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Necronomicon Revelations -or- Crossing to the Abyss: Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows & Simon's Necronomicon

Necronomicon Revelations -or- Crossing to the Abyss: Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows & Simon's Necronomicon

by Joshua Free

Paperback(10th Anniversary ed.)

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Long-lost remnants of ancient Mesopotamian religion, Anunnaki mythology and hidden mysteries of Babylonian magic are coherently revealed in the first complete esoteric guide to a very real underground “Necronomicon Legacy” from the world renown “Mardukite Research Organization” developed by Joshua Free.

World renown expert and Director of the modern “Mardukite Research Organization”—Joshua Free—invites the Seeker on an incredible occult journey into underground esoterica. This amazing guide to modern esoteric underground legacies reveals a secret living Anunnaki tradition of Babylon, forbidden knowledge lost thousands of years ago—now infused within the outlines of all magick, religion and spirituality.

Discover the secret influence of the Sumerian Anunnaki and the origins of all physical and metaphysical systems born from the Mesopotamian Mystery Tradition that directly led to Babylonian religion—a unique combination of Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, Chaldean, Yezidic and Persian lore existing at the heart of the past century of underground occult traditions of Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Grant, Novem Portis: Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows, and the millions of people who have read—or even used—Simon's Necronomicon.

Joshua Free candidly reveals how "spiritual beings" and "alien intelligences" have influenced imaginations of "metaphysical" writers and "fantasy" artists increasingly in the last century—"primordial gods" seeking to have their stories told and knowledge of their existence reborn. What's more, these powers appear to be behind all of the systems installed into human civilization, both social and mystical, since the time of the ancient Sumerians.

Originally published in two installments, this new 10th Anniversary commemorative edition of Necronomicon RevelationsCrossing to the Abyss: The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows collects some of the most controversially pivotal contributions from the modern “Mardukite Research Organization.”

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780578506821
Publisher: Joshua Free
Publication date: 05/30/2019
Edition description: 10th Anniversary ed.
Pages: 218
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Joshua Free is a world-renowned underground occult expert active in the "New Age" community for 25 years, and the prolific author active of over 20 books on ancient history, archeology, alternative science, practical mysticism, and NexGen systemology (systems theory). He founded the "Mardukite Chamberlains" in 2008, and is the Director of the "Mardukite Research Organization," resulting in the production of their most famous literary contribution: "Necronomicon: The Anunnaki Bible."

Table of Contents


0Necronomicon Revelations: The Anunnaki Legacy & Magical Revival . . . 11

1Novem Portis: Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows . . . 17

2The Simon Necronomicon . . . 23

3The Schlangekraft Recension . . . 31

4Towards a Babylonian Necronomicon . . . 37

5A Stairway to Heaven? . . . 43

6The Influence of H.P. Lovecraft . . . 53

7The Cthulhu Cult . . . 63

8Universal Agents of Systemology . . . 79

9Piercing the Darkness . . . 85


0Crossings to the Abyss: A Mardukite Guide to Simon's Necronomicon . . . 95

1Origins of the Necronomicon . . . 101

2Simon Says... “Necronomicon” . . . 107

3Reconstructing the Necronomicon . . . 113

4The Preface – “1979” . . . 119

5Introducing a Legendary Archetype . . . 123

6The Arab's “Lost Book” . . . 133

7The Seven Star-Gates of Babylon . . . 139

8Gatewalking the Stargates . . . 147

9—Incantations & Conjurations . . . 153

10The Maqlu Tablets . . . 159

11Ritual Castings, Callings & Gateways . . . 163

12Mardukite Magick & The Necronomicon . . . 173


ABook of Headaches & The Demonologie: “Necronomicon: The Anunnaki Bible” (Tablet H) … 181

B—Book of Al-Jilwah & Melek Ta'us: “Necronomicon: The Anunnaki Bible” (Tablet J) … 195

C—Book of Qlippoth & The Other Side: “Necronomicon : The Anunnaki Bible” (Tablet Q) … 205

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