New Jump Swing Healthy Aging & Athletic Nutrition Program

New Jump Swing Healthy Aging & Athletic Nutrition Program

by Donald Spiderman Thomas
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ISBN-13: 9781462884261
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 06/22/2011
Pages: 218
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

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New Jump Swing Healthy Aging & Athletic Nutrition Program 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Emily2015 More than 1 year ago
While not a short (over 200 pages) book or easy read, this book is packed full of great information for anyone who is interested in knowing more about how to combine the martial arts with a super healthy lifestyle. The writer tell it like it is and speaks from years of his own experiences while debunking some of the myths we have all come to believe to be true. Anyone who applies the information in this book is sure to become healthy and expect to live a long and vitality filled life
D_Donovan More than 1 year ago
New Jump Swing Healthy Aging and Athletic Nutrition Program is a lot of words for a fitness title: enough to warn readers expecting the usual diet approach that, perhaps, this is something different. Add the mention under the author's name that Thomas is a three-times Guinness World Record holder and you have yet another indicator that this won't be a quick, easy read, and is not a recommendation for fitness readers who want a 'miracle program' promising fast results with minimal effort. Instead it's an unusual dual focus on the author's customized martial arts routines combined with a vegetarian nutrition regimen; so be forewarned: those not already interested in getting involved in such a program should look elsewhere … but then, those who aren't interested in real change involving increased vitality and healthy routines shouldn't be looking in this direction, in general. The Guinness World Records mentioned are in public speaking, and this talent is reflected in discussions that blend a history of nutritional approaches with a specific health and fitness program pairing the approach of Bruce Lee with some thirty years of research by the author, who delves into sports nutrition and common aging challenges alike. Thomas (61 yrs old) has been the celebrity chairperson for the American Heart Associations Jump Rope for Heart campaign Hawaii chapter for over 21 years. He has taught and continues to teach his fitness and nutrition program to over 60% of the Hawaii school system including colleges and universities along with most of Hawaii's fitness clubs. There's a lot of jumping around (so to speak) in this book's topics: readers who want a narrower focus will find the approach broad and demanding. Chapters are packed with wide-ranging discussions, from the dangers of bread and caffeine in energy drinks to selected common barriers to health during the aging process and how to use nutrition and fitness to overcome them. As a Social Security Disability advocate, Thomas knows from first hand experience the end results of not maintaining ones health and fitness. That's a lot to pack in to some 200 pages - and a lot to digest. It's evident that this program and approach is not for casual readers who would only lightly pursue a course of fitness and nutrition, but for the reader already committed to a blend of vegetarian nutrition, martial arts-enhanced exercise, and change. Challenging and demanding? You bet. Passionate and well-detailed? Absolutely. Nobody ever said fitness would be an easy pursuit.  Donald "Spiderman" Thomas's specifics are a satisfying alternative to the plethora of 'pop health' books on the market, and are recommended for those already on a similar course (i.e. a vegetarian perspective and attention to personal and planetary health alike) who want more details on how to achieve better, lasting health as the body ages.
bluejellybean More than 1 year ago
As a health and fitness book, Thomas uses his own experiences, views and knowledge on the subject. He uses a straight to the point means of demonstrating to the reader the benefits of a natural diet and exercise. He points out the benefits of natural supplements and ones to avoid. Through his personal point of view, the reader can choose ideas that can be incorporated into his or her own lifestyle, whether one is a recreational athlete, a professional or merely interested in improving his or her health. Because the topic of health and fitness must be catered individually, it is helpful that a number of choices are outlined. As a vegan, I was attracted in particular to his meatless approach. He tends to practice what he preaches, which lends credibility to his writing. I am an avid health nut who exercises daily and understand the importance of making it a lifestyle choice, and his information is clear and easy to understand. As someone who has been through injury, as well as his years of research, Thomas' claims appear true to form. This is a highly informative book that could be beneficial for everyone including those studying health and wellness to anyone wishing to improve his or her lifestyle.
Steve89 More than 1 year ago
I have ran more than 500 races in the past 30 years ranging from 3 to 26 miles. Through those years Donald in Hawaii, sometimes at 11 PM (our time) has advised me on how to improve my stamina and time. I was successful and sometimes had record finishes. I have moved on to cycling 30 to 100 miles in a day and still use his information.
SC41 More than 1 year ago
Congratulations Donald for pubishing a helpful book on health and fitness. You gave advice for many years on my Marathon and half Marathon years. Now that I'm doing Centuries, I have your book on hand for reference, I will not call as much. I had recommended family and friends to purchase your book. Thank you Steve Cain
BlindJustice07 More than 1 year ago
As Donald's first cousin, I would be the first to say that I may have some bias, but as it relates to this book of knowledge regarding the overall aspects of obtaining and maintaining a healthy life, especially in the African American community, I will be very frank and earnest. (I'm Frank in N.Y. and Earnest in SC). That being said, as a (non athletic, 9-11 World Trade Center victim, severe COPD, 59 year old, former 40 year smoker, disease stricken black male); I will truly give for what I see as the true value of this book. To be honest, at the beginning of my reading I thought this book was clearly written for athletes and athletic academics. The material can initially be a very intimidating read but as you start to settle in and focus on Donald's breakdown and layout of the causes and effects of foods, vitamins, and exercise on the human body, the material becomes interesting, educational, and yes fun. It does appear that modern day apps, Ipods, Ipads, and blackberry lifestyles do not provide an atmosphere that helps to develop a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, the lack of healthy eating and exercise performed by children and the modern day adult is greatly reduced. I will tell you that after reading the New Jump Swing Healthy Aging & Athletic Nutrition Program Book, I had a one on one interview with Donald regarding the material. With that said, I do honestly believe the fact that African-Americans and other minorities have some of the highest rates of nutrition and lifestyle related illnesses is the primary motivating factor that for years, has inspired Donald to create and present his Healthy Aging/Athletic Nutrition Program so that people of all ages and backgrounds can improve their knowledge, as well as health performance. The book is also an important health resource tool that people can use to assist themselves in reducing the pain and suffering that may come down the pike as one travels through their life's journey. Here's the bottom line; Some things in life are unavoidable and nothing in life but death is guaranteed but this book gives you the best shot at keeping death alive a lot longer. By: Roland W. Thomas
Anonymous More than 1 year ago