Never Mind the Hoops: The Ultimate Celtic Quiz Book

Never Mind the Hoops: The Ultimate Celtic Quiz Book

by David Potter

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This is the ultimate quiz book on Celtic FC. Informative and fun, this is the perfect companion for those long car journeys to Inverness or Aberdeen or nights down the local. An ideal gift for Hoops fans of all ages, here’s the chance to prove how much you really know about your beloved team! Who scored Celtic’s first ever goal? Which players were nicknamed ‘The Brush’, ‘Happy Feet’ and the ‘Flying Flea’? From formation and early days to favourite managers and cult heroes, get your Celtic thinking caps on – it’s quiz time!

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ISBN-13: 9780750957465
Publisher: The History Press
Publication date: 07/01/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 128
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

David Potter is the author of more than 20 sports books, including The Celtic Miscellany and biographies of several Celtic players.

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Never Mind the Hoops

The Ultimate Celtic Quiz Book

By David Potter

The History Press

Copyright © 2014 David Potter
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-0-7509-5746-5


Round 1

All the Macs

For a team that plays in Scotland and attracts fans from both Scotland and Ireland, it is hardly surprising that Celtic have lots of Mcs and Macs. Spelling of Mc and Mac can be confusing and apologies to anyone whose name we have misspelled.

1 In the 1911 Scottish Cup final, Celtic had a McAtee and McAteer (Christian names Andy and Tommy). They both came from the same village. Which?

2 Give the Christian names of three McInallys who have played for Celtic.

3 One Celtic player's name began with Mac but, although he was Scottish, his name was not. Who am I talking about?

4 Christian name Adam, and generally regarded to be one of Celtic's best ever left-wingers. His absence from the Scottish Cup final of 1926 probably cost Celtic the Cup. Who was he?

5 In what year did John McPhail score the only goal of the Scottish Cup final?

6 John's brother Billy is famous for one particular feat. What?

7 Jimmy 'Napoleon' McMenemy won the Scottish Cup at Celtic Park. Yet Cup finals were played on a neutral venue. How is this possible?

8 One of Celtic's greatest ever full-backs was killed in the First World War. His nickname was 'Slasher'. Who was he?

9 Tom McAdam was a good centre half. On several occasions he played against his brother Colin. Who did Colin play for?

10 Everyone has heard of Jimmy McGrory. What was his middle name?

11 This Mc had the same name as a Dundee poet. He played at the same time as McGrory.

12 Which Mac earned the nickname 'Rhino' for his tenacious style of play?


Round 2

Bad Bhoys?

I'm hesitant to use the term 'bad'. Perhaps this round should be named 'unfulfilled potential' or 'deviant aberrations'. It is about men who have played for the club and who, for one reason or another, have let themselves or the club down. Some, however, are indeed bad in every sense of the word.

1 Before his career went downhill, George Connelly was a youngster of immense talent. How did he first show his talent?

2 Following a game on 4 February 1928, Tommy McInally disappeared. Who had Celtic just been playing?

3 Dick Beattie, Celtic's goalkeeper in the 1950s, was given nine months in jail for match-fixing in 1965. For which English team was he playing at the time?

4 Celtic lost a Cup tie in 1897 thanks in part to the non-appearance of Dan Doyle. Who were the opponents?

5 On at least two occasions Jimmy Johnstone was given a club suspension by Jock Stein. Why was he given one after a game against Queen's Park in 1967?

6 New Year's Day 1965 held no happy memories for Jimmy Johnstone. Why not?

7 Maurice Johnston will never be forgiven. Why not?

8 Why was Tommy Duff sacked in the aftermath of New Year's Day 1892?

9 Which Celtic player once, apparently, headbutted Henrik Larsson after an argument at training?

10 Which Celtic player and Scottish internationalist was found asphyxiated in a lime kiln in 1903 having been dismissed by the army as 'incorrigible and worthless'?

11 A member of the Lisbon Lions was once left out of a Cup final team on a Saturday for having been sent off while playing for Scotland in midweek, who?

12 Why did Johnny Browning, left-winger in Celtic's great 1914 team, find himself in jail in 1924?


Round 3

Between the Wars

The years between 1918 and 1939 were crucial in world history in that the world, having survived one terrible war at awful cost, was unable to prevent the same thing happening again. There was also a sustained inability to improve everyone's standard of living, or rather to ensure a more equitable distribution of the world's resources. Celtic suffered from the economic depression more than most clubs, but it must also be said that the club's organisation did not help, as the despotism of Willie Maley, so successful before the First World War, did not always work in the best interests of the club in the 1920s and the 1930s. Yet there were great moments too.

1 How often did Celtic win the Scottish League in the 1920s and 1930s?

2 Celtic played a Scottish Cup final in the 1920s against a Second Division club. Who was this?

3 Which two players did Celtic transfer to Sunderland in 1928?

4 Maley, despicably, tried to sell Jimmy McGrory to Arsenal in 1928. McGrory, however, would not go. What was the reason given for Maley's desire to sell McGrory?

