Neuropathology and Neuroradiology: A Review

Neuropathology and Neuroradiology: A Review

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Neuropathology and Neuroradiology: A Review

Making an accurate diagnosis is often as much of an art as a science. This valuable book will help you become more confident in the diagnostic and treatment decisions you make every day. Adapted from Jonathan Citow's acclaimed
Comprehensive Neurosurgery Board Review, it gives you the information you need to stay current on the latest developments in the rapidly advancing fields of neuroradiology and neuropathology.

The book covers a wide range of topics, from nervous system development, perinatal brain injuries, oncology, and phakomatoses
(neurocutaneous diseases) to congenital metabolic diseases, spinal lesions, and skull diseases -- and it points to the methodology for achieving the most accurate diagnosis in even the most unusual cases.

Special Features:

  • Over 350 high-quality pathologic slides and radiographic images, many in full-color
  • An examination of the key histochemical and other staining methods that assist in categorizing pathologic processes
  • A discussion of new radiologic studies (e.g. PET scans, SPECT scans, and CT angiography) that help you in management decisions
  • Updates on rapidly evolving research and clinical advances

This book is valuable for students, residents, and specialists who need to stay up-to-date in these evolving areas. It provides the most relevant information in a clear,
easy-to-use, and targeted format.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781588900555
Publisher: Thieme
Publication date: 06/15/2001
Pages: 258
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

I.General Neuropathology1
II.Glial Cell Response to Injury2
III.Nervous System Development3
IV.Developmental Pathology5
V.Perinatal Brain Injuries19
VI.Infectious Diseases21
VII.Infectious Pathogens25
IX.Differential Diagnosis by Location108
X.Phakomatoses (Neurocutaneous Diseases)118
XI.Intoxications and Drugs124
XIII.Metal Toxicities129
XIV.Vitamin Deficiencies129
XV.Acquired Metabolic Diseases131
XVI.Congenital Metabolic Diseases133
XVII.Degenerative Diseases138
XVIII.Demyelinating Diseases143
XIX.Ischemia and Hypoxia146
XX.Vascular Diseases148
XXI.CNS Trauma178
XXII.Skull Diseases184
XXIII.Developmental Spinal Lesions184
XXIV.Spinal Tumors188
XXV.Spinal Vascular Diseases195
XXVI.Spinal Infections198
XXVII.Spinal Inflammatory Diseases200
XXVIII.Spinal Degenerative Diseases205
XXIX.Spinal Trauma210
XXX.Peripheral Nerve Disorders215
XXXI.Neuromuscular Junction Diseases222
XXXII.Muscle Diseases223
Figure Acknowledgments235

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