A New Design for Living

A New Design for Living

by Ernest Holmes, Willis H. Kinnear
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A New Design for Living by Ernest Holmes, Willis H. Kinnear

Nothing lies beyond the scope of your ability. The new design for living you create has no limitations. Literally all the good things that life and the world offer are yours to have and enjoy. But you need to recognize them, accept them, and incorporate them into the new design you are now going to create.

In its scope, and in its effect on readers, A New Design for Living is second only to Ernest Holmes's magnum opus, The Science of Mind. In this cherished spiritual classic, Holmes demonstrates that wishes-from health, love, and friendship to the career and home of your dreams-are not only possible to realize but are within each person's very reach.

At last available again, this galvanizing book teaches how to turn mind-power into an infinitely positive force-the very force of creation itself. Harmonize with the beauty and intelligence of the universe, watch the magnificence of life transform before you, and awaken to the nature of reality. With this newfound power of transformative thinking, every goal is attainable.

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ISBN-13: 9781101442616
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/02/2010
Sold by: Penguin Group
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 304
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Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Ernest Holmes (1887 – 1960) was the founder of the worldwide Religious Science Movement. A uniquely gifted scholar with a vast command of the world’s spiritual philosophies, his magnum opus, The Science of Mind, has been in continuous print since 1926. Other inspirational works include Creative Mind, This Thing Called You, The Art of Life, Creative Mind and Success, Love and Law, The Hidden Power of the Bible, and many others.

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ToddAlberts More than 1 year ago
Ernest Holmes is most well known for his seminal work, "A Science of Mind," in which he describes a synthesizing of science, philosophy, and spirituality, in explaining the world and Universe in which we live. In this book, however, Holmes provides strategies, systems, and other information that takes one from the general esoteric principles of his philosophy down to the specific day-to-day tasks that help us implement that which Holmes believes will deliver us into a new pattern or design for our lives. In short, this book truly lays out a "New Design For Living" our future day-to-day life. (As an aside: The book captured me before I even got to the Acknowledgments section. The first page of the book quotes Proverbs 4:7: "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding." How can a reader put down a book that attempts to provide both wisdom and understanding?!?) Holmes' new design for living can be summarized in two steps. First, we must cut ourselves off from the negative parts of our past, including those thoughts, habits, and patterns that have been limiting us in any way. Conditions of our lives are just effects arising by Natural Law from its cause, so you must change the cause (i.e., new thoughts) in order to change the effect (condition or manifestation of the thought). Holmes states that is so because mind and matter are the same thing, just different parts of a continuum: mind is intangible matter, and matter is tangible as manifested form. Second, the reason we must cast aside those limiting thoughts and actions of our past is so that we can express ourselves--to quote author Mike Dooley--in the "infinite possibilities" of our future. We live in an abundant Universe; we must "Think Big," and understand that there are no limits to our thoughts, and our future can be anything that we desire it--and believe it--to be. However, we must embrace the present (the "Now"), bringing into it only positive aspects of our past, so that our future is defined not by what we have done/been/had, but rather by what we want to do/be/have. We begin this new process by creating certain patterns (new habits) in our lives, through the use of concepts including consistency; clarity; specificity; precision of thought; practice of "right thinking;" etc. We do so in order that we may "endeavor consciously, definitely, deliberately and consistently" to determine what we will experience by consciously choosing thoughts that are in alignment with our ideal life. We then move forward with absolute faith and complete conviction (both emotionally and intellectually) towards our end results, harnessing those desires through Holmes descriptive "spiritual mind treatment" (which many may find akin to visualization, affirmation, meditation, etc.). In order for the manifestation to take place in its most optimal form, Holmes notes that we need to constantly monitor our thoughts, emotions, and actions, to ensure that they are unified in purpose and intent; in other words, to ensure that they are all leading us to the same destination. In summary, if "it is done unto us as we believe," we need to make a habit of holding only those thoughts that we wish to experience and manifest in our lives, and in so doing, consciously create our own "new design" for living the life of our own unique d