New Formalisms and Literary Theory

New Formalisms and Literary Theory

Paperback(1st ed. 2013)

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ISBN-13: 9781349436361
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan UK
Publication date: 01/01/2013
Edition description: 1st ed. 2013
Pages: 270
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

Harry Berger, Jr., University of California, Santa Cruz, USA
Scott Black, University of Utah, USA
Fredric V. Bogel, Cornell University, USA
Bartholomew Brinkman, Framingham State University, USA
Edward Brunner, Southern Illinois University, USA
Heather Dubrow, Fordham University, USA
Group Phi, association of scholars, USA
Nora Johnson, Swarthmore College, USA
Karin Kukkonen, St. John's College, Oxford University, UK
Corey McEleney, Fordham University, USA
Laura McGrane, Haverford College, USA
Steve Newman, Temple University, USA
Cynthia Nichols, North Dakota State University, USA
Kelcey Parker, Indiana University South Bend, USA
Kristen Poole, University of Delaware, USA
Katherine Rowe, Bryn Mawr, USA
Jaqueline Wernimont, Scripps College, USA
Julian Yates, University of Delaware, USA

Table of Contents

Foreword; Heather Dubrow Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors PART I: INTRODUCTION 1. New Formalism(s): A Prologue; Verena Theile PART II: THEORY 2. Toward a New Formalism: The Intrinsic and Related Problems in Criticism and Theory; Fredric V. Bogel 3. Doing Genre; Group Phi PART III: PRACTICE 4. Inventing an Ancestor: The Scholar-Poet and the Sonnet; Edward Brunner 5. From Close Reading to Cross-Reading: Sacco-Vanzetti Poetry and the Politics of New Formalism; Bartholomew Brinkman 6. Re-Reading for Forms in Sir Philip Sidney's Defence of Poesy ; Corey McEleney and Jacqueline Wernimont 7. Collecting Body Parts in Leonardo's Cave: Vasari's Lives and the Erotics of Obscene Connoisseurship; Harry Berger Jr 8. Form as a Pattern of Thinking: Cognitive Poetics and New Formalism; Karin Kukkonen PART IV: PEDAGOGY 9. Reading Like a Writer: A Creative Writer's Approach to New Formalism; Kelcey Parker 10. Punk Bodies, Jorie Graham, and the Draft Itself: Notes Toward a Lyric Formalism; Cynthia Nichols 10. 'One Another's Hermitage': New Formalist Pedagogy; Linda Tredennick Bibliography Index

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