New Developments in Economic Education

New Developments in Economic Education


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ISBN-13: 9781782549710
Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 05/14/2014
Pages: 272

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Edited by Franklin G. Mixon Jr., Professor of Economics and Director, Center for Economic Education, Columbus State University and Richard J. Cebula, Billy J. Walker/Wells Fargo Endowed Chair of Finance, Jacksonville University, US

Table of Contents

1. A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down: Why Good Content is Never Enough
Wayne Geerling and G. Dirk Mateer
2. A Classroom Federal Funds Market Experiment
Denise Hazlett
3. An Improved In-Class Bargaining Demonstration
Calvin Blackwell
4. Bo Knows Property Rights and Futures Markets:
Economics in Trading Places
Michael R. Hammock and Art Carden
5. Crony Capitalism in The Gilded Age by Twain and Dudley and its Relevance for Today
Michelle Albert Vachris
6. Including Short Stories in Economics Courses
Philip J. Ruder
7. Some Brief Syllabus Advice for the Young Economist
Emily Chamlee-Wright and Joshua C. Hall
8. Using Literature to Teach the Economics of the Soviet-Type and Centrally-Planned Economies
Zenon X. Zygmont
9. Not So Bleak House: Business and Entrepreneurship in Dickens
Sarah E. Skwire
10. Beyond the Can Opener: A Top Ten List of Economics Humor
Yoram Bauman
11. Can’t See the Tacking for the Trees? Try a Coasian Solution
Scott A Beaulier, Franklin G. Mixon, Jr. and Richard J. Cebula
12. Teaching the Economics of Income Tax Evasion
Richard J. Cebula and Maggie Foley
13. The Black Market and the Silver Screen: Economics in The Third Man
Michael R. Hammock and Art Carden
14. Assessing the Economic and Financial Knowledge of Adults
Kenneth C. Rebeck and William B. Walstad
15. Success in the Economics Major: Is it Path Dependent?
Carlos J. Asarta, Roger B. Butters and Andrew Perumal
16. Economic Literacy and Policy Perceptions during the Financial Crisis
Paul W. Grimes, Kevin E. Rogers and William D. Bosshardt
17. The Effects of Legalized Cheating in the Economics Classroom
Joel M. Potter and John L. Scott
18. Instructor Attractiveness and Institutional Choice in Economics: A Decomposition Approach
Trellis G. Green, Franklin G. Mixon, Jr. and Len J. Treviño
19. Do Clickers Enhance Student Performance in Economics?
Joel M. Potter and John L. Scott

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