Never Work Harder Than Your Students and Other Principles of Great Teaching

Never Work Harder Than Your Students and Other Principles of Great Teaching

by Robyn R. Jackson


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Some great teachers are born, but most are self-made. And the way to make yourself a great teacher is to learn to think and act like one.

In this updated second edition of the best-selling Never Work Harder Than Your Students, Robyn R. Jackson reaffirms that every teacher can become a master teacher. The secret is not a specific strategy or technique, nor it is endless hours of prep time. It's developing a master teacher mindset—rigorously applying seven principles to your teaching until they become your automatic response:

  • Start where you students are.
  • Know where your students are going.
  • Expect to get your students there.
  • Support your students along the way.
  • Use feedback to help you and your students get better.
  • Focus on quality rather than quantity.
  • Never work harder than your students.

In her conversational and candid style, Jackson explains the mastery principles and how to start using them to guide planning, instruction, assessment, and classroom management. She answers questions, shares stories from her own practice and work with other teachers, and provides all-new, empowering advice on navigating external evaluation. There's even a self-assessment to help you identify your current levels of mastery and take control of your own practice.

Teaching is hard work, and great teaching means doing the right kind of hard work: the kind that pays off. Join tens of thousands of teachers around the world who have embarked on their journeys toward mastery. Discover for yourself the difference that Jackson's principles will make in your classroom and for your students.

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ISBN-13: 9781416626527
Publisher: Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development
Publication date: 08/29/2018
Pages: 278
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About the Author

Robyn R. Jackson, PhD, has been an educator for more than a decade. As a National Board–certified English teacher, she increased the enrollment of minority and nontraditional students in her AP Language and Composition classes and tripled her overall course enrollment within one year without a decrease in her students' test scores. As a middle school administrator in Montgomery County, Md., she has worked to revise the district's gifted and talented policy to be more inclusive of all students and helped craft the district's critical Middle School Reform Plan. She also helped lead the largest middle school in the district to state and national Blue Ribbon status. As an educator, she has served as an adjunct professor and has presented her own research at several national conferences.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition ix

Introduction 1

1 Start Where Your Students Are 27

2 Know Where Your Students Are Going 54

3 Expect to Get Your Students There 79

4 Support Your Students 107

5 Use Effective Feedback 130

6 Focus on Quality, Not Quantity 158

7 Never Work Harder Than Your Students 180

8 Taking Control over Your Own Practice 205

9 Putting It All Together 220


Tool 1 The Master Teacher Trajectory 234

Tool 2 Developing an Action Plan 236

Tool 3 Sample Action Plan Evidence 249

Tool 4 Reflection Sheet 252

Tool 5 Master Teacher Observation Form 256

Tool 6 Using the Mastery Principles to Solve Instructional Challenges 257

Tool 7 Classroom Problems by Principle 261

Tool 8 Guidelines for Forming a Study Group 264

Tool 9 Developing a Student Intervention Cycle 266

Acknowledgments 268

References 270

Index 272

About the Author 278

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