New Century Voices: Selected Prose and Poetry

New Century Voices: Selected Prose and Poetry



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ISBN-13: 9780970296603
Publisher: New Voices Publishing
Publication date: 12/28/2000
Pages: 365
Product dimensions: 5.43(w) x 8.39(h) x 0.79(d)

Table of Contents

Prize 1
Two Car Funeral1
Prize 2
Afternoon Television9
Prizes 3
I, the Child23
The Apple Tree34
A Few Tense Moments46
Red Breasted Robins and Shiny Black Boots55
Scenes Blocked from View60
The Chalk Theft63
Just Below the Surface68
Honorable Mention
She Wore Speckled Feathers in Her Hair79
My Diet85
The Old Swing Tree87
Murder at Gettysburg91
The Stars Wonder105
Ode to the Modern Age106
Perk Asbury109
Kiss and Tell116
If Randomness Exists119
Point of View121
The Boy on the Bus125
Rhyme Time for Children and Adults128
Selected for Publication: Fourth Grade Student Contest
My Day as a Crocodile130
My Adventures as a Dog133
The Magic Carpet135
If My Life Were Different137
The Yuckiest Thing in the World138
My Day as an Animal140
Selected for Publication: Adult Contest
The Cigar Maker (excerpt)143
Report from the Front160
The Seer162
You Can't Get Into Heaven With Dirty Feet164
The Harried Housewife Goes to College168
Mamie's Tomorrow173
Eternally Young177
Frankie Pluto and the Sweet Mystery of Life182
A Girl's Best Friend187
Manic (excerpt)195
Light's Deception204
Late for Service214
The Adventures of John Mido225
The House on Lime Kiln Road231
Tribute to a Ghost235
One That Got Away243
A Place Called Yesterday247
A Lifetime of Credit250
Sitting Pretty261
The Preacher's Wife266
Plane 23273
Hurricane Watch281
After Dark292
Pablo. A Story294
Rosa in the Sunshine304
And a Few Bottles of "Blue"322
Mishka's Teddy Bear327
The Price of Ice Out338
OK, Anna Dear346
Mozart Concerto Number 21 as Described to a Deaf Woman350
Ellie's Closet352
At Love's Grave364
A Party365

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