Neuroendocrine Perspectives 9

Neuroendocrine Perspectives 9


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ISBN-13: 9780387975245
Publisher: Springer New York
Publication date: 05/28/1991
Series: Neuroendocrine Perspectives Series , #9
Edition description: 1991
Pages: 246
Product dimensions: 0.00(w) x 0.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Brain-Steroid Interactions and the Control of Aggressiveness in Birds.- Historical Perspective.- Aggression.- General Considerations.- Methods of Study.- Hormone Dependence of Aggressive Behavior.- Activational Effects.- Hormone Specificity.- Hormonal Basis of Behavioral Responsiveness.- Neuroanatomic Basis of Masculine Aggressiveness: Sites of Hormone Action.- Stimulation, Lesion and Steroid Implant Studies.- Steroid Target Cells in Brain.- Sexually Dimorphic Brain Structures.- Mechanisms of Hormone Action in the Central Nervous System.- Genomic Actions.- General Considerations.- Role of Nuclear Receptor.- Brain Steroid Receptors.- Steroid Metabolism in Neuroendocrine Tissues.- General Considerations.- Aromatization.- Reaction Properties.- Subcellular Distribution.- Neuroanatomic Distribution.- Role in Mediating Activational and Organizational Actions of Testosterone.- Regulation.- Control of Estrogen Receptor Occupancy.- 5?-Reduction.- 5?-Reduction.- Other Transformations.- Non-Genomic Actions.- Conclusions.- Alterations in Hypothalamo-Hypophyseal Functions by Ethanol.- Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis.- Animal Studies.- Acute Ethanol Exposure.- Hypothalamus.- Anterior Pituitary.- Adrenal Gland.- Magnitude of HPA Axis Activation.- Summary.- Chronic Ethanol Exposure.- Hypothalamus.- Pituitary.- Tolerance.- Genetics and Tolerance.- Ethanol and Posttranslation Modification.- Interaction between Ethanol and Stress.- Summary.- Human Studies.- Nonalcoholics.- Alcoholics.- Summary.- Ethanol and the Enkephalinergic System.- Animal Studies.- Effect of Ethanol on Brain Enkephalin Content.- Ethanol Effects on Enkephalinergic Receptors.- Acute Ethanol Exposure.- Chronic Ethanol Exposure.- The Enkephalinergic System and Ethanol Consumption.- Human Studies.- Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal (HPG) Axis.- Male Rodent HPG Axis.- Ethanol Affects the Hypothalamus.- Ethanol Affects the Pituitary.- Male Monkey HPG Axis.- Male Human HPG Axis.- Acute Ethanol Challenge in Nonalcoholic Subjects.- Chronic Ethanol Exposure in Nonalcoholic Subjects.- Alcoholics.- Summary of Male HPG Axis.- Female Rodent HPG Axis.- Acute Ethanol Challenge.- Chronic Ethanol Exposure.- Female Monkey HPG Axis.- Acute Ethanol Challenge.- Chronic Ethanol Exposure.- Female Human HPG Axis.- Acute Ethanol Challenge.- Chronic Ethanol Exposure.- Summary of the Female HPG Axis.- Ethanol and Prolactin.- Animal Studies.- Human Studies.- Alcoholics.- Nonalcoholics.- Effect of Ethanol on Biological Activity and/or Clinical Function.- Ethanol and Growth Hormone.- Animal Studies.- Human Studies.- Nonalcoholics.- Alcoholics.- Ethanol and the Arginine Vasopressin System.- Animal Studies.- Acute Ethanol Exposure.- Chronic Ethanol Exposure.- AVP and Chronic Ethanol Tolerance.- AVP and Acute Ethanol Tolerance.- AVP and Genetic Differences in Acute Ethanol Tolerance.- Effect of AVP on Ethanol Addiction or Drinking Behavior.- Human Studies.- Alcoholics.- Nonalcoholics.- The Neuroendocrine Axis as a Marker of Genetic Risk for Alcoholism.- Prolactin as a Biological Marker of Alcoholism.- POMC-derived Hormones as a Biological Marker of Alcoholism.- Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Thyroid Axis.- Molecular Characterization and Distribution of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor.- ntroduction.- dentification of VEGF from Folliculo-Stellate Cells.- urification of VEGF.- olecular Cloning of VEGF.- haracterization of VEGF.- xpression of VEGF.- ultured Cells.- issues.- ituitary Gland.- rain.- idney.- vary.- onclusions and Perspectives.- Neuroendocrinimmunology: Intersystem Communication by the Immune and Neuroendocrine Systems.- Overview of the Immune System.- T-Lymphocytes.- B-Lymphocytes.- Monocytes/Macrophages.- Natural Killer Cells.- Granulocytes and Mast Cells.- Lymphokines and Monokines.- Immune-derived Cytokine Effects in the Neuroendocrine System.- Interferon.- Interleukin 1.- Interleukin 2.- Thymus-derived Peptides.- Cytokines in the Neuroendocrine System.- Immunoregulatory Properties of Neuroendocrine Peptide Hormones.- Adrenocorticotropic Hormone.- Arginine Vasopressin.- Endogenous Opioids.- Growth Hormone.- ?-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone.- Prolactin.- Other Neuropeptide Hormones.- Immunoregulatory Properties of Hypothalamic Releasing Hormones.- Neuropeptide Hormone Receptors Shared between the Immune and Neuroendocrine Systems.- Production, Regulation and Processing of Neuroendocrine Peptide Hormones by Cells of the Immune System.- Growth Hormone.- Thyrotropin.- Proopiomelanocortin-derived Peptides.- Future Applications of Neuroendocrinimmunology.- Prolactin Receptors in the Nervous and Immune Systems.- Prolactin and the Nervous System.- Prolactin Receptors in the Brain.- Distribution of Immunoreactive Prolactin in the Brain.- Distribution of Prolactin Binding Sites in the Brain.- Hypothalamus.- Median Eminence.- Choroid Plexus.- Modulation of Prolactin Receptors in the Brain in Aging.- Prolactin as an Immunomodulator.- Historical Perspective.- Structure of the Prolactin Receptor and Sequence Homology with Other Cytokine Receptors.- Demonstration of Prolactin Receptors in Immune Tissues.- Prolactin Receptor-mediated Functions in the Immune System.- Protein Kinase C as a Second Messenger for Prolactin Receptor-mediated Events.- Nuclear Prolactin Receptors, PKC and Immune Function.- Summary.

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