Neo4j - A Graph Project Story

Neo4j - A Graph Project Story


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You may already have an idea of what Neo4j is and how it works, and maybe you've even played around with some ideas using it. The question now is how you can take your graph project all the way to production-grade. This is what is discussed in this book.

The book starts with a brief introduction to Neo4j and its query language, CYPHER, to help readers who are just beginning to explore Neo4j. Then we go straight to the subject in question: how to set up a real life project based on Neo4j, from the proof of concept to an operating production-grade graph database. We focus on methodology, integrations with existing systems, performance, monitoring and security.

As experts from the Neo4j community, the authors have chosen an unusual format to transmit their technical know-how: they tell you a story, a graph project story, where the protagonists are members of a technical team who specializes in the representation and manipulation of strongly connected data. The plot starts when a client come in with his project. You will attend their working sessions and see how they develop the project, fight over approaches, and ultimately solve the problems they encounter. Welcome to GraphITs.Tech!

This audacious and, we hope, entertaining approach allows you to experience all aspects of setting up a graph database, from the various and sometimes opposing points of view of technical and network experts, project managers, and even trainees.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9782822707473
Publisher: Editions D-BookeR
Publication date: 05/13/2019
Pages: 298
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x 0.62(d)

About the Author

Sylvain Roussy is freelance since a few months. Before he was a R&D project manager at Blueway Software. Developer, trainer, consultant for over twenty years (whether on product, business or technology), he has tested the limits of RDBMS by wanting to design dynamic, flexible and scalable systems. He found answers to his many questions in Neo4j, and has since contributed to his promotion in France, notably by co-organizing the Neo4j Meetup in Lyon, France.

Nicolas Mervaillie spent over 20 years with Java and Spring in the banking, retail and e-commerce sectors, as a developer, architect and technical coach. He is currently a Senior Consultant at GraphAware where he builds some big Neo4j databases and applications on top of it. He is an Neo4j OGM and Spring Data Neo4j committer, and runs the Graph Database meetup in Lille, France.

Nicolas Rouyer has been a Big Data expert at Orange for five years. He spent ten years in Digital Services Companies (ESN) before joining the Orange Group in 2009. He has solid expertise in the Big Data ecosystem and has a keen interest in data governance issues. He gives internal training at Orange on Big Data and runs the Graph Database Meetup in Toulouse, France.

Table of Contents

About Neo4j and CYPHER

Welcome to GraphITs.Tech!

A Little Bit of Method and Analysis

Interact with Neo4j

Data Import/Export

Operating Neo4j

Securing Data

Appendix Neo4j OGM and Spring Data Neo4j

Appendix CYPHER Refcard

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