Negotiation: A Comprehensive Business Management & Leadership Guide of How to Negotiate as the Key to Success (Business & Leadership, #1)

Negotiation: A Comprehensive Business Management & Leadership Guide of How to Negotiate as the Key to Success (Business & Leadership, #1)

by Ivan Remus

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Virtually all aspects of life are affected by the need to negotiate. The car you drive, the house where you live, the clothes you wear, the jobs you have, the salary you earn, the debts you pay, and even the side of the bed where you sleep is the direct product of your ability to negotiate.
I ask you, if practically everything in our lives has been directly affected by our ability to negotiate, why is not it taught as a compulsory subject since we are in elementary school?
Negotiation should be considered successful only when both parties know and feel that their demands were met.
The above approaches lead us to a second question, if virtually everything in life is negotiated, how can it be explained that some negotiators obtain much better results than others?
The truth is that there is no magic formula. What we can do is identify a series of essential strategies that the most experienced negotiators master and that help them to reach agreements that satisfy all interested parties.
This book explains in detail the steps we must follow to make a successful negotiation, in addition to presenting the twenty-four strategies that exist in the negotiation, which are essential to know how to identify them, as well we can counteract them in those cases in which the other party try to implement them with us.
The negotiation is compared very frequently, with a game. Like games, where there is a set of rules that govern them, the negotiation process has a set of rules and values.
The detail is that if the negotiation is viewed as a competitive game, there is a risk of entering the negotiation process with a seasoned spirit in which only a part hopes to reach the goals set.
Even if we can persuade the opponent to "play our game," we run the risk of being losers instead of winners. The objective must be to reach agreements and not total victories. Each party must know and feel that they have won something. Therefore, negotiation is not a game, let alone war. Our goal is not to have a dead competitor.
Through years of experience as a lawyer, negotiating multi-million dollar contracts, or litigating the most critical points in a legal process, I have learned that a "good lawyer" is not the one who litigates and fights every little detail, but the one who manages to minimize the differences and controversies to the minimal expression. As my wise father used to say: "it is better an agreement which we can live with than a judgment sentence, because, in the first, we were the ones who arrived at those decisions, in the second is a judge who ends up deciding (and imposing) the possible solution to the difference.
Have you ever wondered why there are very successful people in business while there are others who, no matter how hard they try, seem unable to advance their projects? Well then, pay particular attention to all the valuable information contained in this book. If you decide to learn and apply the secrets set forth here, you will begin to succeed and make progress in the areas of your life where you have not seen them before. 
No matter what excuse we give, the most significant barrier to highly effective negotiation is ourselves. It is in our hands to develop the necessary skills to achieve excellence when negotiating effectively.
That is why we have wanted to offer you in this book a comprehensive manual that will help you develop these skills. We hope we have reached our goal.
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Remember that there are only two types of people, those who take the lead to seek improvement and those who choose to remain immobile while the change moves them further and further away from the triumph. In which group do you want to be?

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