Negotiation as a Social Process

Negotiation as a Social Process


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ISBN-13: 9780803957374
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Publication date: 04/06/1995
Pages: 360
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Table of Contents

Negotiation in its Social Context - Roderick M Kramer and David M Messick
Emerging Trends and Future Prospects
Negotiator Cognition in Social Contexts - Introduction
Social Context in Negotiation - Leigh Thompson, Erika Peterson and Laura Kray
An Information-Processing Perspective
Networks and Collective Scripts - Dean G Pruitt
Paying Attention to Structure in Bargaining Theory
Let's Make Some New Rules - Charles D Samuelson and David M Messick
Social Factors that Make Freedom Unattractive
Regression to the Mean, Expectation Inflation, and the Winner's Curse in Organizational Contexts - J Richard Harrison and Max H Bazerman
In Dubious Battle - Roderick M Kramer
Heightened Accountability, Dysphoric Cognition and Self-Defeating Bargaining Behavior
The Relational Contexts of Negotiation - Introduction
Multi-Party Negotiation in its Social Context - Jeffrey T Polzer, Elizabeth A Mannix and Margaret A Neale
Power and Emotional Processes in Negotiations - Edward J Lawler and Jeongkoo Yoon
A Social Exchange Approach
Joint Decision Making - Leonard Greenhalgh and Deborah I Chapman
The Inseparability of Relationships and Negotiation
Toward the Conflict - Robert J Robinson
A Research Agenda for Emerging Organizational Challenges
Experimental Explorations - Introduction
Time of Decision, Ethical Obligation and Causal Illusion - Michael W Morris, Damien L H Sim and Vittorio Girotto
Temporal Cues and Social Heuristics in the Prisoner's Dilemma
Fairness versus Self-Interest - J Keith Murnighan and Madan M Pillutla
Asymmetric Moral Imperatives in Ultimatum Bargaining
Social Context in Tacit Bargaining Games - Richard Pl Larrick and Sally Blount
Consequences for Perceptions of Affinity and Cooperative Behavior
Why Ultimatums Fail - Roderick M Kramer, Pri Pradhan-Shah and Stephanie L Woerner
Social Identity and Moralistic Aggression in Coercive Bargaining
Property, Culture and Negotiation - Peter G Carnevale

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