Need to Kill: Identifying Addictive Serial Killing

Need to Kill: Identifying Addictive Serial Killing

by Darren Freeman


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With an extensive increase in the rate of crime all over the world and especially in America, the need to address the underlying causes responsible for this alarming rise has never been more urgent. Since murder stands at the apex of the crime hierarchy, this book focuses on one of the vilest crimes that the hands of humankind are capable of committing. It deals with the serious and ever increasing phenomenon of serial killing.

This manuscript is based on the detailed research carried out by Darren Freeman, a Former Law Enforcement Administrative Commander and Criminal Law Instructor, and his several years of practical experience with serial killers. His research paper “Profiling the serial killer” tackles the societal nuisance brought forth by homicidal maniacs with profound analytics and accuracy and deals majorly with identifying a serial killer. This book, however, is crafted to take a deeper look at the scenario by further investing in exploring the behaviors as well as the sociological and psychological factors affecting the minds and actions of these affected individuals.

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ISBN-13: 9780999261910
Publisher: Royal Creek Publishing House
Publication date: 08/05/2017
Pages: 138
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.30(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 7

Jack the Ripper 7

Chapter 2 9

Serial Killers and their Types 9

Types of Murder 9

Types of Serial Killers 11

Chapter 3 13

Motivations behind the need to kill 13

Serial Killers’ Need to Kill 14

Copy Cat Approach 15

Sexual Serial Killer 16

Chapter 4 18

Modus Operandi of Serial Killers—Methods and Patterns 18

Methods 18

Organized Offender 18

Disorganized Offender 19

Organized/Disorganized Murder 20

Modus Operandi and Signature 20

Staging or Posing 21

Chapter 5 22

An Extensive look at the lives of Famous Serial Killers 22

1. Edmund Kemper 22

Childhood Trauma 22

Murdering his Grandparents 23

What he had to say 23

Kemper’s Release 23

Edmund Kemper—the Co-ed Killer 24

Murdering his Mother 24

Trial 25

2. Jack Unterweger 25

Early Life 25

Writer and a Killer 25

Murders and Suicide 25

3. Gary Ridgway 26

Early Life 26

The Green River Killer 26

4. John Bodkin Adams 27

The Crimes of Dr. Adams 27

Trial and Investigation 28

5. Myra Hindley 28

Early Life 29

Murders 29

Tip off 29

Trial 29

Chapter 6 31

Sociopath vs. Psychopath 31

Differential Association 34

Functionalist/Structural Approach 34

Social Ends and Means 34

Family Issues 35

Home Environment 35

Chapter 7 37

Identifying a Serial Killer 37

Predicting the Killers 37

Antisocial Behavior 37

Voyeurism 38

Neglect and Childhood Abuse 38

Poor Performance at work and academics 39

Obsession and Fantasizing 39

Head Injuries 40

Bedwetting 40

Arson 40

Torturing Animals 41

Chapter 8 43

Anomalous Behavior 43

The Five Major Signs shown by a Serial Killer 43

1. Sign no. 1—A Power Junkie 44

2. Sign no. 2 — A Dangerous Manipulator 44

3. Sign no. 3 — an Egotistical Bragger 44

4. Sign no. 4 — A Superficial Charmer 45

5. Sign no. 5 — an Average Joe 45

Chapter 9 48

Serial Killing and Gender 48

How does the MOD differ with women? 48

Studying Female Serial Killers 49

An Evolutionary Perspective on Female Serial Killers 50

Chapter 10 52

Conclusion 52

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