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Never Settle: Choices, Chain Reactions, and the Way Out of Lukewarminess

Never Settle: Choices, Chain Reactions, and the Way Out of Lukewarminess

by Greg Holder


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Don’t settle for a lukewarm Christian life.
No one chooses a “less than” life, but sometimes it happens. Sometimes without being aware of the change, our faith becomes apathetic and bland. Fortunately, there is a way to be free from a lukewarm life.

Compelling and transformative, Never Settle challenges every Christian to move past the boundaries of complacency and live courageously, one faithful act at a time. It is a tangible and encouraging reminder that your everyday decisions, habits, and relationships have incredible potential for world-changing, redemptive impact. Author Greg Holder offers a fresh vision for the Church: to boldly follow Jesus into the world, dripping with Christian compassion and driven to reach people with radical love.

Offering a practical plan for stepping forward in faith and resting in the power of the Holy Spirit, Never Settle will transform your spiritual life and send you forward with new motivation. Because you—yes, you—are called to be a part of what God is doing in the world.

“This is the best of both an all-out challenge to live differently as followers of Christ and a beautiful reminder of who we are in Him.” —Sadie Robertson Huff, speaker and New York Times bestselling author

“A practical road map that will lead you out of a lukewarm, bland faith into a vibrant Kingdom life.” —Edgar Sandoval Sr., president of World Vision US

“This puts culture, loving people, and being a world changer into their proper perspective—enveloped within God’s Word. I cannot say Amen any louder!” —John Cooper, leader singer and founder of Skillet

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781631466359
Publisher: The Navigators
Publication date: 09/15/2020
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Greg Holder is author of The Genius of One, cocreator of the Advent Conspiracy, and a contributing writer for The Voice Bible. He serves as lead pastor at The Crossing, reaching nearly 10,000 people in person and online, calling people from an unlikely mix of spiritual backgrounds to consider what it means to follow Jesus in today's world.

Table of Contents

Foreword ix

Prologue: Choices, Chain Reactions & the Way Out xi

1 What Makes Jesus Puke 1

2 Hobbits, Refugees & the Imago Dei 11

3 Living in a VUCA World 25

4 The Real Bat Cave 39

5 Choose You This Day 57

6 Chain Reaction 73

7 Run to the Border 89

8 Antifragile … Sort Of 105

9 Zambezi Overload 121

10 Muppets in the Balcony 137

11 Welcome Aboard 155

Epilogue: Music of the Dawn 177

Acknowledgments 187

Questions for Group Discussion 191

Notes 199

What People are Saying About This

Mike Mantel

Greg infuses Never Settle with the same crackling energy, engaging humor, historical and geographical context, and spiritual truth that he presents in person. This book is alive, inviting and compelling us to fully engage and to fully live!

Jeff Henderson

I have personally seen the results of Greg’s leadership at The Crossing Church. As a guest speaker, I have experienced the hospitality of the staff, the vision of the church, and an organizational culture that never settles for less than their best for God. I’m excited you get to experience that now, too, through Greg’s new book. My hope is that you are inspired to do the same. To rise up, dust yourself off (if life has knocked you down), and be reminded—never settle. God’s with you. The two of you are a powerful combination.

Jarrett Stevens

I have known Greg for many years. He lives what he writes. And what he’s given us in Never Settle is a wake-up call to step into the life God created us for. To play our part in bringing the Kingdom of God to Earth in our everyday lives. And to never settle for anything less than God’s vision for us, for his Church, and for this world!

Nicky Gumbel

Greg Holder is a gifted teacher with a profound Christian faith who has much to offer all of us in need of godly help and encouragement.

Edgar Sandoval Sr.

Never Settle is a practical road map that will lead you out of a lukewarm, bland faith and into a vibrant Kingdom life. Greg calls us to a fresh experience with God—to actively seeking more with Him. With chapters on resilience, hospitality, and the impact of one life, Greg’s encouraging message shines a spotlight on the miraculous things God is doing through ordinary people like us. This book is a perfect addition to any leader’s toolbox because there has never been a more significant time in our culture to vow to never settle.

Brad Lomenick

An equally challenging and inspiring book for followers of Jesus to step up. This is a powerful and provocative call to action for leaders in these days—and a needed reminder that we’re made for something more.

Margaret Feinberg

There’s more to your life than you can possibly imagine, and Never Settle will help you unlock the door to the more, more, more that God has for you. Prepare to be challenged, inspired, and encouraged with every page.

Rebekah Lyons

Greg brings a convicting message that beckons our attention in these times. If we are not diligent to press into greater measures of faith, we will be tempted toward complacency and half-hearted efforts. May these pages spark a fire that reminds us of the significance each day offers. Never Settle is a resounding call to embrace the wholehearted passion of the Christian life.

John L. Cooper

I love that Never Settle is a book about culture that isn’t primarily about culture. It puts culture, loving people, and being a world changer into its proper perspective, which is enveloped within the holy Word of God. In such polarizing and confusing times, the church desperately needs to be reminded of the simplicity of this. I cannot “Amen” it any louder!

Sadie Rob Huff

Never Settle is the best of both an all-out challenge to live differently as followers of Christ, and a beautiful reminder of who we are in Him. I could not echo this message more during this time: for people to know that their life matters and that they can live in the abundance of who He calls them to be, today.

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