Need You Now (The Debt, #4)
Need You Now (The Debt, #4)

Need You Now (The Debt, #4)

by Molly O'Keefe


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A sexy single dad fights for the woman he wants in the most emotional stand-alone romance you'll read this year. 


I have loved Rosa since I met her in high school English, even though the odds have always been stacked against us. She is the child of criminals, resigned to a bleak future. I'm the heir to a successful construction company and am not afraid to go after what I want. 

And I want Rosa. Always and forever. 


I broke the law to make sure Marco got custody of our daughter, and I paid the price. But now that I'm out of jail, I'm terrified my ugly past might bleed into our daughter's future.

The only way to ensure that doesn't happen is staying far away from both of them.  

But Marco isn't letting me run from him. Not again.

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BN ID: 2940156531851
Publisher: Molly O'Keefe
Publication date: 09/09/2019
Series: The Debt
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 37,338
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Stream Title 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
JennieF 4 days ago
ARC for honest review with no compensation Need You Now by Molly O’Keefe is book 4 in The Debt series and is an emotional, heart wrenching, lots of tears, standalone, second chance romance helping to conquer the past and bring light and love to the future!! Can’t wait for the next book...who will it be???
DarGee 5 days ago
Rosa and Marco, well, they broke my heart. They broke it when they were teenagers; they broke it when they were young adults trying to make life work; they broke it as the parents they are, trying to do what is best for their daughter. Marco wants Rosa, only Rosa, and has since he first laid eyes on her in high school. He had her, but he lost her. He had her again for a brief shining moment, and then he lost her for years. He thought he’d have her again, but she rejected him, and then turned away from him at every possible moment. He aches he wants her so much, and that makes him angry and confused Rosa, oh, as Rosa’s story unfolds, and unfolds, and unfolds, you cry for her. She went through so much and kept trying to do right, but life kept tracking her down. She is single-minded in her devotion, and doesn’t consider anything else. She hurts, is hurts, does hurt, but for her, it is for the best of Marco and their daughter. Then the full truth comes out, and you crack right there with her. That crack, that moment, sets things in motion. Marco and Rosa, they broke my heart, but they made it, finally. They had the rockiest of paths, and it cut them and hurt them, but the love they felt for each other, it held them until they could get it all together again. They made it in the end, but their scars will touch your soul as much as it formed theirs. A brilliant story with a woman who did everything right, and the man who wouldn’t let her forget how loved she truly was!
Eveline04 6 days ago
I received this book in exchange for an honest review. This is my first book read by Molly O’Keefe and I can’t wait to read more from Molly. This book Need you now is a second chance love story between Marco and Rosa, two people who have a daughter together. Rosa had a rough life with her family and they didn’t love her, they just used her. She meets Marco, a beautiful boy and she fell in love with him. Marco becomes her love, her home, and her safe place. She was forced to commit a felony by her family and she was caught and sent to foster care. She was pregnant and she sacrifices her freedom for Marco and her unborn baby. She gave her baby a chance to normal life and a family and Marco gave him the chance to see his daughter growing up. Marco was a teenager when he fell in love with Rosa and he never stopped loving her. For him, Rosa was the one. Marco always was there for Rosa and he becomes a wonderful father for their daughter. I love Marco because he was faithful to Rosa and he loved her through it all. Their second chance began when Rosa got out of prison and Marco sees her for the first time after a long time. Marco never gave up on Rosa and the possibility to be a family. I was so happy for Rosa that she always had a Marco. They deserve to be happy and together because they suffered enough and they love each other.
Anonymous 6 days ago
I love the intensity of Molly O’Keefe’s writing, and was really excited to dive into this one – a dramatic, sexy, heartfelt second chance romance between a still-very-much-in-love couple torn apart in unimaginable circumstances. “I kept this place for you inside me … Every day. Every night.” This book is a spin-off from The Debt series. I haven’t read those books, didn’t even know that they existed, or that this book was connected to it before I started, but I was quickly sucked into this world, the characters and their situation, which forms a major life moment for our heroine, Rosa. Rosa is 16, pregnant and living in a group home with four other foster kids (characters of The Debt series) who are subjected to hellish abuse. Rosa is the daughter of criminals and has only two goals – survive her situation and give birth to a healthy baby, and make sure her beloved boyfriend, Marco, gets custody of their little girl instead of her neo-nazi father. She manages to do just that, sacrificing her own freedom for the two people that she loves the most. Four years later and Rosa is out of prison. She is justifiably terrified that her family continues to pose a threat to her daughter, so she intentionally keeps her distance. But there’s only one problem… Marco knows that she’s out, and he’s not prepared to watch his wife walk away again. “What do you want?” she asked, like she honestly didn’t know. “What I’ve always wanted. What I’ll want for the rest of my life,” I told her with the same intensity I’d used to say my vows four years ago. “You.” Oh Marco… what a deliciously devoted hero! He is initially, understandably, furious that Rosa is choosing to stay away, but when he comes to understand the impossible situation she is in, he fights for her, desperate to have her back in his life, and he is absolutely beautiful! “I saved your place, Rosa,” he whispered, his arms coming around me and lifting me so I was not carrying all my burdens alone. “We’ve just been waiting for you to come back to us.” There is some drama as Marco and Rosa fight for their future, and there are cameos from The Debt characters (what an intriguing bunch!) who pop in along the way. But mostly, I was caught up in the emotion of Marco and Rosa’s reunion, and their sexy, swoony romance. This was a really sweet read. It’s a quick one, and I would have liked to have seen a bit more time with them together, and with their little girl, establishing themselves as a family, but I was happy with how it ended and am curious to check out more of the books from this world.
