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Elsevier Health Sciences
Neurology and Neurosurgery Illustrated / Edition 3

Neurology and Neurosurgery Illustrated / Edition 3


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ISBN-13: 9780443050619
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 06/01/1997
Edition description: 3RD ILLUS
Pages: 573
Product dimensions: 7.59(w) x 9.67(h) x 1.02(d)

About the Author

Consultant Neurologist, Department of Neurology, Gloucester Royal Hospital, Gloucester, Royaume-Uni.

Table of Contents

Section IGeneral approach to history and examination1
Nervous system--history2
Nervous system--examination4
Examination--conscious level assessment5
Examination--higher cerebral function7
Cranial nerve examination9
Examination--upper limbs19
Examination--lower limbs25
Examination--posture and gait28
Examination of the unconscious patient29
The neurological observation chart31
Section IIInvestigations of the central and peripheral nervous systems33
Skull X-ray34
Computerised tomography (CT) scanning35
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)39
Radionuclide imaging47
Electroencephalography (EEG)50
Intracranial pressure monitoring51
Evoked potentials--visual, auditory and somatosensory53
Evoked potentials--somatosensory54
Lumbar puncture55
Cerebrospinal fluid56
Electromyography/nerve conduction studies57
Neuro-otological tests61
Section IIIClinical presentation, anatomical concepts and diagnostic approach65
Headache--general principles66
Headache--diagnostic approach67
Headache--specific causes68
Raised intracranial pressure74
Coma and impaired conscious level83
Transient loss of consciousness88
Confusional states and delirium89
The partial seizures92
Partial seizures evolving to tonic/clonic convulsion94
Generalised seizures95
Syndromes and unclassified seizures96
Epilepsy--differential diagnosis97
Epilepsy--surgical treatment101
Status epilepticus102
Disorders of sleep104
Higher cortical dysfunction107
Frontal lobes109
Parietal lobes110
Temporal lobes112
Occipital lobe113
Higher cortical dysfunction--disconnection syndromes115
Higher cortical function--memory116
Disorders of memory117
Disorders of speech and language118
Disorders of speech--dysarthria119
Disorders of speech--dysphonia120
Disorders of language--dysphasia121
Dementias--history and clinical examination125
Dementias--specific diseases126
Dementia--diagnostic approach130
Impairment of vision131
Disorders of smell139
Pupillary disorders140
Diplopia--impaired ocular movement145
Disorders of gaze153
Facial pain and sensory loss156
Facial pain--diagnostic approach160
Facial pain--trigeminal neuralgia161
Facial pain--other causes163
Facial weakness164
Bell's palsy168
Other facial nerve disorders169
Deafness, tinnitus and vertigo170
Disorders of the lower cranial nerves173
Causes of lower cranial nerve palsies177
Cerebellar dysfunction178
Symptoms and signs of cerebellar dysfunction180
Classification of cerebellar dysfunction181
Disorders of stance and gait189
Specific disorders of stance and gait190
Limb weakness191
Sensory impairment197
Pain syndromes206
Limb pain208
Muscle pain (myalgia)210
Outcome after brain damage212
Brain death213
Section IVLocalised neurological disease and its management215
Head injury216
Head injury--clinical assessment219
Head injury--investigation and admission criteria224
Head injury--investigation226
Head injury--management227
Depressed skull fracture231
Delayed effects of head injury232
Chronic subdural haematoma236
Cerebrovascular diseases238
Cerebrovascular disease--mechanisms239
Cerebrovascular disease--natural history239
Cerebrovascular disease--causes240
Occlusive and stenotic cerebrovascular disease241
Cerebrovascular disease--pathophysiology242
Transient ischaemic attacks (TIAs)244
Clinical syndromes--large vessel occlusion245
Clinical syndromes--branch occlusion251
Clinical syndromes--lacunar stroke (LACI)254
Classification of subtypes of cerebral infarction255
Stenotic/occlusive disease--investigations257
