Network Marketing Recruiting: 50 Fun, Low Cost Ways To Find Local Recruits and Customers

Network Marketing Recruiting: 50 Fun, Low Cost Ways To Find Local Recruits and Customers

by Kim Thompson-Pinder


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At Last, The Secret To Unlimited Recruiting And Customer Leads Is Revealed

How many people have struggled to succeed because they didn't know where to go to find quality MLM recruit and customer leads. Or worse yet, have spent a lot of money they didn't have on useless leads that didn't pan out.
Well no more. Now you can learn to create your own leads for next to nothing. Here are just a few examples of what you are going to learn in this book...
#8 is a completely free idea that only requires time. Even 5 - 10 minutes can see results.

#11 shows you in complete detail how to get in front of 20 people who want to hear about your products and opportunity

#13 is so simple that most people are surprised when they read it that they didn't think of it themselves.
And there are 47 more. Check out what others have to say about Network Marketing Recruiting:50 Fun, Low Cost Ways To Find Local Recruits and Customers
The moment I opened up "Network Marketing Recruiting -50 Ways" one thing happened. I smiled. And kept smiling. And then I smiled some more. I could not help get lost in the tactics that were there- powerful and usable. Often you read a book and may find something you can use. There are a LOT of secrets in this book that I believe can transform a home business overnight.
These tactics are so simple but yet ANYONE can master them easily and powerfully. We often complicate things in our business. What Kim has done has taken 50 of the most effective strategies for recruiting that many most have never thought of, and put them forth in a very magnetic fashion.
I have read a LOT on prospecting, and after 26 years in the home business profession, I thought I had pretty much heard it all. Until I read Kim's new book. It is Rocking Hot and a MUST for any home business professional if they are wanting more leads then they can handle or call!

Doug Firebaugh CEO

Great information for starting a new network marketing business OR kick starting an already existing business. With the wide range of ideas presented, the reader has many to choose from that will fit their own business. Valuable information!
Lisa Wilber Senior Executive Unit Leader with Avon

Kim's book has some great ideas to have fun while finding business. I have a list of 71 ways to find business but Kim has a couple that I never thought of. Take advantage of all of Kim's tips and your business is guaranteed to grow!
Deb Bixler Party Plan Expert, Coach and Public Speaker

In short for less than the cost of a hamburger combo you can create the business that you want.
Just Imagine...
*Winning every contest your company holds
*Being recognized and respected by your peers for your continuous growth.
*Not having to worry about money anymore.
This book is a small investment that will deliver tremendous results. Why wait another day? You have waited long enough. Now is the time for action. Get your copy today.
P.S. There's even more! When you purchase this book you also get a second mini book for free that shows you how to take the leads that you have gotten and convert them into paying customers and active recruits. Don't miss out.

About The Author

I have always loved to help people even from the time I was little. I also loved to write and teach people things. When I got into MLM it was the perfect fit, I got paid to help people. Then 2 years ago I started to remember how much I enjoy writing, and well the rest is history. Now I get to do all the things I love, I can run my business and help others succeed and I can increase my reach and write and help you succeed. I've got the best of both worlds.
So scan to the top and grab a copy of my book today.

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About the Author

For me being in MLM has been a journey where I never knew where the road was going to go next. I thought that it would be a straight, smooth road, with no bumps in it. Boy, did I learn the hard way that this journey was going to be about me growing as a person and coming out of my shell to become one who could succeed.
One of the reasons that I am writing is to help others who may be struggling like I did and don't know where to go. The truth is that anyone can do this business if you are willing to learn and overcome everything that gets in your way and hopefully my books will help you do it the fastest way possible.

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