Neu Sex

Neu Sex

by Sasha Grey



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ISBN-13: 9780955801532
Publisher: Vice Books
Publication date: 03/28/2011
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

About the Author

Sasha Grey, born March 14, 1988, in Sacramento, California is an American actor, writer, photographer, adult film star, transgressive artist, and experimental musician. She moved to Los Angeles one month after she turned 18 to pursue a career as an adult film star. She entered the adult business to explore her sexual fantasies in a safe environment, to make more creative adult films (which she felt were severely lacking), and to encourage men and women to not be ashamed of their sexual desires. Since entering the adult industry in 2006, she has far surpassed the usual boundaries of adult film stardom, appearing in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience, and speaking at the prestigious BFI in London, Brandeis University, Yale University, and UCLA.

Grey was chosen as “Penthouse Pet of The Month” for July 2007, which was photographed by the fashion photographer Terry Richardson. Grey made the 2008 Rolling Stone magazine “Hot List,” and the May 2009 edition featured a profile piece on her. In January 2010, Grey appeared nude in an ad campaign for PETA advocating animal birth control. She recently hosted two one-off shows for G4, and has been featured in many magazines, including Vice, Blackbook, Flaunt, VMan, Love, The Inrockuptibles, Elle, GQ Germany, Blurt, Filmmaker, Playboy, and Rolling Stone.

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Neu Sex 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you like Sasha Grey, you will love this.
Russ35 More than 1 year ago
"Neu Sex" by Sasha Grey-with additional photography by Ian Cinnamon-is exactly what it purports to be: a collection of various photos taken during Sasha Grey's time in the adult film industry that, when taken in sum, ultimately documents the various states of being and faces of Ms. Grey over the relevant time period. In the pertinent areas--those of the photos, text, and presentation--this work excels. In terms of the photos, I was pleasantly surprised with the overall quality and found the various poses and settings to be appealing and diverse. Additionally, an assortment of techniques is employed in the manipulation of the photos. While none of these techniques are groundbreaking, they certainly do contribute well to the aesthetics of the work as a whole. Content-wise, there is a solid variety presented, as well. Some of the photos are self-portraits, some of them are shots taken at movie or photo shoots, some of them are more artsy, and some of them are clearly just-for-fun. There is a lot more nudity than I expected there to be, but this isn't a problem and, indeed, tends to lend to the intimate and personal feel that the book is presumably trying to convey. The sheer number of photos is also quite large. While there are approximately 190 pages-the vast majority with pictures-many of these pages contain multiple photos. It should be noted that the large preponderance of the images feature Ms. Grey, but this is essentially the point of the work. It is a documentation of her as a person and as a performer, as it is clearly advertised and intended to be. In addition to the actual photography, there is also some text-based material that is interspersed occasionally amongst the images. While constituting a small percentage of the work (perhaps ten or so pages), I actually found this material to be interesting and enlightening. In essence, Sasha Grey puts forth her philosophy on human sexuality both in general and as it pertains to the adult film industry. Further, she highlights some flaws that she sees in society's perceptions of sex, and she gives a touch of background on her experiences in adult films, as well. Again, there's not much of the text, but that which is there is worth looking at with an open mind and contributes nicely to the flow of the material. In terms of the overall presentation, I was rather impressed. While it would have been nicer if some (not all) of the images weren't as small as they were, this fact doesn't detract meaningfully from the quality of the work. Additionally, the cover art--both front and back--is well done. The physical size of the book also works well, and the paper for the pages is of good quality. In all, I have no qualms in recommending this book. While there may be a tendency by some to dismiss Sasha Grey because she is relatively young and / or due to her prior career in adult films, I would strongly caution against doing so. She clearly has an artist's and meaningful vision--in all aspects of her varied work--and she points to items in society from which, in my opinion, people often hide or simply turn away. Indeed, she may well be right in much of what she says, even if her thinking does go against established social norms. With all of that said, if one is interested in Ms. Grey's career--in any of its various forms (current or, presumably, past)--or if one has a curiosity about her or any of the subject matter denoted herein, I would recommend that one picks it up.