Never Tell (Signed Book) (Detective D. D. Warren Series #10)

Never Tell (Signed Book) (Detective D. D. Warren Series #10)

by Lisa Gardner

Hardcover(Signed Edition)

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781524745448
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 02/19/2019
Series: Detective D. D. Warren Series , #10
Edition description: Signed Edition
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 37
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.50(d)

About the Author

Lisa Gardner is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of twenty novels, including Look for Me, Right Behind You, Find Her, Crash & Burn, Fear Nothing, Touch & Go, Catch Me, and The Neighbor, which won the International Thriller of the Year Award. She lives with her family in New England.

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Never Tell: A Novel 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous 1 days ago
I couldnt put this book down! I have read every one of her books and they are all fantastic! I am already looking forward to the next one:)
SharonAdair 2 days ago
Yes! Another cracking tale from this Queen of Suspense. I've been a longtime fan of Lisa Gardner and love her DD Warren stories and these new characters are just amazing. But, don't worry, if this is your first book, you'll love it, you'll just want to read the earlier books to really get to know the 'team'. Three strong female characters tell their stories throughout and they are excellent stories that become entwined. Firstly, there is Detective DD Warren, a women who is no longer on the front line at work and misses it and who is juggling a challenging job she loves, with a husband, 5 year old son and a dog. Then there is Flora, a new addition and a complex character who continues to recover from being abducted and held for over a year and then, lastly, there is Evie, a wife who arrives home to find her husband shot dead and who then, fires rounds into his computer. Lisa Gardner is a pro at ensuring all of these characters are fleshed out sufficiently for us to care, whilst ensuring that the thread of the story is never lost. It's not perfect and there were elements I felt obvious, but, overall I've got to give full 5* as it absolutely kept me hooked. I devoured it and can't wait for the next adventure. Brilliant! Thanks so much to NetGalley, Cornerstone Penguin Random House UK and Lisa Gardner for the opportunity to preview this book in exchange for my honest review.
Ratbruce 2 days ago
Lisa Gardner books always grab me from the first paragraph and keep me reading late into the night. Her latest is no exception. Involving characters from her two mosts popular series, Detective D.D. Warren and FBI agent Kimberly Quincy was brilliant and made this a special treat. The characters are fully developed and the plot moves along at a breakneck pace. Highly Recommended
SheTreadsSoftly 2 days ago
Never Tell by Lisa Gardner is a very highly recommended procedural and suspenseful thriller featuring Boston's Detective D.D. Warren and victim's advocate/vigilante Flora Dane. This is an excellent novel and a superb addition to the D.D. Warren series. Evie Carter returns home to find her husband, Conrad, dead in his home office. He has been shot three times, but Evie takes his gun and shoots his computer twelve times. The police arrive and see Evie, who is obviously pregnant and still holding the gun. D.D. Warren arrives on the scene and recognizes Evie from a case sixteen years ago, when Evie was 16 and accidentally shot her father, a Harvard professor. Two shootings can't be coincidental, as far as Warren is concerned. When Flora Dane sees Conrad Carter's face on the news, she immediately recognizes him from when she was still a captive of kidnapper, Jacob Ness. Ness took her to a bar where they met Conrad. Now Flora must revisit her past to try and remember what she knows about Conrad. She is also determined to discover the truth behinds Conrad's murder and how it may be tied into crimes by Ness. Never Tell is an outstanding, fast-paced, intricate procedural that delves into dark secrets and has questions and complications multiplying with every chapter. This is an un-put-down-able novel that had me glued to every page, breathless with anxiety and anticipation wondering what could possibly happen next and what new information would be uncovered. The writing and pacing is superb. The plot is complex, intelligent, and astute. The final climax is disturbing, clever, heart-stopping, and brilliant. Truly, Never Tell is a stay-up-way-too-late-to-read-just-one-more-chapter novel. The characters are all well-developed and well-established at this point. For those who are new to the series, you can enjoy this as a stand-alone novel, but fans of the series will appreciate it even more as they will have a greater insight into the characters. There simply has to be another addition to the series as soon as possible as there are several questions that need answers, and some developments that require further exploration, and other questions that need to attain a degree of closure. Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of Penguin Random House.
Renwarsreads 3 days ago
Another winner from Lisa Gardner. I totally enjoyed this book, it kept me on my toes, and constantly wondering who committed both murders. Was it the same person, was it two different people? I loved when I read that Flora was part of this story, she has so much depth and such a dark side. She could very well be the star of the show, finding criminals using the underworld skills acquired from her kidnapping and hundreds of days spent with a serial rapist. She’s a woman on the edge and D.D. keeps her on the right side of the law. The 3 women, Flora, Evie and D.D. are quite different and make interesting partners. I would love to read more books including Flora and also Evie.
Samantha1020 3 days ago
