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Needs, Actions, Behavior (NAB): Needs Drive Behavior

Needs, Actions, Behavior (NAB): Needs Drive Behavior

by Brown Ogwuma
Needs, Actions, Behavior (NAB): Needs Drive Behavior

Needs, Actions, Behavior (NAB): Needs Drive Behavior

by Brown Ogwuma


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Clearly, needs are embedded in life and have core implications for and in it. Those needs are anchored on the base one—the need to self-preserve and live better and prolong life, hopefully. From its source, life did not come automatically, with the basic resource or others emanating from it to live and hold life together. The implication of this is that the humans and other living organisms are prompted and driven, innately and otherwise, to take steps and actions to meet their needs. Some of the actions human and primate animals have taken to meet some of their needs may have added to the swirling whirlwind of and in this life; it’s improper to perceive this as the origin of “evil” in life. It is certainly not. Still, humans and other living organisms should not be held accountable for originating “evil.” Rather, could the source and the originator of life be objectively traced out and deciphered as an entity as opposed to a nonentity, accountability for life’s swirling whirlwind should be hung there. On the other hand, humans should be seen as having done, and continuing to do, a lot to help living life better in different ways, including pure and applied science, social and other humanistic ways. Credits should be given where and to whom due. Brown Ogwuma, a clinical social worker, has worked in the human services field for about twenty-five years. He appreciates philosophy and original thinking. He shares his practical glimpse at life that he hopes will encourage others to take a realistic approach to the way they live their own lives. In his continuous reflections that stem from the complexities and convoluted nature of life, Ogwuma beams light into the core need and related ones in life. He also discusses his ideas in this work that he hopes gets his readers, audience, and others to dissect and look at life more practically and beyond the ordinary. Doing so, he assesses there will be a more meaningful shift from the mostly conventional way of seeing life and things in it, to more meaningful and less self-blaming ways, saving some unnecessarily depleted energy that should be used to serve the living need.

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Publication date: 10/16/2014
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