5 In the 1931 Cup final, Celtic had three Thomsons playing for them. What were their Christian names?

6 The opponents in the 1931 and 1933 Cup finals were Motherwell. What great thing happened to Motherwell in 1932?

7 Who was the ex-Celt who played for Motherwell at this time?

8 In 1936 Scotland beat Germany 2–0 at Ibrox in a result that (allegedly) put Hitler off his food for several days. Which Celtic player scored the two goals?

9 In 1937 Scotland and England drew a record crowd to Hampden; a week later a similar amount attended the Scottish Cup final between Celtic and Aberdeen. Who was the only player to play in both games?

10 The Empire Exhibition Trophy was won on 10 June 1938 when Celtic beat Everton 1–0. Which two teams did Celtic beat on their way to the final?

11 Who scored Celtic's goal in the final of that tournament?

12 On the Saturday between Hitler's invasion of Poland on the Friday and the declaration of war on the Sunday, who did Celtic beat 1–0 at Parkhead?


Round 4


By disasters, we do not mean disasters in the sense of the loss of life – these are perhaps tragedies – we are talking about footballing disasters. There have been a great deal of these, it must be admitted, but then again over the course of a century and a quarter, there are likely to be a few off days. Fortunately, we have managed to come back. Let's hope that we do not bring back too many unhappy memories!

1 On the evening of 15 May 1963, what happened?

2 In the dreadful European Cup final of 1970, who scored Celtic's goal?

3 Why did depression fill the air before the first game of the 1977/78 season, even though the team had last year won the League and Cup double?

4 When Celtic went out of the Scottish Cup, at the first time of asking, to Clyde in January 2006, which two players were making their Celtic debut?

5 On a Monday night in 1961/62, Celtic defeated a team 5–0, then lost to them 1–3 in the Scottish Cup semi-final the following Saturday. Which team?

6 Fortunately it was wartime and considered unofficial, but what was the score at Ibrox Park on New Year's Day 1943?

7 The disaster in the Scottish Cup against Inverness Caledonian Thistle in February 2000 was significant in the long-term history of the club, but it might not have happened if the game had been played on its originally scheduled date of 29 January. What was the reason for the postponement?

8 What happened to Celtic in Scotland's first ever domestic game to be televised live?

9 In which country did Celtic lose the World Club Championship in 1967?

10 Celtic heartbreakingly lost the Scottish Cup final of 1990 on a penalty shoot-out. What was the final score after 90 minutes?

11 When Celtic lost the Scottish Cup semi-final to Ross County in 2010, the son of a famous ex-Celt was playing for the Staggies. Who was the famous ex-Celt?

12 Celtic infamously lost the third game of the Glasgow Cup final 0–4 in October 1908. This game was widely believed to have been 'fixed'. Who were the winners?


Round 5


Celtic have participated in European competition since 1962, occasionally not being good enough to qualify for entry, but more often exiting miserably before Christmas. There have been high spots, yes, but more often than not, disappointment has been the order of the day. However, we would not live without it, especially since it does produce the money!

1 Who were Celtic's first ever European opponents on 26 September 1962?

2 En route to Lisbon in 1967, whom did Celtic beat at Parkhead with a late goal headed by Billy McNeill from a Charlie Gallagher corner kick?

3 Celtic have beaten three English teams in European competitions. Who are they?

4 The European Cup semi-final of 1972 went to a penalty shoot-out. All the penalties were successfully converted apart from one. Who was the unlucky player?

5 Celtic have had some good performances at the Nou Camp. In what year was their first appearance there?

6 When Celtic played Real Madrid in the European Cup quarter-final in 1980, they won the first leg 2–0. Who scored the goals?

7 At least two players have won European Cup medals after they left Parkhead. Who are the two well- known candidates?

8 And can you name one who arrived at Parkhead with one already in his possession?

9 In Celtic's march to the European Cup final of 1970, can you name the Italian team that they beat in the quarter-final?

10 In 2002/03, Celtic reached the final of the UEFA Cup, but who put them out of the European Champions' League?

11 In the Champion's League campaign of 2012/13, which ex-Celt played against them?

12 In 2013, Celtic lost to Juventus. They also lost to Juventus in 1981/82. Which Celtic manager played for Juventus at that time?


Round 6

Foreign Players

The time has now long gone when Celtic's team consisted of Scottish players, with perhaps the occasional Irishman or Englishman. Famously, the Lisbon Lions were entirely Scottish. Times have changed, and there have been the occasional days when Celtic have taken the field without a single Scotsman. Foreign players are a part of life. Whether this has made Celtic a better side or not, we leave the readers to make their own mind up.

1 Welsh people are hardly foreign, but can you name the three Welshmen who have played for Celtic in the twenty-first century?

2 What nationality was Stiliyan Petrov?

3 Who was the Canadian goalkeeper who played for Celtic in the 1930s?

4 A Danish goalkeeper played mainly for Dunfermline in the late 1960s, but he was briefly on Celtic's books. (His Christian name was a distinctly unfortunate one for a goalkeeper or indeed any football player to have!)

5 Who was Celtic's Icelandic central defender of the 1970s?

6 A Belgian defender played at Hampden on two successive weekends in 2001. Who?

7 In autumn 1965, four youngsters were given a prolonged trial at Celtic Park in what seemed like one of Jock Stein's successful propaganda stunts to keep Celtic on the back pages of the newspapers and relegate Rangers to obscurity. What nationality were these youngsters?

