New Life

New Life

by Dale L. Brand

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ISBN-13: 9781257347797
Publication date: 07/05/2011
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 2 MB

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Stream followed Leafpetal deep in thought. They soon reached the camp. It was a deep stone hollow. Few cats were in it. "Welcome to FeatherClan." Leafpetal announced drily. "There arent many cats." They ran down. Leafpetal dissapeared in a deep crack in the wall. She soon reappeared with a pretty grey she cat. The she cats eyes were kind. "So your Stream. Im Featherstar" She meowed. Stream nodded. "How old are you?" Featherstar asked. "About 5¿ moons." He answered. Featherstar nodded. "Okay. I will allow you to join the Clan. We need cats despretly. And you have no kittypet blood in you. I will ask our queen Swirlstep to care for you. She has a kit named Brownkit about your age." She explained. Then went off to a different crack. Leafpetal went off a different way. Stream followed Featherstar. Inside the crack was a roomy den. In a corner was a brown she cat with white swirld of fur. A all brown kit was sleeping nearby. "Swirlstep may i ask you to care for this kit? His name is Streamkit. He is about Brownkits age." Featherstar asked. Swirlstep nodded. Streamkit padded over. Wordlessly he curled up. Featherstar chatted with Swirlstep. Soon Streamkit nodded off. A yowl woke him later. Swirlstep woke to and Brownkit. "Brownkit this is Streamkit. He is your age." Swirlstep meowed. Brownkit nodded. He followed his mother out with Streamkit trailing after him. Featherstar was ontop of a log. Moss grew up the sides of it. A few cat were gathered around it. "Today we invite a kit to join our ranks." Feathertar announced "Streamkit will be joining us. And he is going to begin his appreticeship along with Brownkit! Come foreward." Featherstar commanded. The kits did. "Brownkit from now on you are Brownpaw. You mentor is Sharpfang. Sharpfanf i trust you to pass down your skill in fighting to young Brownpaw." A dark brown tom came foreward. He dipped his head to Featherstar. Then touched his nose to Brownpaws. Featherstar turned to Streamkit. "Streamkit until you have earned a warrior name you will be known as Streampaw. Leapwing i trust you to pass down your wisdom and skill to Streampaw." A older looking grey she cat came up. She had long legs. She touchedher nose to Streampaws. He looked up and saw a glimmer of kindness. (Go to my clan result one.)