Cerebral infarction--management259
TIAs and minor infarction--management261
Hypertension and cerebrovascular disease262
Diseases of the vessel wall263
Diseases of the blood266
Cerebrovascular disease--venous thrombosis268
Cerebrovascular disease--unusual forms269
Cerebrovascular disease--intracerebral haemorrhage270
Subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH)273
Cerebral aneurysms277
Cerebral aneurysms--complications281
Cerebral aneurysms--management following SAH284
Outcome after subarachnoid haemorrhage290
Cerebral aneurysms--unruptured291
Cerebral aneurysms--screening292
Arteriovenous malformations293
Intracranial tumours299
Pathological classification300
Classification according to site303
Clinical features305
Tumours of the cerebral hemispheres--intrinsic312
Tumours of the cerebral hempheres--extrinsic321
Tumours of the posterior fossa--intrinsic325
Tumours of the posterior fossa--extrinsic328
Sellar/suprasellar tumours--pituitary adenoma334
Sellar/suprasellar tumours342
Pineal region tumours345
Tumours of the ventricular system347
Tumours of the orbit348
Non-neoplastic orbital lesions350
Tumours of the skull base351
Intracranial abscess352
Movement disorders--extrapyramidal system357
Parkinson's disease360
Dystonias--focal and segmental idiopathic367
Other movement disorders368
Benign intracranial hypertension374
Chiari malformation375
Dandy-Walker syndrome378
Stereotactic surgery380
Image-guided 'frameless' stereotaxy382
B.Spinal cord and roots385
Spinal cord and roots386
Spinal cord and root compression387
Disc prolapse and spondylosis401
Lumbar disc prolapse402
Lumbar spinal stenosis406
Thoracic disc prolapse407
Cervical spondylosis408
Spinal trauma411
Vascular diseases of the spinal cord416
Spinal dysraphism421
C.Peripheral nerve and muscle425
The polyneuropathies426
Plexus syndromes and mononeuropathies442
Brachial plexus syndromes443
Upper limb mononeuropathies446
Lumbosacral plexus450
Lumbosacral plexus syndromes451
Lower limb mononeuropathies451
Autonomic nervous system454
Tests of autonomic function456
Autonomic nervous system457
Bowel and sexual function460
Diseases of skeletal (voluntary) muscle461
Muscle morphology and function462
Muscle disease--clinical examination464
Inherited muscle disorders465
Muscular dystrophies467
Inflammatory myopathy471
Endocrine myopathies475
Metabolic myopathies: the periodic paralyses476
Metabolic and toxic myopathies477
Mitochondrial disorders478
Myasthenia gravis479
Section VMultifocal neurological disease and its management485
Bacterial infections--meningitis486
Acute bacterial meningitis487
Bacterial infections--CNS tuberculosis490
Tuberculous meningitis491
Other forms of CNS tuberculous infection493
Spirochaetal infections of the nervous system494
Parasitic infections of the nervous system--protozoa499
Viral infections500
Prion diseases506
Viral infections: myelitis and poliomyelitis507
Viral infections--varicellazoster infection509
Opportunistic infections510
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)511
Neurological presentations of HIV infection512
Subacute/chronic meningitis513
Demyelinating diseases515
Multiple sclerosis516
Other demyelinating diseases525
Neurological complications of drugs and toxins528
Drug-induced neurological syndromes529
Specific syndromes of drugs and toxins530
Metabolic encephalopathies532
Classification and biochemical evaluation533
Specific encephalopathies534
Nutritional disorders537
Wernicke Korsakoff syndrome538
B[subscript 12] deficiency--subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord539
Nutritional polyneuropathy541
Tobacco--alcohol amblyopia542
Alcohol related disorders542
Non-metastatic manifestations of malignant disease544
Degenerative disorders546
Progressive blindness547
Progressive ataxia548
Recessively inherited ataxia549
Dominantly inherited and other ataxias550
Motor neuron disease/ALS551
Inherited motor neuron disorders556
Neurocutaneous syndromes557
Further reading561

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