New Humanitarians: Inspiration, Innovations, and Blueprints for Visionaries

New Humanitarians: Inspiration, Innovations, and Blueprints for Visionaries

by Chris E. Stout
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New Humanitarians: Inspiration, Innovations, and Blueprints for Visionaries by Chris E. Stout

From Braille Without Borders and Unite for Sight, to Geekcorps and PeaceWorks, humanitarian groups are working worldwide largely in undeveloped countries to better the lives of the residents. Whether they are empowering people with schools for the blind, prosthetic limbs, the devices to understand and use technology, or the information to work for civil peace, the men and women of these agencies offer tremendous talent to their causes, great dedication and, sometimes, even risk their lives to complete their missions. Working in war or civil war zones, humanitarians with nonprofits, non-governmental agencies, and university-connected centers and foundations have been injured, kidnapped, or killed. Now terrorist events and war crimes are more and more often bringing these self-sacrificing workers into the national spotlight by media headlines. Their work is, doubtless, remarkable. And so too are the stories of how they developed - including the defining moments when their founders felt they could no longer stand by and do nothing. In this set of books, founders and top officials from humanitarian organizations established in the last 50 years spotlight how and why they began their organizations, what their greatest victories and challenges have been, and how they run the organizations, down to where they get their funding and how they spend it to grow the group and its efforts. Led by Chris E. Stout, named Humanitarian of the Year by the American Psychological Association, the contributors here come from across training disciplines including psychology, medicine, technology, science, politics, social work, and business.

Stout, who has worked in Latin American terrorist zones, in Vietnam, and along the Amazon in Ecuador with Flying Doctors of America, has chosen to feature a sample of humanitarian groups across four primary areas - medicine, environment, education, and social justice. He also concentrates on what he calls guerilla humanitarians - those who step into unsafe or unhealthy conditions despite the dangers. There is also a concentration on those that have been very successful with on-the-ground-guerilla-innovations without a lot of bureaucracy or baloney. Above all, They are rebels with a cause whose actions speak louder than mere words, Stout explains. They have all felt a moral duty to serve as vectors of change. In addition to being psychologically insightful, these volumes hold invaluable practical information.

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ISBN-13: 9780275997694
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 11/30/2008
Series: Social and Psychological Issues: Challenges and Solutions Series
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About the Author

CHRIS E. STOUT, PsyD is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Founding Director of the Center for Global Initiatives. He is also Clinical Professor in the College of Medicine at the University of Illinois, Chicago. He also holds an academic appointment in the Northwestern University Feinberg Medical School, and was a Visiting Professor at Rush University. He served as Non-Governmental Organization Special Representative to the United Nations, and was appointed to the World Economic Forum's Global Leaders of Tomorrow 2000, and was an Invited Faculty at the Annual Meeting in Davos. He was also invited by the Club de Madrid and Safe-Democracy to serve on the Madrid-11 Countering Terrorism Task Force. Stout is a Fellow of three divisions of the American Psychological Association and, in 2004, was the winner of the APA International Humanitarian Award. He was honored in 2006 as recipient of the Illinois Psychological Asociation's Humanitarian Award.

Table of Contents

Volume 1 Changing Global Health Inequities



From an Idea to Action: Medicines Sans Frontiers

Unite for Sight

Achieving Social Goals through Business Discipline: Scojo Foundation

Sustainable Sciences Institute: Developing Scientific Capacity to Address Public Health Needs Worldwide

Institute for One World Health: Seeking a Cure for Inequity in Access to Medicines

Sustainable Transformation of Communities: The Jamkhed Experience "We Have Done It Ourselves!"

International Center for Equal Healthcare Access: Defeating the developing world's dependence on perpetual western charity in the field of healthcare

Flying Doctors of America

Caring for Torture Survivors: The Marjorie Kovler Center

Learning from Global Catastrophes: A Program of Services Research with Families Impacted by War and Forced Migration

International Trauma Studies Program

Center for Health Intervention and Prevention


Center for Global Initiatives: Science + Service + Education + Policy + Activism


:Series Afterword


Volume II: Changing Education and Relief



Braille Without Borders: Do You Need Vision to be a Visionary?

Room to Read: The Democratization of Literacy

Global Village Engineers

Common Bond Institute: Vision and Journey

The Social Work Education in Ethiopia Partnership

Center for Urban Pedagogy

Endeavor: High Impact Entrepreneurs, High Impact Change

ACCION International

Invisible Conflicts: Engage, Educate, Exchange, and Empower

Building Educated Leaders for Life

Hybrid Vigor Institute: Relevant Knowledge,Innovation Solutions and Better Decisions through Collaboration

Our Voices Together



:Series Afterword


Volume III Changing Sustainable Development and Social Justice




From Violence to Agreement: The Community Relations Council in Northern Ireland

Amnesty International

The PeaceWorks Foundation: Building Consensus & Mobilizing the Grassroots in Israel and Palestine

Nonviolent Peaceforce: A Realistic Choice for the Future

Peaceful Bodyguards - Nonviolent Action in War Zones for the Protection of Human Rights: Lessons from 27 Years with Peace Brigades International

Transforming People. Transforming Policy

Southern Poverty Law Center

Human Rights Campaign

Global Security Institute

Search for Common Ground

The Project on Justice in Times of Transition

Exodus World Service

International Institute for Sustainable Development


:Series Afterword


What People are Saying About This

Matthew Cadbury

"The New Humanitarians covers an eclectic list of organizations; each chapter is different, well written, interesting and a great inspiration."

