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Neuroanatomy To Color And Study

Neuroanatomy To Color And Study


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ISBN-13: 9780983578413
Publication date: 05/31/2011
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 1,057,836
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Age Range: 16 Years

About the Author

Emeritus, Department of Anatomy, Case Western University School of Medicine, Cleveland, OH

Assistant Professor of Anatomy, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

Table of Contents

1. CNS: Brain and spinal cord
2. Some basic terms
3. Ascending pathways
4. Descending pathways
5. Neurons, neuralgia, and types of synapses
6. Axon terminal and synaptic potential
7. Docking of a synaptic vesicle and the release of acetylcholine
8. Cartoon: Synapse
9. Nerve and its connective tissue sheaths
10. The spinal cord 1: meninges, spinal nerves, spinal roots, and rami
11. Spinal cord 2: Meninges, gray matter, and white matter
12. Cartoon: Meninges
13. Sensory nerve fibers
14. Arterial supply and vascular pattern to a portion of spinal cord
15. The cauda equina of the spinal cord
16. The alpha motoneuron
17. Spinal nerve components
18. The motor unit and motoneuron level
19. The muscle spine
20. Head and neck, midsagittal view
21. Cartoon: Atropos: The immutable one
22. Inferior view of the brain
23. Medial view of the right half of the brain
24. Superior sagittal sinus
25. Interior of the skull
26. Cranial dural venous sinuses
27. The cranial nerves
28. Interior of the skull with cranial nerve exists
29. Dorsal aspect of the brain stem
30. Arterial supply at base of brain
31. Cartoon: Tigroid bodies
32. Lateral view of the brain
33. Medial surface of right cerebral hemisphere
34. Arteries on medial surface of cerebral hemispheres and on lateral surface of cerebellum and lower brain stem
35. Lobes of cerebral hemisphere
36. Underside of the brain
37. Pyramidal tract
38. Pyramidal tract (continued)
39. Cartoon: Latin words used to describe parts of the nervous system
40. Ventricles of the brain in relation to the skull
41.Ventricles of the brain, lateral and superior views
42. Ventricles of the brain, anterior and posterior views
43. Brain dissection showing hippocampus and fornix
44. Brain dissection showing mamillary bodies, fornix, and hippocampus
45. Caudate nucleus, putamen, globus pallidus, and amygdala
46. Caudate nucleus, putamen, and amygdala exposed by opening the left ventricle from the left side
47. Caudate nucleus, thalamus, and left lateral ventricle
48. Cartoon: Fornix
49. Touch, proprioception, pain, and temperature pathways 1
50. Touch, proprioception, pain, and temperature pathways 2
51. Spinothalamic tracts and the transmission of pain
52. Spinal cord lesion
53. Cranial nerve components
54. The branchial arches and the branchiomeric muscles
55. Stereognosis
56. Cranial nerve motor nuclei and parasympathetic nuclei, viewed within a transparent brain stem: dorsal view
57. Motor nuclei and parasympathetic nuclei of cranial nerves in right half of brain stem: medial view
58. Cranial nerve sensory nuclei in a transparent brain stem: dorsal view
59. Cranial nerve sensory nuclei in right half of brain stem
60. The hypoglossal nerve (XII), accessory nerve (XI), and vagus nerve (X)
61. The glossopharyngeal nerve (IX)
62. Levator veli, palatini muscle and soft palate
63. Cartoon: Tragus
64. Dissection of right ear
65. Dissection of right ear showing middle ear and cochlear
66. The membranous labyrinth of the left ear
67. Membranous labyrinth of the left inner ear; cut open
68. Modiolus and cochlear nerve
69. Organ of Corti
70. Outer hair cells and phalangeal cells
71. Stereocilia of outer hair cells
72. Traveling wave and basilar membrane
73. Central acoustic (auditory) pathways 1
74. Central acoustic (auditory) pathways 2
75. Crista ampullaris (canal receptor)
76. The macula of utricle
77. Central vestibular pathways
78. Cartoon: Pes anserinus
79. Facial nerve 1 (VII)
80. Facial nerve 2
81. Facial nerve and higher motor control
82. Facial nerve and its branches
83. Functional components of facial nerve
84. Bell’s palsy
85. The trigeminal system
86. Cartoon: Trigemini
87. Trigeminal nerve and its central connections
88. Mandibular nerve and maxillary artery
89. Eye and orbit
90. Right eye: lower half
91. Lower half of right eye and suspension of lens
92. The retina: rods, cones, and Muller cells
93. Retina: simplified cone circuitry
94. Optic nerve: optic disc, and fovea centralis
95. Extrabulbar (extraocular) muscles
96. The two oblique extrabulba muscles
97. Nerves of the orbit; lateral aspect
98. Nerves of the orbit; superior aspect
99. Cranial nerves VI, IV, and III
100. Central visual pathways
101. Optic radiation
102. Dissection of central visual pathways from optic nerve to occipital cortex
103. Left homonymous hemianopsia
104. Bitemporal hemianopsia
105. Cartoon: Hemianopsia
106. The cerebellum: gross structure
107. The cerebellum: general pain
108. The cerebellum: basic circuitry, dorsal view
109. The cerebellum: afferents
110. The cerebellum: general circuitry
111. The cerebellar cortical neurons
112. Cerebellar three-layer cortex
113. Symptoms of cerebellar disease
114. Basal nuclei: interconnections 1
115. Basal nuclei: interconnections 2
116. Parkinson’s disease (paralysis agitans)
117. Chorea
118. Athetosis and hemiballism
119. Amygdale, stria terminalis, and ventral amygdalofugal pathway
120. Afferents to amygdaloid body
121. Hippocampal formation
122. Cartoon: Hippocampus
123. Hippocampus and fornix
124. Hippocampal formation: internal organization
125. The autonomic nervous system
126. Basic pathways of the autonomic nervous system
127. Sympathetic fibers to the heart and cardiac pain fibers
128. Autonomic outflow in the head 1
129. Autonomic outflow in the head 2
130. Cartoon: Thalamus means bedroom
131. Thalamus: internal medullary lamina
132. Thalamus: major nuclei 1
133. Thalamus: major nuclei 2
134. Thalamus: reticular nucleus
135. Third ventricle and related structures
136. Some connections of the limbic system: the circuit of Papez
137. Cartoon: Somesthesia
138. Hypothalamic control of pituitary hormones
139. Olfactory pathways
140. The cerebral cortex
141. The cerebral cortex: the localization of function
142. Critical neurotransmitters
143. The dopaminergic system
144. The serotonergic system
145. The strange case of Phineas P. George
146. Cartoon: The five senses

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