Need You For Keeps

Need You For Keeps

by Marina Adair


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When it comes to caring for the furry residents of St. Helena, California, groomer and pet rescuer Shay Michaels can handle anything. Humans are another story, though—especially Deputy Jonah Baudouin. He’s the town’s resident superhero: upright, uptight, and jaw-droppingly gorgeous, even when he’s investigating complaints about Shay’s beloved foster animals. And that spells danger for Shay, a free spirit who can’t risk trusting the wrong person again.

Jonah and Shay have been circling each other ever since she came to town, and he’s running out of reasons to not kiss her senseless. But this deputy is a straight shooter with his eye on the sheriff’s badge. He can’t afford to get involved with Shay, a chaos magnet with luscious curves who’s liable to turn his career—and his life—upside down. He enforces laws. She breaks them—repeatedly. Keeping her out of trouble is becoming a full-time job…and it’s one he hopes is never going to end.

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ISBN-13: 9781477825587
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 03/03/2015
Series: Heroes of St. Helena , #1
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 758,092
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Marina Adair is a #1 national bestselling author of romance novels. Along with the St. Helena Vineyard series, she is also the author of Sugar’s Twice as Sweet, part of the Sugar, Georgia series. She lives with her husband, daughter, and two neurotic cats in Northern California. She loves to hear from readers and likes to keep in touch, so be sure to sign up for her newsletter at

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Need You For Keeps 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Angela and posted at Under The Covers Book Blog Marina Adair’s Need You for Keeps will capture your heart in every sweet possible way. It was funny, heartwarming and sexy. If the heroine and hero didn’t make you swoon over their romance, their pets and their sweet personalities will. “Shay Michaels was unpredictable, unapologetic, and a startling breath of fresh air.” She is, in deed. Shay is a kind and a very sweet person. She has a big heart and there is not one animal in need she would turn away. Heck, she would do almost anything for them. As said in the quote, I find her to be a fresh breath of air. She is a t-shirt kind of girl, nonchalant, and she did what she believed was right. Damn the consequences. Though sometimes it got her too more trouble and then anything else. “[Noah Boudin had] become a deputy because protecting and serving was who he was. At his core…he’d signed on as a deputy determined to make a difference, do his duty, and hopefully find some kind of peace.” If you’re familiar with this series, you’ll know that Noah is Frankie’s Brother. He was a big part in Frankie’s book, Autumn in the Vineyard, which is the third installment of this series. Even then you will see what kind of person Noah is. This deputy is a stand up kind of guy and a sexy one to boot. A big pleaser and more than willing to help anyone who needs him. Of course, while making sure everyone abides by the law. Speaking of the law, it’s the very thing that will make Jonah’s life very interesting. The “troubles” Shay brings to St. Helena will keep him on his toes. Keeping his job and personal opinion separate will be a hard one to deal with but it was fun watching him squirm. “The women of St. Helena would do anything to get their hands on St. Paws’ extended edition Cuties with Booties calendar.” These women of St. Helena were fearless when it came to the cute and sexy calendar. Why wouldn’t they? Not only it contained pictures of cute animals but a few hunks of the community. It’s a big hit earning plenty of money to help Shay’s cause. It was hilarious how the young or old made such a big deal of them. Hell, I’m hoping Adair would come up with this calendar for purchase. I do wish to have seen more of the DeLuca family *cough* the DeLuca men*cough*. I have to admit though Adair came through and delivered. I’m loving the Boudin family. I’m very excited especially for Dax the “weapon of mass destruction” and Adam the “resident boob expert[‘s]” books. Marina Adair excels in keeping her small town a big community. It’s standard for everyone to know each other, to have the meddling neighbors and the whole town knowing each other’s business. Need Your for Keeps is just that and if you like small town reads, I recommend to start this series. *ARC provided by publisher
My_Peace More than 1 year ago
Need You For Keeps is an easy to slide into, entertaining romance. There is some drama, but not a lot or over the top, with a budding, unexpected relationship between two people who have not yet found their forever person. I liked Shay and Jonah. Their characters are sweet and ones you want to be together, but nothing about them really jumped out at me. I found their relationship to be very predictable, not really grabbing me and pulling me in, but it was a nice journey to go on. Shay puts the animals first always, with little regard for herself or the law. Jonah is the law and just wants to do the right thing. Both of them take their jobs very seriously. Can two apparent opposites give into the attraction they have for each other and find a happy place together, despite the obstacles thrown at them? I liked the journey Marina took us on in Need You For Keeps. The plot is very smoothly written and the characters are all unique. Marina really made the small town dynamics seem real, even if I kept wondering if there were actually people like that out there! But she made it realistic with regards to the plot and it worked well to add conflict to the story line. I do like the animals, they add so much to Shay and Jonah's lives! Although part of a series, Need You For Keeps can definitely be read as a stand alone, which is how I read it. I'd recommend Need You For Keeps to romance readers looking for a light hearted, entertaining read.
ForTheArtOfIt More than 1 year ago
I received an eARC copy of this book from the publisher. Here is my honest review. While this book is a contemporary romance and follows the formula you typically find, it is much more.  The characters are beautifully written; not just Shay and Jonah, but even the most minor of characters as well.  Shay was exceptionally well-written as a woman who finds it hard to trust those around her but she does it without what I think of as "weak girl whining".     I always enjoy romance series that are set in small towns with a cast of characters that you can't help but fall in love with - this book definitely delivers that.  My husband walked in at one point with me shaking my head at one of the characters.  Adair wrote a story telling Shay and Jonah's story that drew me in as a reader.  And since each book is a standalone, it is easy to catch up on the series. Please note that the cover of this book made me think it would be a "sweet" romance.  It was full of sweetness, but did have a few very racy scenes. 
gromine49 More than 1 year ago
This book was awesome! I didn't realize that this was actually the 6th book in the St. Helena series it flows so smoothly. It's sweet and sexy and emotional and so funny from the beginning of the story. Of course, anything having to do with pets and the rescue of them is right up my alley. Guess I have some reading of the other books to do. One click purchase here I come!
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Loved, loved, loved it! So glad to see St. Helena's series continue and this new group of characters are fantastic. The story is filled with humor, crazy small town antics, delicious sexy times and just a slight bit of angst. This is the story of Deputy Jonah Baudouin (Frankie's brother)and town newcomer Shay Michaels. He's stoic, serious, and on track to become sheriff. She's fun, flighty, and will do whatever she has to to help any animal in need. Basic opposites attract story that will keep you completely entertained. I definitely recommend it.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Marina Adair rocks. I was gifted an ARC of Need You for Keeps for my honest view of the story. I will be reading this author more often. This book is the first story I have read by this author and I had so much fun. A lighthearted read with a heartwarming twist. Enjoyed Need You for Keeps and would recommend wholeheartedly
Lynngrier More than 1 year ago
Need You for Keeps is the first book in a new series Heroes of St. Helena. I fell in love with the town and Shay and Jonah right from the beginning. Shay is sweet and sassy who fosters animals and finds homes for them. And Jonah town jaw dropping deputy who is always giving Shay a hard time. You will find this story heartwarming, funny and sexy rolled in one bundle. I absolutely loved this and want more. Can't wait! I was given this book for my honest opinion. You will love this book too and Marina is a shelf keeper. (less)