8 Which Frenchman joined Celtic in 2000 via Raith Rovers and Hibs?

9 Which member of the Celtic squad in 2012 was born in a town called Tegucigalpa?

10 Who is the only Celt to have won the African Cup of Nations?

11 Which three English teams did Mark Viduka play for after he left Celtic?

12 What nationality was Eyal Berkovic?


Round 7

Founding Fathers

It is easy to assume that Celtic have always been a big club. Not so. In the early days so much was against them, and Celtic owes so much to the tenacity and perseverance of their men of vision who made sure that the club could rise from very humble beginnings to be the huge worldwide institution that it is today. Much of these days are of course enshrined in legends rather than proven fact, but hopefully this round will reveal exactly how much you know of the origins of the club that means so much to us all.

1 Twenty years before the foundation of Celtic, Pat Welsh had met Willie Maley's father. In what circumstances?

2 When Willie Maley was invited to go along to Celtic Park for the first time, he wasn't the primary target. Who was?

3 Michael Davitt famously planted shamrocks on the turf of the new Celtic Park in March 1892. What disability did Davitt suffer from?

4 Also in 1892 Celtic won three cups. According to legend, what did Ned McGinn suggest that they should do in the Vatican to celebrate?

5 What was the name of the man who came from Renton to be centre half and captain of the new Celtic club?

6 The first ever game at Old Celtic Park did not feature Celtic. Who were the teams who played there on 8 May 1888?

7 Celtic's first game was against Rangers. Their second game was against a Dundee team recruited to a large extent from the Dundee Irish community in Lochee. What was this team called?

8 Who scored Celtic's first ever goal?

9 Which founding father of Celtic was instrumental in the founding of the Scottish League in 1890?

10 Technically, when Celtic were founded, the game was all amateur. In what year was professionalism legalised in Scotland?

11 Which Celt who played in the first ever game became the first coach of Slavia Prague?

12 Which early Celt was known as 'the Duke'?


Round 8

Henrik Larsson

Few players have brought such excitement and adoration to the Celtic crowd as Henrik Larsson. His ability to turn at speed, to score all kinds of goals – both the spectacular and the mundane tap-ins – and his sheer professionalism and commitment to the club guaranteed that he would become one of Parkhead's all-time greats, and that he would be freely compared to Jimmy Quinn and Jimmy McGrory.

1 From whom was he signed in 1997?

2 Against whom did he make his competitive debut?

3 What was the first medal that he won for Celtic?

4 What misfortune befell him on 22 October 1999?

5 In season 2000/01 how many goals did he score in all competitions for Celtic?

6 He scored a hat-trick in the Scottish League Cup final of March 2001. Who were the opposition?

7 What influence does Magdalena Spjuth have on him?

8 Who were the opposition when he broke his jaw on 9 February 2003?

9 His last competitive game for Celtic was the Scottish Cup final of 2004 against Dunfermline Athletic. He scored twice in the 3–1 win. Who scored the other goal?

10 He won a European Cup winner's medal with Barcelona. Who did they beat in the final?

11 How many times did he play for Sweden?

12 He played briefly for one other British club. Which was it?


Round 9

Irish Players

In spite of the well-documented fact that Celtic were founded by the Irish in Glasgow, comparatively few native Irishmen have played for Celtic over the past 125 years. There have been some very influential ones however.

1 Who ended a long and successful career with a big English club and finished off his career with a Scottish League Cup medal for Celtic?

2 Who was called 'The Mighty Atom' and is generally regarded as one of the best players of all time?

3 When Pat Bonner was injured before the 1988 Scottish Cup final, he was replaced by another Irishman. Who?

4 Chris Morris played for the Republic of Ireland, but wasn't born in Ireland. Where was he born?

5 Celtic have had four managers born in Ireland. Who are they?

6 I was born in Belfast in 1924, and my middle name is Patrick. Who am I?

7 Which Irish full-back played in the same team as John Thomson in 1931?

8 I have the same surname as a bird. Who am I?

9 This fellow was actually born in Scotland, but played for the Republic of Ireland in 1967.

10 What position did Sean Fallon play in the 1954 Scottish Cup final?

11 What was significant about Pat Bonner's signing for Celtic in 1978?

12 Joe Haverty played one game for Celtic in 1964. For what English teams did he play?


Round 10

Jimmy McGrory

The name James 'Jimmy' McGrory is irreversibly associated with Celtic, and will stay so for evermore. There will be very few left who saw McGrory play, but everyone has heard of him and will recall at third or fourth hand what he did – his famous goals, his chivalrous behaviour to opponents, and his total commitment to the club that he loved. His managerial career was a disappointment, but he did nevertheless have his moments, and when Jock Stein took over in 1965, Jock insisted that his players call McGrory 'Boss'. His death in 1982 was a cause of sadness to Celtic supporters everywhere.


Excerpted from Never Mind the Hoops by David Potter. Copyright © 2014 David Potter. Excerpted by permission of The History Press.
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