Negotiating at Work

Negotiating at Work


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ISBN-13: 9780734608055
Publisher: Tilde Publishing and Distribution
Publication date: 11/15/2014
Series: Tilde Business Series
Pages: 260
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About the Author

Kerry Brown is Professor of HRM in the School of Management at Curtin University in Perth, Australia. Kerry’s principal research areas are change management, collaboration, networks and clusters, capability, strategy, management and policy for infrastructure and asset management, work-life balance, gender and careers in the public sector, public sector management and policy, and government-community relations and employment relations. Kerry has co-authored two books, co-edited four books, and published over 50 articles in scholarly journals.

ROBYN KEAST is Associate Professor in the School of Management at Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and is the Research Director for the Airport Metropolis Project. She has taught cross cultural negotiation courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Robyn has an extensive background as a public sector practitioner, policy officer and manager, and has also worked in the non-government sectors in Australia and New Zealand. She has published widely in international academic and industry journals.

JENNIFER WATERHOUSE is Senior Lecturer in the School of Business at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Jennifer teaches in the area of employment relations, with a particular focus on diversity in the workplace and on negotiations. This research has extended to broad areas of consideration, including the wine industry in the Hunter Valley as well as networks established to address homelessness in regional Queensland.

Table of Contents

About the authors vii

Preface ix

Chapter 1 Introducing negotiation and the business environment 1

Introduction 2

Negotiation 6

The business environment and governance modes 10

Putting it together-governance and negotiation 12

Conclusion 13

Chapter review 13

References 14

Further reading 14

Chapter 2 Negotiation theory and application in the business environment 15

Introduction to theories of negotiation 16

Strategic negotiation 23

Negotiation theory and governance modes 32

Conclusion 34

Chapter review 35

References 35

Chapter 3 Preparing to negotiate: Assessing the business environment 37

Preparing for negotiation: In the business environment and across governance modes 38

Getting to the negotiation table: Preparation 40

Developing a negotiation plan 42

Elements of a negotiation plan 43

Preparing for negotiation according to different governance modes 58

Planning for a multi-party negotiation 60

Conclusion 65

Chapter review 65

References 66

Further reading 67

Chapter 4 Governance modes in the business environment 68

Bureaucracies, markets and networks 68

Introduction to governance 69

Underlying assumptions 71

The bureaucratic mode of governance 74

The market mode of governance 76

The network mode of governance 77

Ideal governance modes and negotiation 79

Hybrid governance arrangements and negotiation 82

Conclusion 86

Chapter review 87

References 87

Further reading 89

Chapter 5 Negotiating in and with bureaucracies 90

Introduction 91

Bureaucracies and bureaucratic governance defined 92

The benefits of bureaucracies 95

The problems of bureaucracies 97

Dehumanisation 97

Informal rules and professional discretion 98

Negotiation in bureaucratic governance mode 100

Complex issues-problems in bureaucracies 115

Conclusion 117

Chapter review 117

References 118

Further reading 119

Chapter 6 Negotiating in and with markets 120

Introduction 121

Markets and market governance defined 122

Unpacking market governance and its underpinning assumptions 124

Benefits of market governance 126

The problems of market governance 126

Negotiating in market governance modes 131

The practice and processes of market negotiation 136

Complex issues-problems in markets 144

Conclusion 146

Chapter review 146

References 146

Chapter 7 Negotiating in and with networks 150

Introduction 151

Networks and network governance defined 152

The benefits of networks 155

The problems of networks 157

Negotiation in network governance modes 158

The practice and processes of negotiation in networks 161

Applying integrative negotiation to water issues: The case of the Sacramento Water Forum 169

Conclusion 171

Chapter review 172

References 172

Chapter 8 Conclusion 179

Negotiating in the new business world 180

The importance of governance 182

Moving beyond the three main modes: Hybrid governance 184

Qualities of a good negotiator 188

Reflection and triple loop negotiation 192

Conclusion 198

Chapter review 172

References 172

Chapter 9 Conclusion 179

Negotiating in the new business world 180

The importance of governance 182

Moving beyond the three main modes: Hybrid governance 184

Qualities of a good negotiator 188

Reflection and triple loop negotiation 192

Conclusion 198

Chapter review 199

References 199

Index 203

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