This is my first five star read of 2019!!! I am so completely hooked on this series at this point and I'm only three books in. It's funny because I'm totally not reading them in order - and I've started compulsively buying them whenever I find copies of the earlier books because I definitely want to read the entire series at this point. But back to this book which again features Flora Dane whom I have just grown to love. In Never Tell, the book is told from three different viewpoints all focusing on the recent shooting and murder of Evie Carter's husband. One viewpoint is D.D.'s as she is investigating this murder, one from Evie's viewpoint as she deals with the aftermath of her husband's death, and finally from Flora's point of view as she recognized Evie's husband as being an acquaintance of her former captor Jacob Ness. All of these three storylines are so compelling and made this book one that I couldn't set down. Gardner does such a beautiful job of creating tense and suspenseful atmospheres in each of her books. This book kept me guessing and turning the pages the entire time! There is so much going on that you would think that it is almost too much - I didn't even mention yet that Evie "accidentally" killed her father when she was younger. Instead all of these different things just tie together beautifully to ratchet up the suspense even more! I feel like I'm just rambling here at this point so here is what you need to know: this book is JUST as amazing as every book that I've read in this series so far. If you haven't read this series yet, you can certainly start here or you could do like I did and begin with Find Her (or maybe start at the very beginning of the series like most people do). I loved this book so much and one of the reasons is because of Flora's character. I'm loving the chance to see her continue to work on living her life after everything that she has been through. There is just so much going on in this book that I absolutely loved. I loved that I was kept guessing the entire time on what actually happened. I won't say more than that but I just cannot recommend this series enough at this point!! Overall this was easily a five star read for me and my first one of the new year! I feel like all I'm doing is gushing at this point but really it was that good! This book was just as compelling and thrilling as the other two books that I've read in this series. The mysteries are always suspenseful but it is the characters that keep me coming back for more. I really am looking forward to finally starting back with the first book in this series sometime in the near future! If you enjoy tense, edge of your seat - will not - cannot - stop reading books then this series is for you! I can highly recommend this one to thriller and mystery lovers alike! Lisa Gardner has sky rocketed on to my favorite authors list! I will eagerly be anticipating the next book in this series and reading everything that she writes! Highly recommended! Bottom Line: As tense and thrilling as I had hoped it would be - an easy five star read! Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book thanks to the publisher - thoughts on this book and series are my own!
ColoradoGirl71 3 days ago
This story again features D.D. Warren and Flora Dane – a character that I adore and have followed through three stories. In addition to D.D. and Flora, there’s a new character added, Evie. I’m wondering if she might become a repeat character as well. There’s a lot left to explore with her! This book is a heart-pounding mix of shootings, dark internet, arson, and good old detective work. There are connections back to Flora’s time as a hostage and we begin to unravel more of that time through new crimes and a murder. There’s someone new that Flora interacts with and I have my fingers crossed that there might be a relationship in her future. This girl needs some happiness! If you are a fan of Lisa Gardner, put this on your list, you won't be disappointed! If you’ve never read Lisa Gardner and are intrigued by reading about Flora, start with “Find Her” to fully enjoy the story arc.
nfam 4 days ago
Two Murders Linked by a Horrific Crime Evie Carter arrives home to find her husband, Conrad, in his office with three bullets in him. He’s been working at his computer. Evie takes one look, grabs the gun and unloads it into the computer. When the police enter the house, she’s the perfect suspect. Detective D.D. Warren arrives at the murder scene and recognizes Evie. Sixteen years ago she accidentally shot and killed her father with a shotgun. Two murders are too much for D.D. She decides Evie is probably guilty. Flora Dane, the survivor of a horrific crime, and D.D.’s CI, confidential informant, arrives at the scene near hysteria. She recognizes Conrad from her time with her abductor. This adds a layer of complication to the case that D.D. is not sure what to do with. This is my favorite D.D. Warren mystery to date. The plot is filled with twists, but the information comes naturally as though it was being discovered in a real investigation. The story is told from three view points, D.D., Evie, and Flora. The author has made the characters so distinct it’s easy to follow the story even though moving between different persons. All three women are tough and smart. I particularly liked Flora’s development in the book. She loses some of her standoff toughness and becomes much more of a real person. I highly recommend this book if you enjoy thrillers. It’s hard to put down. I received this book from Dutton for this review.
booklover- 4 days ago
It starts with a man found shot to death in his home. When the cops arrive, they find his wife holding the gun that killed him. In a bizarre twist of fate, Warren knows the wife. She accidentally killed her father 16 years earlier ... shooting him with his rifle. Flora Dane sees the murder reported on the news and immediately knows who he is ..or was. She remembers the night she met him ... she was still a hostage taken by a human monster and held for over a year. Her captor knew this man. And now Flora wants to learn more.... BOOK BLURB: But D.D. and Flora are about to discover that in this case the truth is a devilishly elusive thing. As layer by layer they peel away the half-truths and outright lies, they wonder: How many secrets can one family have? For fans of this author, you are in for a treat with NEVER TELL. This brings together three of her best loved characters ... D. D. Warren, Flora Dane, and Kimberly Quincy. As always expected from this author, this is a well-written complex crime thriller with twists and turns that keep the reader riveted to each and every page. It's action-packed with an explosive ending. Each of this author's books just gets better than the last. I always salivate when I see she has a new book out. Many thanks to the author / PENGUIN GROUP Dutton / Netgalley for the advanced digital copy. Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.