New Challenges for Defense Planning: Rethinking How Much Is Enough

New Challenges for Defense Planning: Rethinking How Much Is Enough


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ISBN-13: 9780833015273
Publisher: RAND Corporation
Publication date: 05/26/1994
Pages: 778
Product dimensions: 6.02(w) x 9.02(h) x 1.50(d)

Table of Contents

Contents PART ONE: INTRODUCTION 1. Introduction by Paul K. Davis PART TWO: PRINCIPLES FOR DEFENSE PLANNING 2. Planning Under Uncertainty Then and Now: Paradigms Lost and Paradigms Emerging by Paul K. Davis 3. Objective-Based Planning by Glenn A. Kent and William E. Simons 4. Institutionalizing Planning for Adaptiveness by Paul K. Davis 5. The Discipline Gap and Other Reasons for Humility and Realism in Defense Planning by Kevin Lewis PART THREE: PLANNING AT THE STRATEGIC LEVEL 6. Protecting the Great Transition by Paul K. Davis 7. Nonstandard Contingencies for Defense Planning by Richard L. Kugler 8. Improving Deterrence in the Post-Cold War Era: Some Theory and Implications for Defense Planning by Paul K. Davis 9. Operations Other Than War by Jennifer Morrison Taw and Bruce Hoffman 10. Priorities for Ballistic Missile Defense by Russ Shaver 11. Future U.S. and Russian Nuclear Forces: Applying Traditional Analysis Methods in an Era of Cooperation by Dean Wilkening PART FOUR: PLANNING AT THE OPERATIONAL OR CAMPAIGN LEVEL 12. Conventional Campaign Analysis of Major Regional Conflicts by Fred Frostic and Christopher J. Bowie 13. The Use of Long-Range Bombers in a Changing World: A Classical Exercise in Systems Analysis by Glenn C. Buchan 14. A First Look at Defense Options for Poland by Charles T. Kelley, Jr., Daniel B. Fox, and Barry A. Wilson 15. Not Merely Planning for the Last War by Bruce W. Bennett, Sam Gardiner, and Daniel B. Fox 16. Extended Counterforce Options for Coping with Tactical Ballistic Missiles by Richard Mesic 17. Military Issues in Multinational Operations by Margaret Cecchine Harrell and Robert Howe PART FIVE: BUILDING THE DEFENSE PROGRAM 18. Assessing the Affordability of Fighter Aircraft Force Modernization by William Stanley 19. Modernizing Airpower Projection Capabilities: Looking to Get More Out of Less by Edward R. Harshberger and Russ Shaver 20. Assessing the Structure and Mix of Future Active and Reserve Army Forces by Bernard D. Rostker, Bruce W. Don, and Kenneth Watman 21. Strategic Mobility in the Post-Cold War Era by David Kassing 22. Reinventing the DoD Logistics System for the Post-Cold War Era by Rick Eden, John Dumond, John Folkeson, John Halliday, and Nancy Moore 23. Defining a Balanced Investment Program for Coping with Tactical Ballistic Missiles by Richard Mesic Index

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