpas, just that Sam is so much sweeter in a strange kind of way than her male characters. And the complete writing style was so captivating that I basically fell in love with it the same way that I love Colleen Hoover’s style, BUT don’t look for twists or turns like in her books. As for finding my real life comparisons I noticed something strange in this case. As a female normally the first character that gets his own face is always the male lead of the book. But in this case it was Tiel. Already very early on in the book she reminded me a lot of a friend of mine and that face stayed with me during the complete book. And coming to think about it now it makes a lot of sense honestly. Because even if this Book is told from a dual PoV it is always Tiel that was taking the lead (at least I felt it that way ). Tiel is so very different from other leads that I came across lately and it’s very difficult to explain why as there are so many layers to her. Sam’s got it quite right when he said that she is never doing or saying what he expects of her. She sees right through Sam and all his walls that he constructed. Sure sometimes she makes mistakes and she has a lot of baggage herself, but she is a force of nature and that is exactly what Sam needs. Sam is very special with all his flaws and anxieties, but he is no mystery because his needs are very obvious. Sam has a container load of issues. Some imagined and a lot of them very real. All of them together leave him as a broken person hiding behind a self-constructed wall. And basically his coping mechanism is simple. By presenting himself as the lowest of the low life’s – a man-whore, a slut, a player without feeling – he makes sure that no one can hurt him as nobody expects anything of him. Tiel has a way of breaking through all his defenses. She knows what he says about himself and unfortunately she also believes it – but still it does not stop her from seeing the reasons for his self-destructing behavior. I could go on and on talking about this book but I do not want to spoiler to much so I have to stop. But not without requesting the author to please give us more. I have no idea (as I said) about the other two books, but your description of Sam gives me the feeling that I would like to read many more books of you with such special characters like him. You just gained a new fan as your writing is very special and I am sure there will be many fans to follow. P.S. After finishing my review I read reviews of other readers and I felt the need to add something to mine. It’s about the cheating that Sam did. Normally it should be easy to agree with those readers that Sam cheated, but honestly just like everything about Sam it is not that easy. Everything I read in those reviews was true yes, except that it might be a discussion point weather or not he was in an actual ”beyond a friendship” relationship with Tiel but that would be a never-ending discussion so I leave that point aside. The main issue is that Sam didn’t try to have fun, it was quite the opposite. He tried to punish himself, tried to prove to himself that he was worthless. To understand what I am saying you have to read the book as I can not go further into details. It may look like cheating on the surface but in his case it was his attempt at hurting himself and as in my definition cheating contains pleasure - I have a problem in calling him a cheater, > > > I have received this Book as an ARC from the Publisher < < < > > > In Exchange I promised an honest Review < <
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
This truly was a fantastic book. For me, the beginning drug out with far too much filler story.  By the time the story picked up, I couldn't put it down.  The characters are quirky but that worked for the story line.  Sam Walsh is a strange mix between normal and obsessive-compulsive.  He's an architect.  He doesn't have sex anymore and only likes to receive oral and not give.  He doesn't kiss, he's obsessed with hand sanitizer and he has crazy food allergies that makes him eat Paleo most of the time.  He's also a serious diabetic that often forgets to eat on time.  Now Tiel, with her Boho Chic style, is obsessed with music.  She wears bright colored clothes with too many bracelets and anklets.  She's always smiling and singing or tapping her fingers to the beat in her head or in her ear buds.   She teaches undergrad classes at Berkeley and works with autistic children in combination with music.   These two are polar opposites.  You MUST read this crazy romance to fully appreciate their characters and behavior together and apart. I am so glad I continued reading this awesome book. It all sounds crazy and unlikely but it really works.  This is a romance that you can't pass up. Now I must go read the first two books in The Walsh series. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
tinaleeharris More than 1 year ago
4 stars I was openly happy with this book.  It made me laugh, cry and yell a few times at Tiel and Sam to get their crap together but overall it was an easy read.  It shows you how life is not perfect.  The characters were each flawed in their own ways but there was chemistry between them that was undeniable.  As for the rest of Sam’s family, they all were just as quirky and made me laugh at the conversions that they had.   Sam is a manwhore and does not mind telling you about it.  He does not do relationships.  His relationships last as long as it takes for him to get what he needs from the women he finds on their knees.  Why complicate things when he has nothing to offer them?  He is just fine with going to work and hitting the bars each night.  Plus he has issues of his own that no one would want to be a part of. Tiel beats to her own drum.  She is everything that Sam is not.  She has this amazing ability to feel music and help others with it.  She wears what she wants.  She has no pretenses as to who she is.  But her life is anything but perfect.  Tiel’s family is another story that she has no desire to talk about.  When the world knocks Sam and Tiel on their butts next to each other; this could be the one that thing that makes them realize who they really are.  As they form sort of a friendship, Sam learns just how quirky Tiel is.  And Tiel sees who Sam really is.   But how do you go from being friends to something other when you both don’t want the friendship to end?  This is something that they must learn to deal with.  Along the way, they realize that they are more than just friends and have been from the first day.   When an innocent moment turns into heartbreak, how do you pick up the pieces when you have just found each other?  This is what Tiel and Sam must get through.  But how?  Can they find their way back to each other or will the words that were exchanged be enough to end the special bond that they shared? This story was touching in all the right places.  I was yelling at both Sam and Tiel to stop being so stubborn but in the end seeing where the story went, it was perfect.  I plan to going back and reading the first two books in this series.  And can not wait to read all about big sister Shannon too.  The Walshes’ seem like an interesting family.  I enjoyed Author Kate Canterbary’s writing too.  