Matthew Cadbury, MS, MBA, Currently Managing Director of Bottle-to-go and former Managing Director of Cadbury Schweppes Plc in India.

Leigh W. Jerome

"The intractable problems of our global community require blended solutions with complementary actions, whereby individuals and organizations fully embrace sustainable development, social entrepreneurship, and cross-cutting, interdisciplinary collaboration. Stout's The New Humanitarians describes innovative and actionable approaches to building a better world as envisioned and implemented by 40 progressive organizations. The stories are diverse but all share a vision of creativity and passion for finding new ways to approach old problems and create opportunities that alleviate suffering, cultivate human dignity, and effect positive social change."

Leigh W. Jerome, Ph.D., President & CEO, The Institute for Triple Helix Innovation

David Bornstein

"Stout's stories of social innovators in The New Humanitarians are inspiring and instructive--helpful to anyone who wants to participate in building a better world."

David Bornstein, Author, How to Change The World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas, and The Price of a Dream, and has written for The Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times, New York Newsday, and other major publications.

Raymond D. Fowler

"Chris Stout is one of those rare idealists who puts his values into practice. During my years as chief executive officer of the American Psychological Association, I had many occasions to talk with Chris about his humanitarian activities, and I have always come away astonished at the energy and commitment he has devoted to the causes he believes in. The three volumes of The New Humanitarians demonstrate that there are other social entrepreneurs who, like Chris, are making a difference in the world."

Raymond D. Fowler, Ph.D., Former President and former CEO of the American Psychological Association, Professor Emeritus, University of Alabama

Harvey Langholtz

"Chris Stout has given us a glimpse into the genius, motivation, toil, frustration, and success of founding-and sustaining-humanitarian organizations in today's complex world. From the best-known to the unknown, and from the practical to the political, Chris Stout goes to the source to learn how and why 40 of these organizations were formed, how war, disease, poverty, or simply neglect created the desperate needs they fill, how these organizations serve their constituents in locations that are almost always remote and dangerous, what works, and what doesn't. These are 40 different and separate organizations, each with a founder and leader with a different vision and managerial style, but they are all driven by one goal, and that is to serve disadvantaged populations with whom they have nothing in common but their humanity."

Harvey Langholtz, Professor, The College of William and Mary

Pat DeLeon

"All of us aspire to someday make a real difference in the world. Yet, caught up in our own day-to-day personal crises and seemingly pressing obligations, very few of us ever fulfill this important human dream. Chris Stout is a world class humanitarian who has taken the time to vividly explore the inside world of those who have succeeded. Perhaps with this new appreciation for how to succeed, more of us will eventually fulfill our own personal quest to make the world just a little bit better."

Pat DeLeon, Ph.D., M.P.H., JD, Past President of the American Psychological Association

J. Harold Ellens

"Chris E. Stout is a humanitarian's humanitarian and his fingerprints are all over the projects everywhere in the world that have to do with the relief of human misery and the enhancement of human health and dignity. This new work by Professor Stout epitomizes and is a remarkable capstone to a sturdy spate of weighty works that he has published over the last decade, related to the psychology of terrorism and international conflict."

J. Harold Ellens, PhD, Research Scholar, University of Michigan

David Bornstein Author

"Stout's stories of social innovators in The New Humanitarians are inspiring and instructive--helpful to anyone who wants to participate in building a better world."

David Bornstein Author, How to Change The World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas, and The Price of a Dream, and has written for The Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times, New York Newsday, and other major publications.

Mats Lederhausen

"Einstein taught us all that today's problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. The convergence of a more socially conscious business community on one hand and a more entrepreneurially driven philanthropic community on the other is perhaps the greatest source of inspiration as we chart the course ahead in these interesting but yet challenging times. I have followed Dr Stout's work for several years and his passion and knowledge of the new humanitarians is as inspiring as it is important. His book is an important guide for anyone that wants to understand the emerging rules of a more humane version of entrepreneurship."

Mats Lederhausen, Founder of BE-CAUSE, one of Crain's Chicago Business' 40 under 40, Chairman of the board for the not-for-profit Business for Social Responsibility

Corann Okorodudu

"This three-volume work is a significant contribution to the commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Chris Stout and these humanitarians have dedicated themselves to global social responsibility to make a difference that counts in medical care, education, sustainable development, and social justice. Their visionary, innovative and diligent work in these various areas is educational and truly inspirational."

Corann Okorodudu, EdD, Professor of Psychology, Coordinator for Africana Studies, Rowan University

Fields Wicker-Miurin

"We learn by our own experiences and by living the experiences of others through stories. We are human because of our connectedness with other humans. What Chris has done in The New Humanitarians is to capture and share in a compelling way the inspirational stories of people who are making a real difference to others; people who are leading beyond self-interest. Just think if we all did that…"

Fields Wicker-Miurin, OBE, Co-Founder and Partner, Leaders' Quest

Wilford Welch

"Poverty takes many forms, from lack of health care and the most basic education, to vulnerability to the abuse of others. Where governments and multilateral agencies are falling short, concerned individuals have been racing forward with creative solutions like white blood cells addressing infections. This is one of the most powerful movements at work in the world today and Chris Stout is shining a bright light on their critically important work."

Wilford Welch, Author, The Tactics of Hope: How Social Entrepreneurs Are Changing Our World

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