Neville Goddard: The Frank Carter Lectures

Neville Goddard: The Frank Carter Lectures


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Frank Carter, friend of Neville Goddard (1905-1972) the twentieth century Christian Mystic, Author and Lecturer, gave a series of lectures in 1976, concerning his belief by way of his own vision and knowledge of scriptural meaning, that Neville Goddard’s death had fulfilled scripture. The lectures contained in this book may not include every single lecture in Frank’s series, and some of the audio was poor quality for transcription, but what we do have reveals little known details about Neville, a few anecdotes, Neville’s last written words, and most importantly reveals what Neville’s death meant scripturally, for us all.

This book is not meant to be an exhaustive tale of Neville’s life or even his work. In fact, the lectures, given by Frank Carter are focused more on Neville’s last days and night, and Franks subsequent visions and understanding that Neville himself appeared in scripture. Neville’s work is growing in popularity on the internet with available audio recordings and written lectures that continue to emerge, not to mention his books and booklets that can be purchased easily now. As more and more people come to find Neville’s work, typically by way of learning The Law that Neville taught, I hope they continue to study Neville long enough to find truth mirrored back to them, to find themselves in Neville’s work. As he said, the whole story in The Bible is actually about us, about awakening.

This book of lectures can appeal to any truth seeker, or Bible lover, and especially any student of Neville Goddards who has read and believed. Grab a Bible and a concordance and follow along as Frank shares what he has found. The lectures contained in this book, in Franks words, are intended to reveal the great revealer. Frank said of Neville... “This man stepped out of the pages of scripture and came to us and gave us the great secret, and told us whatever we do, don't worship him. Don't make him into a demigod, this is all for awakening. "

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