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New Generation Design Codes for Geotechnical Engineering Practice: Taipei 2006 (with Cd-Rom): Proceedings of the International Symposium

New Generation Design Codes for Geotechnical Engineering Practice: Taipei 2006 (with Cd-Rom): Proceedings of the International Symposium


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Communication of design risk within a transparent and rational framework is necessary in view of the increasing interest in code harmonization, public involvement in defining acceptable risk levels, and risk-sharing among client, consultant, insurer, and financier. Activities in code harmonization are particularly noteworthy. For the geotechnical engineering profession, there is added pressure for it to undergo a significant revamp because structural and geotechnical design are increasingly incompatible. The contributions in this volume tackle the important issues relating to new generation geotechnical design codes, in a bid to move geotechnical engineers forward together with the significant changes occurring at the global level.

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ISBN-13: 9789812703828
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/28/2006
Edition description: BK&CD-ROM
Pages: 124
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Table of Contents

Preface     v
Organization     vii
Keynote Lectures     1
Limit states design based codes for geotechnical aspects of foundations in Canada   D. E. Becker     3
Risk assessment in rock engineering   H. H. Einstein     5
Some movements toward establishing comprehensive structural design codes based on performance-based specification concept in Japan   Y. Honjo     7
Development and implementation of Eurocode 7   T. L. L. Orr     9
Invited Lectures     11
New trend toward performance-based design in the construction industry   K. Horikoshi   Y. Honjo   A. Iizuka     13
Risk analysis of lining structure in large-diameter shield tunnel   H. W. Huang   Q. F. Hu   Y. Y. Yang     15
Energy approach to earthquake-induced slope failures for performance-based design   T. Kokusho     17
A preliminary study on load and resistance factors for foundation piles in Taiwan   H. D. Lin     19
Evaluating probability of seismic landslide based on the Chi Chi's events, Taiwan   M. L. Lin   C. J. Chung   M. H. Ho     21
Serviceability limit state reliability-based design   K. K. Phoon     23
Eurocode 7 for geotechnical design - basic principles and implementation in the European member states   B. Schuppener   R. Frank     27
Code Concept and Harmonization     29
The study and revision of the probabilistic seismic hazard map and dam safety code of Taiwan   C. T. Cheng   S. J. Chiou   C. T. Li   P. S. Lin   Y. B. Tsai     31
A simple reliability assessment of pile design: resolving some Hong Kong challenges   S. R Lo   K. S. Li   J. Lam     33
Geotechnical standards in Hong Kong   W. K. Pun   W. M. Cheung   L. S. Lui     35
Implementation of Eurocode 7-1 geotechnical design in Germany   N. Vogt   B. Schuppener     37
Introduction to international joint study of reliability-based design for port and harbor structure   G. Yoon   T. Nagao   W. Lu   K. Lee   H. Kim     39
Performance Oriented Geotechnical Analysis     41
Effect of lateral cyclic load on axial capacity of pile group in loose sand   S. Basak     43
Evaluation of design methods for large-diameter bored piles   Florence L. F. Chu   L. M. Zhang     45
Engineering problems for performance-based design of earth structures   Y. Honjo   M. Honda   K. Ogawa   Y. Wakatuki     47
Performance-oriented risk assessment and retrofitting strategy for electricity towers on slopes   C. H. Wang   M. H. Chang   C. F. Chang   D. C. Wu   K. P. Hsiung     49
Geotechnical Reliability Analysis     51
Equivalence between reliability and factor of safety   J. Y. Ching   T. R. Chen     53
Bearing capacity of open ended piles in port construction in Japan   Y. Kikuchi     55
Variance of soil parameters: some common misconceptions   K. S. Li   S. R. Lo     57
Reliability analysis of excavation-induced building damage   M. J. Schuster   C. H. Juang   E. C. L. Hsiao   M. J. S. Roth   G. T. C. Kung     59
Geohazards     61
The assessment and prediction of landslides and debris flows in Ta-Chia river after Taiwan Chi-Chi earthquake   C. T. Cheng   Y. L. Chang   S. J. Chiu   Y. S. Lin   C. Y. Ku   S. M. Shu   J. C. Chern   S. H. Yu   S. D. Yang   C. F. Wang   C. H. Chiao   L. T. Hwang     63
Predicting landslides probabilities along mountain road in Taiwan   J. Y. Ching   H. J. Liao     65
Optimal design of sand compaction pile based on liquefaction hazard analysis   J. H. Hwang   C. W. Yang   C. C. Lu     67
Verifications and physical interpretations of the discriminant model for evaluating liquefaction potential on SPT-N value   S. Y. Lai   M. J. Hsieh   W. J. Chang   P. S. Lin     69
Seismic performance-based design for canal embankment   Y. Otake   T. Hara   T. Horikawa   Y. Ito   T. Kato   M. Hosoyamada   Y. Kasai     71
Engineering Practice and Challenges     73
Observational design approaches for safe and economical deep basement construction in the urban environment   I. Askew   J. A. Frame   D. Sein     75
The performance of laterally loaded single pile in reclaimed land   C. S. Chen     77
Settlement calculation of large-area thick raft foundation under irregular high-rise buildings   J. F. Gong   X. L. Huang   D. H. Di     79
Geotechnical risk assessment and performance-based evaluation of a deep excavation in the Kaohsiung MRT system project   B. C. Hsiung   H. Y. Chuay     81
An essay on typification of verification methods used in the design procedure of geotechnical structures   S. Kobayashi   K. Aita   T. Fujiyama   M. Honda   T. Kaneko   A. Morikage   A. Murakami   M. Nabetani   M. Nozu     83
Geotechnical Uncertainties and Variabilities     85
Reducing performance uncertainties with monitoring data   J. Y. Ching   Y. H. Hsieh     87
Evaluation of spatial variability of weathered rock for pile design   S. M Dasaka   L. M. Zhang     89
Analysis of uncertainties in analytical pile design methods in South Africa   M. Dithinde   K. K. Phoon   M. de Wet   J. V. Retief     91
Probabilistic uncertainties in estimating the vertical bearing resistance of piles   M. Suzuki   M. Shirato   S. Nakatani   K. Matsui     95
Soil parameters used in the new design code of port facilities in Japan   Y. Watabe   M. Tanaka   Y. Kikuchi     97
Taiwan Special Project Series     99
Performance design of Taipei 101 foundation   D. S. Chen     101
Design and construction issues of deep foundations for the Taiwan high speed rail   S. W. Duann   J. R. Chen    T. C. Su   C. T. Chin     103
Experiences from Hsuehshan tunnel constructions   L. P. Shi   Y. S. Hsieh     105
Author index     107
List of past ISSMGE TC23 proceedings     109

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