Networking Journal: Track and Record Your Networking Marketing Activities

Networking Journal: Track and Record Your Networking Marketing Activities


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As an entrepreneur, networking is an important activity that is critical to both my personal growth and the development of my business.
Growing a small business is all about networking, building relationships and taking action.
Networking properly will build a successful business. It is not something that happens overnight. It takes, time, drive and organization. The organizational aspect of networking is why this journal was created. It was created to help you track your marketing goals as well as sales goals. It was created to help avoid the pitfalls of treating networking as an afterthought.
We've all heard the saying, "What gets written down gets done." Networking, if done strategically and exceptionally well, has the potential to generate business...the best kind of business...word of mouth....which basically becomes referral marketing. Using networking as a strategy to attract new business is the key.
I am a member of BNI (Business Networking International) and have served in different capacities of responsibility. I have also been a member of a variety of other networking groups, including my local Chamber of Commerce.
What I have observed is that the individuals who take the time to record and track their networking activities are the most successful.
This handy journal conveniently helps you track referrals given and received, one to one meetings with individual members, key notes from the weekly presentations given by members, thank you for closed business, continuing networking educational events and more.
As you attract your word of mouth marketing team, which is what true networking is...(and the primary function of a marketing team is to get YOU more business), always remember that this is not WIIFM (what's in it for me?) Networking meetings generally have members give 10 minute presentations about their business at the weekly meetings. Use this time to take your handy journal, key points being made by the speaker AND who in your sphere of peers would be a good referral for this person.
As you build your business through networking you will discover "Power Partners." Power partners are other people in other lines of business that compliment what you do and who become powerful referral resources of each other. An example of this is a realtor. What does a realtor need? A mortgage person, a title company, a moving company, a cleaning company, perhaps a handyman service, a plumber, a painter, an electrician, a carpet get the picture.
This will serve as a handy reference to track who those power partners are AND whether a particular networking activity or group is serving you well, providing the monetary success you joined the group for in the first place.
While BNI members have an online tracking system, this journal will be handy to simply record weekly meeting activities. For other networking groups who do not have digital means to track, this will serve you well.
This journal is set up for tracking weekly meeting activity. Perhaps your network group only meets biweekly. It will still serve you well. The important thing is to track, record and review.
Doing so, will help you be prepared. In the daily hustle of our busy lives, it is way too easy to forget things that are important. Using this handy resource you will be able to record not just contact information, but every word of mouth referral you receive from your network, who gave the referral to you, what happened as a result and if it led to even more business.
This can be a database of sorts to help you track how specific people help you, how YOU can help them, how often you meet, who THEY want to meet and any other pertinent information.
Here's to YOUR networking success, and keeping the Spotlight On Your Business!

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Publication date: 12/29/2015
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About the Author

Through a lifetime of successful business ownership, Best Selling Author and Co Author of three books, Becky Norwood has developed a unique knack and system to combine her client's knowledge and expertise with the remarkable marketing tools of our digital age.
Authorship has become a trend that has caught the interest of professionals and entrepreneurs alike. Understanding this, Becky has developed strategies that start from the beginning of the book writing and lasts well beyond the exciting surge to #1 Best Selling Author both in the U.S. and Internationally.
Observing that so many authors, after spending countless hours researching and writing their books, get their books published and then...nothing. Their books get lost in the cobwebs of cyberspace, simply because of a lack of knowledge of the marketing and cross marketing that needs to take place on a continuous basis.
Becky, who is the owner of Spotlight on Your Business, offers a "12 Week Journey to Authorship" Course for those who want to learn the steps for themselves. She offers Virtual Book Tours, Best Seller Campaigns, implementation tools automation for follow up, social media and blogging, and discovering joint venture partners. She also guides authors to creating multiple sources of income through product creation and membership sites.
"My journey towards authorship began over two years ago. Following the death of my second wife, I felt compelled to not 'hoard my lessons.' Writing a book seemed like the way to do that.
Then, I had the joy of connecting with Becky Norwood at that time. We discussed my vision of putting into print the things I had learned through my experiences of loss. Much to my relief and the amazement of friends and colleagues, Becky had a plan and the knowledge to get my material before the public in the form of a book. While I wrote, Becky was busy putting the current behind-the-scene tools in place. She coached me on how to use them in today's ever-changing publishing market.
Thanks to hard work and our combined efforts, I can proudly say that my book reached the Amazon ranking of "Best Seller" the first day of its pre-launch in three categories. This would never have happened had I simply read how-to manuals and pursued all the various mediums on my own.
I highly recommend her services and know you will not be disappointed with her expertise and customer service.
David Knapp

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