BlushingReader More than 1 year ago
Kate Canterbary, you gave me all kinds of feels with Sam and Tiel! After reading The Space Between I couldn't wait to get my hands on Sam's story, and I was not disappointed!  While Necessary Restorations is the third book in the Walsh series, it can be read as a stand alone with no problems.  (However, reading the other books in the series will help give you more background on Sam and the whole family which is pretty amazing, so read them all).   Necessary Restorations dives right in from page one, giving us (the readers) a unique look in how two random strangers can meet, bond and survive in a tough situation.  Sam and Tiel are thrown together right off and getting to watch them fall apart and then bond so fiercely was one of the best things about this book!  Kate Canterbary creates amazing characters that have all kinds of quirks, depth and odd behaviors.  Sam is a man-whore with all kinds of anxiety, OCD and medical issues.  He is a tough shell to crack but his gooey center is so very sweet  Tiel (pronounced like teal the color) is his opposite in most ways.  She is a free-spirit that wears her emotions on her sleeve.  She has way more depth and passion locked away in her than first looks have you believe.  She is talented, strong but lacking confidence and has issues trusting.  These two were a treat to read! The Walsh series is a series based on a large family of brothers and sisters that all work together and while Necessary Restorations gives us glimpses of the the family in this book it really focuses on Sam and Tiel relationship and how it goes from friends to friends who want more.  Kate Canterbary created a fascinating and hard to put down story with these two characters.  The friendship bond they have is so strong and their differences/needs seem so different, but somehow it all works.  Tiel brings out the best in Sam and Sam gives Tiel a place to belong.  I loved their "falling into love" story!  Kate Canterbary had me so enchanted in this story that my 5 yr old had to get on me for being "late" picking her up from school (I was like 2 minutes late and not the last mom in the carpool line, btw) and at one point took my Kindle away from me (I got a "time out").  Kate's stories are full of passion, need, heat, transformation, mixed with some drama while finding that person that fits you best.  Even though both characters at one point in the book did things that made me cringe, groan and roll my eyes, they are still probably my favorite pair of this series. Kate Canterbary has created a series that I can't wait to read more of,  each book is stand alone, but when read together there is magic.  I love the writing style, the banter, the quirks of each character and the heat that she brings to each book.  If you haven't read a Kate Canterbary book I highly recommend you fix that problem today, Necessary Restorations is a book that needs to be in your e-reader!  Don't forget to add Matt and Patrick's books too while you are 1-clicking, since once you get a taste of the Walshes you are going to want them all.
