New Health Age: The Future of Health Care in America

New Health Age: The Future of Health Care in America

by David Houle, Jonathan Fleece


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We live in a transformational time in the history of medicine and health care. The twenty-first century will be a time of dramatic change, incredible breakthroughs, and totally altered thinking about health, medicine, and health care delivery.

This book sets forth what health care and medicine will look like in the years ahead. It takes a look at history, the transformational changes going on today, the health of Americans, the nine dynamic flows that are shaping health care in the United States, and definitions and descriptions of the new institutions of the future landscape of health care and medicine. It is already being called THE book to intelligently shape and guide the discussion and reorganization of health care reform in America.

From leading futurist David Houle (recently named "Speaker of the Year" by Vistage International) and leading healthcare attorney Jonathan Fleece, comes this surprising, innovative look at the future of healthcare--and how we can lead the successful reorganization of healthcare in America.

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ISBN-13: 9781402273933
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 12/01/2011
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

David Houle is a futurist, strategist and keynote speaker. Houle is consistently ranked as one of the top futurists and futurist keynote speakers on the major search engines. Houle won a Speaker of the Year award from Vistage International, the leading organization of CEOs in the world. He is often called the "CEOs' futurist" having spoken to or advised 2,000+ CEOs and business owners in the past four years.

Jonathan Fleece is a leading healthcare attorney in the U.S., who specializes in advising clients on how to take advantage of healthcare reform.

What People are Saying About This

Ron Zwanziger

Read The New Health Age to gain an understanding of the future of health care in America. A future driven by prevention, data, and home-based health. (Ron Zwanziger, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President, Alere, Inc.)

H. William Montoya

In a world that is forever changing, we need futurists and pioneers to help us dream and get us to our desired destination. I believe David (Futurist) and Jonathan (Pioneer) have given us the map with this book to begin solving our health care crisis in America! (H. William Montoya, Principal Owner & Founder, Montoya and Associates)

Christopher Cooper

This book will become the next 'field guide' for all those involved in health care. Every American stakeholder will benefit from the clear, concise manner in which this book was written. Early adapters will reap the benefit, both in better patient outcomes and in financial gains, while late adapters will go the way of the dinosaur. (Christopher Cooper, D.O., Founding Partner of Cooper Family Medical, Chief of Staff, Lakewood Ranch Medical Center)

J. Michael Brewer

This book represents the best compilation of emerging health care strategies I have seen. It provides a soup-to-nuts description of our historical and future health care delivery models and, more importantly, hope for a system in need of new directions. (J. Michael Brewer, President, Lockton Benefit Group, Lockton Companies, LLC)

Thomas (Tim) Greaney

Dealing effectively with the revolutionary change occurring in health care requires some sense of what may be on the horizon. The New Health Age is a bold attempt to envision the future of health care treatments, delivery, and financing that should be of great value to lawyers, administrators, policymakers, and the public. (Thomas (Tim) Greaney, Chester A. Myers Professor, Director, Center for Health Law Studies, Saint Louis University School of Law)

Judith A. Sedgeman

The New Health Age leads the reader out of the muddle of tumultuous, emotional arguments that have characterized the debate about health care changes in the United States into a reasoned, clear discussion of the critical issues that will inform rational health care in the twenty-first century. This book will transform the public dialogue and restore our confidence that we will have an affordable, universal, healthy health care system in the near future. It is a must-read for everyone who cares about their own health and the health of the nation! (Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD, Director, Institute for Public Policy and Leadership, University of South Florida-Sarasota-Manatee)

Diane Holder

Employee wellness and effective health plan benefit design is what will separate the 'winners from the losers' in corporate America going forward. Read this book and every American business can learn how to fall on the winning side of this race. (Diane Holder, Executive Vice President at UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences), President of the UPMC Insurance Services Division, and President and CEO of UPMC Health Plan)

William M. Goodyear

The New Health Age provides a window for America's health care leaders to peer into the future and identify new ways to create high performing health care organizations through high impact, individualized health care products and services. (William M. Goodyear, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Navigant)

Arthur Valadie

The New Health Age is a fascinating overview of how our health care system got where it is and why dramatic change is inevitable. This book is a must-read guide as to why we are undergoing massive changes in our delivery system and what those changes will look like. (Arthur Valadie, M.D., President, Coastal Orthopedics)

Ann Kulze

The time is now and America is ready. This book lays out an inspirational plan for transforming our collective health that is sure to propel us on an irresistible path of new wealth, prosperity, and happiness. (Ann Kulze, M.D., Author, Eat Right for Life)

Daniel S. Lamar

A must-read for physicians as we enter the New Health Age. By providing valuable insight into the future of American health care, it gives doctors the necessary tools to make career-altering decisions. (Daniel S. Lamar, M.D., a team physician for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Richard Noyes

Futurist David Houle's latest publishing success, The New Health Age, is a reflective, well-researched work that examines the future of health care in America from a historical perspective. David and his co-author Jonathan Fleece are persuasively hopeful, charting a clear path to success. After reading this influential book, send it to your congressman! (Richard Noyes, former Associate Director of the Center for Advanced Engineering Study, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Gerry Radford

End-of-life health care is an increasingly important part of health care reform. The New Health Age is a must-read for health care providers, institutions, and families who want to understand this critical issue as well as the positive changes that are ahead. (Gerry Radford, Chief Executive Officer, Tidewell Hospice)

Mehmet Oz

The New Health Age offers a succinct primer on how we got here and where we should be taking the health of our nation. (Mehmet Oz, M.D., Host, The Dr. Oz Show)

Mark Hyman

David and Jonathan chart out in this book one of the most important and hopeful national health and policy agendas for the twenty-first century-'The Race to a Healthy America.' Every patriotic American should read this book and join us in the Race! Our future good health and prosperity depend on it. (Mark Hyman, M.D., Chairman, The Institute for Functional Medicine, Founder & Medical Director, The UltraWellness Center)

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