New English EP

New English EP

by Ambulance LTD



Ambulance LTD's New English EP is a seven-song placeholder that serves the dual purpose of reminding listeners that they are a darn good band (as evidenced on their 2004 LP) and getting those same listeners excited for their next full-length. The EP is made up of four new songs, two demos, and a fun and reverential live version of Pink Floyd's "Fearless." The demos are of songs from LP and are both entertaining. "Heavy Lifting" strips away the group's layers of electric guitars and replaces them with acoustic guitars and an extra boost of passion; "Sugar Pill" is funkier and moodier than the finished version, perhaps even better. The new songs point the band in a very satisfying direction away from the shoegaze of LP and toward a more organic and sound. There aren't layers of guitars and effects to be found anywhere, just a couple of guitars working together, Marcus Congleton's intimate vocals, and the group's lovely vocal harmonies. Add to that some memorable songs like "New English," the easygoing "Country Gentleman," and the soft rock-channeling "Arbuckle's Swan Song" and there is no doubt that the band's next album could be something very special.

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Release Date: 03/14/2006
Label: Tvt
UPC: 0016581278127
catalogNumber: 2781

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