jojoNE More than 1 year ago
Throughout the previous books in The Walsh series I've been drawn to Sam and his role as the black sheep of the family. With the condemnation of his father he's been left on the fringes slowly imploding as he goes further into an emotional abyss. From the outside he might look perfectly put together but inside he's a lonely mess who keeps his interactions unemotional and unimportant. He tries to keep himself separate from the messiness of living through a brick wall of crudity and snark, but beneath it all is a man tired of being judged by his looks and deeds who had me aching for his feelings of not being good enough. I've been clamoring for his story, desperate for him to find his own HEA, and on a whole it didn't disappoint. After a memorable first encounter that left them facing death in an elevator, Tiel found herself drawn to Sam though he's her opposite in every way. He's always put together with looks to drool for who lives a very regimented life as opposed to her roaming ways, unique ensembles, and lack of closeness to her family. Their meeting leads to an unlikely friendship that shows how alike they really are and how much more they could be if they're both willing to take a chance. I found Tiel a delightfully unique character as she's a colorful woman on the outside of her family's circle like Sam. She's full of life and tells it like it is which makes her interactions with Sam highly entertaining as they perform a complicated and emotional tug of war over what they mean to each other. She wants to be more than friends but doesn't want to jeopardize their friendship and I was constantly rooting for them to take that extra step towards HEA. From start to finish I was fully immersed in this story and the burgeoning relationship between Sam and Tiel that was teeming with sexual tension. The banter between them was fun, flirty, and full of sexual innuendoes that Sam often used to push Tiel away. Despite his crudity early on I adored Sam and the vivid depictions of his diabetes and the embarrassment of dealing with all the medical equipment intruding on and bruising his self-esteem. Despite all the tubes, the pump device, and ports Sam was still immensely drool-worthy and I commend the author on showing that. Though the early stages of their relationship were drawn out a bit too long the sexual pay-off was immensely satisfying and was both steamy and playful. There was a romantic speed bump towards the end of the story that tarnished my happiness but I was able to move past it as I adored Sam too much to hold a grudge. I enjoyed seeing the Walsh family again and their realistic interactions of being supportive along with battling. Though they drive him nuts I can't imagine Sam without his family in his life. The secrets surrounding Shannon intrigued me too and had me aching for the wedge it put between her and Sam who were the closest of the siblings and I'm hoping they can reconnect more in the next installment. On a whole I found this a richly rewarding read with a delicious hero and memorable heroine with a sexy and playful relationship that I loved seeing evolve and that's left me excited for the continuation of this well-done series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sam and Tiel meet in an elevator of all places. Sam swears that he will never get on another one his lifetime and Tiel laughs his comment off. They've found that they enjoy spending time together even though they have very little in common. Sam is a bit uptight and lives and works with his family whereas Tiel has nothing to do with her family and usually only sees them once a year and that is only if her father calls to ask her. The closer they get the more Tiel looks for something to mess it up and Sam figures if she's going to accuse him of misbehaving then he should go back to his playboy ways. What neither one of them counts on is how much they will miss each other's company along with how much they have come to love one another. This is the third book in this series about the Walsh family. I've only read this story so I'm definitely going to have to go back and start from the beginning because something tells me there is a lot I missed about The Walshes by not reading the first two books.  I was given an ARC for an honest review. All conclusions are mine and mine alone.   Lori P
christypastore More than 1 year ago
Necesary Restorations is without question one of the best books I have read this year. I was so honored to receive an ARC from Kate. A fabulous friends-to-lovers story via the most unimaginable not so "meet cute" way. Kate Canterbary's writing style is fresh, witty and gloriously dynamic. She has a knack for creating interesting characters with rich back-stories, well developed layered personalities and careers that are not so typical of most romance novels, at least none that I've read. Ultimately she gives you no choice but to fall in love with, root for and truly care about these amazing characters. Sam and Tiel are so fantastic together. I loved every scene, every delectable pervy thing that came out of Sam's mouth and every light-hearted hilarious response that Tiel dished out! Tiel isn't your typical heroine, she is a bold, fun loving, free spirit, not to mention Musical Prodigy! Her carefree zest for life, passion for music, and the kids that she helps through music therapy makes her quite unique. Her life lacks a certain kind of order that would drive someone with OCD or with slight neurosis crazy, aka Sam {our Hero} - but actually it does the opposite. She is a refreshing kind of leading lady, and the perfect easy-going match for uptight perfectionist Sam. Sam, oh Sam. Not your average Manwhore Player (trust me, just trust me on this). Here is a guy whose pain runs deep, extremely deep. He is a neurotic, anxious, insecure mess, but he's managed to cover up the "flaws" with a stylish charming exterior. Tiel sees those cracks and begins to help restore the broken pieces of Sam's world. Make no mistake Sam helps Tiel just as much, especially where the issue of trust and family comes in to play. I know you are thinking this is just another free-spirited girl meets manwhore and changes his life story - WRONG! The relationship that develops between these two is completely beautiful. Necessary Restorations takes meeting someone by chance to a completely new level. Oh and the sex scenes - WOW! When it comes to brilliant writing and romantic story-telling, Kate Canterbary throws out "the rules" and gives us something raw, real and beautifully inspired. A MUST READ!