PennieM 8 days ago
Oh, the feels, there are so many feels in this one! If you read The Debt series, the pregnant teenager, Rosa, this is her but this is totally standalone (but I highly recommend going back and grabbing The Debt series and binge reading it). My heart broke for Rosa and how she gave up everything just to survive and for Marco trying to survive as a single dad. All he wanted was his wife back and he would do anything to get her... I highly recommend this one! **Received this ARC for review**
Timitra 9 days ago
Need You Now was wonderful. It's angsty, emotional and sexy. I loved Rosa's story. It was well worth the worth. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in the series.
6703024 9 days ago
Loved Marco and Rosa! Rosa is fierce in her desire to keep her past from touching her husband and her little girl. Marco is determined to make Rosa see that they are stronger together than apart. Can they beat all the obstacles in their paths? Another great read from Molly O’Keefe!
Kayreader 9 days ago
Need You Now is explosive with a huge punch in the emotions!! If you loved The Debt series then you will love this story. Need You Now is a complete standalone inside The Debt world (Tommy, Beth, Simon, Rosa and Carissa at St. Jokes!) In the home of St. Judes or St. Jokes the five children live through unspeakable things and yet they all come out with a bond and owing a debt after one hellish night of escape. Of the five children this book in particular can be read as a standalone without having read the prior ones. Molly does a fantastic job of interweaving the past with the present so you get a sense of what the children went through without having to have read the entire plot line. However, the series is really fantastic, so if you haven’t read it, I highly encourage you to do so. Need You Now is a new adult, second chance love story about a girl that originally only has two goals in life; have a healthy baby and making sure that baby gets with Marco, the baby daddy. Once she actually achieves the miraculous escaping of St. Jokes, which helps in achieving the custody part and also sets her on the path of having a healthy baby, she doesn’t know what to do with the rest of her life, considering she is a convicted felon and is separated from Marco and her child for four years. Life seems bleak when she’s only ever had two goals and she’s never really had much of a future. Marco has only ever loved Rosa. His entire life has been built around the future of her in it. When she doesn’t return to him after her release from prison he is a torn man. Not only is he a single father, but he finds that he might be at the end of waiting for his life to begin. When a mysterious man appears offering up information on where Rosa is working Marco has a decision to make, find his future, or continue to wait for his future to find him.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 9 days ago
NEED YOU NOW is the fourth instalment in Molly O'keefe's contemporary, new adult THE DEBT erotic, romance series focusing on a group of former teens thrown together in the foster care/juvenile system of San Francisco,California-Tommy, Beth, Simon, Rosa and Carissa. This is Rosa and Marco's second chance story line. Told from three first person points of view (Marco, Rosa, Bates) using present day and memories from the past, NEED YOU NOW follows the rebuilding relationship between waitress Rosa, and single father Marco. Approximately four years earlier, while in the foster care system, horrific acts of violence are perpetrated on five young souls-Tommy, Beth, Simon, Rosa and Carissa- who will be beaten and broken for any number of offenses deemed inappropriate or wrong. These five ‘young offenders’ destroyed by a sexually and physically abusive foster family, will discover that freedom came at a cost- all debts must be repaid; anytime, anywhere, without question or fail. Rosa and Marco were in love but life for Rosa and the others was a nightmare in the foster care system. Raised by an abusive and racist father, Rosa landed in the system, only to face more abuse as time went on. Falling in love with Marco meant a chance at happiness but a pregnant Rosa would take matters into her own hands when the attacks against her 'foster siblings' dealt its final blow. On the run, having no idea about the death and destruction back home, Rosa would steal a car, ensuring the man she loved, would get custody of their new born daughter. Fast forward four years wherein Rosa has been released from prison, but struggles to reintegrate with the man that she loved, and the daughter she never knew. What ensues is the rebuilding romance and relationship between Marco and Rosa, and the potential fall-out as the man who holds the IOUs comes looking to help our story line heroine. Rosa never knew what happened the night she decided to make her move. Having stolen the keys to free her friends, Rosa would walk away only to find herself in prison for stealing a car. While her friends would discover their freedom came at a cost, Rosa never knew freedom, just the loss of her daughter and friends. Rosa had promised Marco she would come looking for them upon her release but trouble back home with her brother and father, meant Rosa was unable to face the people she loved without brining danger and death to their front door. Marco had never stopped loving the mother of his child but Rosa refused to move back into their lives. Hoping against odds that Rosa wanted to be part of their lives, Marco goes in search of Rosa, offering a second chance. All of the Rosa's foster care siblings play secondary and supporting roles. The man who holds the 'debts' against the former friends makes Rosa an offer but Rosa isn't willing to sell her soul for a few thousand dollars, a soul that was already damaged beyond repair. NEED YOU NOW is a story of betrayal, vengeance, and abuse; of second chances and retribution; of family, friendship and love. A little darker than the previous instalments NEED YOU NOW continues to focus on the hellish life of five friends whose second chances come at a cost. The premise is edgy and raw; the characters are broken, colourful and determined; the romance struggles in the face of desperation, guilt and love.