New Arrivals at Mulberry Lane: Full of family, friends and foes!

New Arrivals at Mulberry Lane: Full of family, friends and foes!

by Rosie Clarke

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ISBN-13: 9781786692993
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Publication date: 12/04/2018
Series: The Mulberry Lane Series , #4
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
File size: 4 MB

About the Author

Rosie is happily married and lives in a quiet village in East Anglia. Writing books is a passion for Rosie, she also likes to read, watch good films and enjoys holidays in the sunshine. She loves shoes and adores animals, especially squirrels and dogs.

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New Arrivals at Mulberry Lane: Full of family, friends and foes! 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
gaele 11 days ago
Struggling with loss, friendships, choices and fear, the people of the little neighborhood of Mulberry Lane in London’s East End. A major target because of the docks and warehouses, they’ve had relative calm in the ongoing years, if one doesn’t count the relationships and struggles of the people of the area. And Rosie Clark has created a hopeful story full of challenges and community as the “Lanes” band together to share, support, survive and struggle together through the hardships and uncertainties of war, one that seems never-ending. The women left behind, are making the best of the hardships they are facing: and managing to make decisions, choices, friendships and loss with a strength and sense of community that seems all the more palpable because of the shared struggles. Using deft characterization and issues that pull at the heart, there is a clear sense of a common purpose: getting through the war in the best way possible, with friends and family working with and around the shortages, sharing their worries and joys, building a family out of neighbors and friends – one that cares comes together to help and support one another. There are several characters in this story, and bits of their backstories are shared as this one progresses, but what comes through, above and beyond the ‘what happened to get us here’ is the solid community sense: the friendships that truly provide comfort and understanding, and the fierce determination that these women show in their ability to make the best and most of the resources available to them. Wonderful for the characters and the resilience shown during the struggles, the ‘homefront’ stories are often more centered on the “land girls’ or those working as spies and codebreakers – but it’s the ordinary people who held the country together through the years with pure determination, despite fears, loss and challenges. Clarke has brought those stories to light with characters that you can’t help but cheer on, empathize with and hope for an easier time. Most of us are unaware of the years of struggle that accompanied the war, during and after, and finding a new respect and understanding of the ways that people came together in times of difficulty and could serve as a model for us all. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
KrisAnderson_TAR 3 days ago
New Arrivals at Mulberry Lane by Rosie Clarke takes us back to 1944. Rose Marchant finds herself on Mulberry Lane in London’s East End looking for a new start. Rose has a secret that she does not want to come to light. Rose worked at a pub back home, so she heads to The Pig & Whistle to see if they are hiring. Peggy Ashley co-owns The Pig & Whistle with her estranged husband, Laurie who is away on war work. Peggy can tell Rose is hiding something, but she hires her and provides her with a place to live. Rose is enveloped into Mulberry Lane where she makes friends and meets someone special that she could imagine marrying. But will they still like her when they find out what she is hiding? Mabel Tandy owns the wool shop on the lane and has Ellie Morris along with her little girl living with her. Mabel has become a mother to Ellie and grandmother to her daughter. Ellie worries what will happen when Peter, her husband, returns home and learns that she kept the child. Tom Barton manages the neighborhood grocery store for Maureen Hart, but he is eager to turn eighteen and join the army. Peggy is thankful to have Rose helping in the pub and with her busy twins. Then Laurie returns home and takes charge of The Pig & Whistle and upsets the whole household. How will life change on Mulberry Lane now that Laurie has returned? New Arrivals at Mulberry Lane is another delightful addition to The Mulberry Lane Series. Peggy Ashley is the matriarch of Mulberry Lane and watches over the other residents. She is friends with Maureen Hart and Anne Ross. Peggy is known for taking in stray chicks and giving them a helping hand. When Rose arrives, Peggy does not hesitate in offering her a job and a room. The characters in this series are well-developed. Rosie Clarke brings her characters to life making them realistic (characters that we love and others that we love to hate). I look forward to each new book to see how the residents of Mulberry Lane are faring during World War II. All of our favorite characters are back in New Arrivals at Mulberry Lane along with some unpleasant ones. I thought New Arrivals at Mulberry Lane was well-written and engaging. Personally, I recommend reading the books in The Mulberry Lane series in order. Each book builds upon the previous one. We see how the characters handle the war as it progresses. Life continues to go one at home while the war rages on around them. They face financial struggles, heartache, friendship, births, deaths, rationing, love, and fear. There are twists and turns that will keep readers riveted. Rosie Clarke captures the time period with the clothing, movies, slang, rationing, the struggles our characters face, the bombings, and the worry about loved ones off fighting the war. I wish I could tell you more, but I do not want to spoil it for you. I cannot wait for the next installment in The Mulberry Lane series to find out what happens next.
GraceJReviewerlady 11 days ago
WWII domestic sagas are among my favourite kind of reads, and Mulberry Lane makes it to the top of my favourites list. While we catch up with Peggy and her friends, there is a newcomer to the lanes - a young woman looking for a fresh start in life. Where better than The Pig and Whistle? With her twins now toddlers and a pub to run plus all the food to prepare from scratch to sell in the bar, Peggy is in desperate need of another pair of hands, but no sooner do things settle down than a spanner - and a whopping big one at that - gets thrown into the mix! I really love this series; not only does the author keep things moving and packs her novels with lots of events from the community, there is always someone new popping up to be drawn into the warmth which Peggy is at the centre of. Definitely a series to read from the beginning, it's always such a pleasure when a new book comes out and I can get to find out what's happening to all my favourites. It's never dull and, I imagine, shows the reality of life for those at home during that terrible war. As with the previous novels, this is a riveting read with the odd surprise and shock and whilst it is a complete read on it's own, I am so looking forward to the next one to find out how things pan out. A great read, and one I have no hesitation in recommending to others who enjoy reading about this time. My thanks to publisher Aria for my copy via NetGalley. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.
sandralb 12 days ago
Rosie Clarke does a wonderful job of writing an interesting wartime novel. New Arrivals At Mulberry Lane is the forth to this series. While it is a stand alone book, you would gain so much more by going back and starting from the beginning. The story takes place in a small town with almost everyone living on Mulberry Lane. It is a great example of neighbors helping neighbors. The author has a special way of bringing her characters to life. She gives us people we can't help but love, and ones we love to hate. Rosie shows us a painstaking look how life would be in London during the war. Supplies are low, rationing is severe and everyone is required to do their part for the war effort. I received a copy of this book from Aria publishing through NetGalley. The opinions expressed here in this review are my own.