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
      Necessary Restorations, Kate Canterbary Genre:  Romance, Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Well, Kate is fast becoming one of my favourite romance authors. I love this sort of romance read, not light and fluffy, impractical and unlikely, but stories that are full of real people with genuine problems. No dippy bimbos or very young billionaires, but characters that are in their twenties/thirties and work – very hard – at what they do. This is the third book I’ve read and whereas in book one I was a bit confused by the back story, how everyone connects and what went on before, each book reveals a little more and its so complex, that I can see now that it’s best revealed a bit at a time, drip by drip, so the reader has time to understand what happened and exactly how it affected each of the siblings, but in very different ways. Sam – oh Sam...we met him in earlier books as a secondary character, but now he’s number one. I’ve always though he’d be fun, he’s a rep as a manwhore, and yet was constantly berated by his father for being gay – and yet we really don’t know exactly what’s true, or his reasons. Well, finally we learn more about him and he’s an incredibly complex character. He’s a number of genuine health issues, serious problems that connect to what sometimes seems his odd behaviour. Add in that he saw his mother bleed to death giving birth while he was very young, along with his siblings, and that from then on his father hated them all and went from loving to awful, vituperative, cruel mentally and physically, and its easy to see how they became such a tight knit unit, although each have their own oddities. I love Sam in this book, we see his illnesses properly, severe type one diabetes, which, along with his bullying by peers in earlier years, has led to his penchant for quick BJ’s in clubs, back rooms etc. where he can hide his medical needs, never taking ladies home, never getting into a relationship, his food oddities connect to his severe allergies and the OCD about germs – well I guess that’s something from his past too. All this means he’s a complex person, very talented and passionate about his work, as are all the siblings, very close to them and yet he’s always that bit apart, a solo character. Getting trapped in a lift for hours is his worst nightmare – germs from the floor, the small space, the noise and fidgeting of Tiel, trapped with him. Somehow though she wears him down and he finds himself out with her afterwards, and then back to her flat. Not for sex, but they become friends and spend extraordinary amounts of time together. The Friends tag keeps cropping up and each is scared it seems to me, they want more but what they have works so well they don’t want to risk it in  case the other doesn’t want it goes in until finally – well, read it and see  Tiel is lovely, but not without her own issues hiding beneath that cheery, happy front she displays, and when they do get together its hard for them both, they love what they have but are uncertain of the future, of labels, of their own pasts and of letting others know they are together. For a while they’re in a kind of bubble of isolation.  And of course Sam’s family is intimidating for anyone, but for someone whose own family have all but abandoned her – well, Tiel has some serious problems to come.  The downside – this is what makes or breaks a romance for me. Kate gives us fabulous characters, real people and genuine and interesting work situations. Throw in some very sensual and erotic sex and the upsides are perfect, but its when it falls apart that keeps me gripped. I have to feel that there is real risk to them, that maybe they won’t get back from this – even though of course we know they will. This once again is perfect and that part really worked so well, taking a big chunk of the book, not just a few rushed pages. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out – had a number of possible scenarios but I was wrong...very wrong, and Kate’s put it all together perfectly, to make it feel as though it really could have happened this way. Beautiful writing in this part too that really moved me.  I’m so happy to read more of this family – I still want to know just what happened between Erin and Shannon, then there’s Nick, close family friend, honoury brother...from something that’s said I thought I’d got a glimpse of something, but then at the end I see I'm wrong. Again! I actually like that though, to be kept guessing, keeps it interesting. We see more of Riley here too and how he’s grown since the first book. He’s a great character, plays the fool well, but underneath the slightly clumsy, coffee stained and immature front he presents, there’s a young man that’s got a very shrewd, astute intellect. He’ll be a fun read – I hope we get a book from all of the family, I’ve loved what’s gone so far. Kate writes for me the perfect fiction to escape with for a few hours, a blend of seamless romance and reality, sex and sensuality and stories that could be found in a genuine family.    Stars:  Five, a fabulous read .  ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers