Neuromuscular massage therapy: Skills Development

Neuromuscular massage therapy: Skills Development

by Malini Chaudhri Ph.D


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This book is a technical description of neuro-muscular techniques in massage therapy to manage advanced care. It is the fundamentals of bodywork, fitness, health, energy, physique, flexibility, mobility and more.
It teaches the therapist aspects of stretch, proprioception, assessment, injury correction and advanced movements to facilitate sportsmen or patients under rehabilitation.
Active sports requires support and knowledge of anatomical management of functional range of movement, muscle tension, balance, postural controls at various levels, ages and capacities.
Sensory treatment and integrated approaches indicate range in theories of care. Embryonic body types also provide a framework for plan of care and self development.
This book is designed as one convenient unit that covers sensory, neuromuscular, orthopaedic and embryonic relations to therapies for achieving fitness and excellence in sports or daily life.
The Second edition has an added chapter on sensory therapies based on special senses. The entire manual covers in technical listings, the vast range of known applications for neuromuscular massage therapies. The sciences come together for reference of clinical practitioners and massage therapists seeking to enhance their knowledge base.
Neuromuscular massage therapy is a less known branch in alternative medicine and requires highly specialized skills. It is an advanced application in Sports Massage, with treatments using PNF protocols. It is also a science applied to stroke patients or cases with debility.
This book has organized data of the anatomy of touch, temperature, pressure, and special senses in alternative medicine and healthcare. It is relevant to spa therapies, healthcare physical therapy units and rehabilitation centers. It attempts to convey in depth the full anatomical therapeutic response based on sensory stimuli.
This book completes and reinforces the authors previous works and titles, Low level laser for Physical Therapists, and Sports massage.

The essential features in this book, suited to therapists, care workers and readers in search of self help techniques, includes
:anatomical considerations related to neurosciences and massage.
:subtle anatomy and the response to tactile stimuli.
:positional considerations for neuromuscular massage techniques during therapy.
:skills acquired by the therapist in hold, voice command, touch, ROM, feedback,and plan of care.
:embryonic aspects of anatomy in its response to neuromuscular massage therapy.
:special senses therapy and anatomy.
:therapeutic excercise main considerations.

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Publication date: 10/23/2016
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About the Author

This author has Statutes from ISTE and WHO in alternative therapies, and is an authorized educator. She is a senior spa professional , having managed a UK Ministry Cosmetology qualification for SAARC.
She is the author of four technical books on spa therapies and laser.
She manages a Start Up called Center for Wellness, and provides digital certified courses on Eliademy.
She has given Continuing medical education seminars in hospitals and has worked with neurosurgeons and orthopaedics over active sessions.
Her project is based on providing technical documentaries for Skills in Spa sciences for the undeveloped regions The themes move from advanced modalities as laser, to Origin sciences as Shiatsu, and topical sciences as Sports Massage.

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