Neutrinos In Astro Particle And Nuclear Physics

Neutrinos In Astro Particle And Nuclear Physics



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ISBN-13: 9780444829917
Publisher: Elsevier BV
Publication date: 06/12/1998
Series: Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics Series
Pages: 486
Product dimensions: 1.06(w) x 7.00(h) x 10.00(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword. Cosmology Dark Matter. 1. Neutrinos in cosmology (G. Gelmini). 2. Gravitational phase transition of heavy neutrino matter (N. Bilić, D. Tsiklauri, R.D. Viollier). 3. Convection in newly born neutron stars (W. Keil). 4. Neutrinos and core collapse supernovae (H.-T. Janka). 5. Dark matter search with the HDMS-experiment (L. Baudis et al.). GUT. 6. Recent results in neutrino masses (J.W.F. Valle). 7. Neutrino puzzles and their implications for the nature of new physics (R.N. Mohapatra). 8. Textures for neutrino mass matrices in gauge theories (S. Lola and J.D. Vergados). 9. Limits on neutrino masses in SO(10) GUT's (O. Pisanti, L. Rosa). 10. Search for neutral heavy leptons (T. Wolff). Solar Neutrino Problem. 11. GALLEX solar neutrino results (T.A. Kirsten). 12. The solar neutrino problem: mixing of neutrinos and mixing in the sun (W.C. Haxton). 13. Neutral-current detection via 3He(n,p)3H in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (R.G.H. Robertson). 14. Solar neutrino spectroscopy with BOREXINO and recent results from the CTF experiment (F. von Feilitzsch). 15. A model independent analysis of the solar neutrino anomaly (K.M. Heeger, R.G.H. Robertson). 16. Solar fluctuations and the MSW effect (C.P. Burgess). 17. Cryogenic detectors for radiochemical solar neutrino experiments (J. Schnagl). 18. A signature of solar antineutrinos in Superkamiokande (G. Fiorentini, M. Moretti, F.L. Villante). Neutrino Oscillations 19. LSND neutrino oscillation results and implications (W.C. Louis). 20. Further evidence for neutrino oscillations from LSND: the v&mgr;→ve decay-in-flight channel (I. Stancu). 21.Neutrino oscillation results from KARMEN (B. Zeitnitz et al). 22. Neutrino spectroscopy with KARMEN (R. Maschuw). 23. KARMEN upgrade and prospects at ESS (G. Drexlin). 24 KARMEN ve→vx disappearance search in a 3 neutrino flavor analysis (K. Eitel). 25. Atmospheric neutrino results from Soudan 2 (P.J. Litchfield). 26. Neutrino mixing from neutrino oscillation data (S.M. Bilenky, C. Giunti, W. Grimus). 27. The CERN neutrino oscillation experiments (J. Brunner). 28. The Fermilab neutrino oscillation facility (J.G. Morfín). 29. Muon neutrinos with the MACRO detector at L.N.G.S. (T. Montaruli). 30. An updated analaysis on atmospheric neutrinos (M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia et al.). 31. The Palo Verde reactor neutrino experiment. A test for long baseline neutrino oscillations (F. Boehm et al.). 32. The neutrino-oscillation experiment at the CHOOZ nuclear power plant (D. Nicolò). Nuclear Structure and Double Beta-Decay. 33. Double-beta decay - physics beyond the standard model now, and in the future (GENIUS) (H.V. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus). 34. A general parametrization for the long-range part of neutrinoless double beta decay (H. Päs et al.). 35. Two-neutrino double beta decay: a study of different approximation schemes (F. Simkovic, G. Pantis, A. Faessler). 36. Present status of the operator expansion method for double beta decay (F. Šimkovic, M. Veselský). 37. Nuclear structure and double beta decay (O. Civitarese). 38. Neutrinos and nuclear responses in nuclear double-&bgr; and inverse-&bgr; processes (H. Ejiri). 39. Some particle physics aspects of neutrinoless double beta decay (M. Hirsch, H.V. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus). 40. Constraints on R-parity breaking in GUT constrained MSSM from the neutrinoless double beta decay (A. Wodecki, W.A. Kamiński, S. Pagerka). 41. Measurements of 241Pu-&bgr;-spectrum in search for admixture of massive neutrinos (M. Ryšavý et al.). Further Experiments) 42. Search for the antineutrino rest mass in the tritium beta decay (V.M. Lobashev). 43. Status and perspectives of the Mainz neutrino mass experiment (H. Barth et al.). 44. The AMANDA neutrino telescope (F. Halzen). 45. The Baikal deep underwater neutrino experiment: results, status, future (V.A. Balkanov et al.). 46. Progress toward a Km-scale neutrino detector in the deep ocean (R.G. Stokstad). 47. The ANTARES demonstrator. Towards a high energy undersea neutrino telescope (F. Blondeau). 48. HERA results on electroweak interactions at high momentum transfers (G.W. Buschhorn). 49. Kamiokande and Super-Kamiokande (Y. Suzuki). 50. Future high energy neutrino program at CERN (V. Palladino).

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