New New Media

New New Media

by Paul Levinson
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New New Media

YouTube, blogging, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, Second Life and other “new new media” are transforming just about every aspect of our culture from the way we elect Presidents to how we watch television. New New Media details the benefits, opportunities, and dangers of these transformations.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780205673308
Publisher: Pearson
Publication date: 09/18/2009
Series: Alternative eText Formats Series
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments xiii

Chapter 1 Why "New New" Media? 1

New New Media Encompass Prior New Media Principles 3

Why "New New" Rather Than Social Media, Screen Arts, or Web 2.0 or 3.0? 4

Categories of New New Media 5

Speed in New New Media Evolution Not Only in Software but Hardware 8

The Prime Methodology: Learning by Doing 8

The Order and Content of the Chapters 11

Chapter 2 Blogging 17

A Thumbnail History of Electronic Writing 18

Blogging About Anything, Forever 19

Comment Moderation 20

Commenting on the Blogs of Others 21

Comments as Correctors 22

MySpace Message from Stringer Bell of "The Wire" 23

Changing the Words in Your Blog After Publication 25

Long-Range Blogging and Linking 26

Group Blogging 27

Monetizing Your Blog 28

Is Monetization Incompatible with the Ideals of Blogging? 33

Dressing Up Your Blog with Images, Videos and Widgets 35

Gauging the Readership of Your Blog 36

Different Blogging Platforms 37

Are Bloggers Entitled to the Same First Amendment Protection as Old-Media Journalists? 38

Bloggers and Lobbyists 40

Anonymity in Blogging 42

Blogging for Others 43

Changing the World with Your Blog 46

A Town Supervisor and His Blog 47

"Bloggers in Pajamas" 48

The Blogosphere Is Not Monolithic and Not All-Powerful 50

Further Tensions Between New New Media and Older Forms 52

The Need for Old-Media Reporting in an Age of New New Media Journalism 54

Old Media and New New Media Symbiosis: Easter Eggs for "Lost" and "Fringe" 56

Chapter 3 Youtube 58

"Obama Girl" 58

YouTube Presidential Primary Debates 60

Telegenic + YouTube = Cybergenic 62

YouTube Undeniability and Democracy 64

YouTube UsurpsTelevision as a Herald of Public Events 65

YouTube Is Not Only Omni-Accessible and Free to Viewers-It's Free to Producers 66

Obama as the New FDR in New New Media as Well as the New New Deal 67

Amateur YouTube Stars and Producers 68

Viral Videos 70

Viral Videos Gone Bad 71

The YouTube Revolution in Popular Culture 72

Roy Orbison's Guitar 73

"My Guitar Gently Weeps" Through the Ages 73

YouTube Retrieves MTV 74

Will YouTube Put iTunes Out of Business? 75

YouTube Refutes Lewis Mumford and Turns the Videoclip into a Transcript 76

Tim Russert, 1950-2008 77

YouTube's Achilles' Heel: Copyright 77

Comments as Verifiers on YouTube: The Fleetwoods 80

The Pope's Channel 81

YouTube as International Information Liberator 82

Chapter 4 Wikipedia 84

Pickles and Pericles 85

Inclusionists vs. Exclusionists: Battle Between Wikipedian Heroes 86

Neutrality of Editors and Conflicts of Interest 88

Identity Problems 89

All Wikipedians Are Equal, but Some Are More Equal Than Others 90

Transparency on Wikipedia Pages 92

Wikipedia vs. Britannica 93

Old vs. New New Media in Reporting the Death of Tim Russert 93

Wikipedia Wrongly Reports the "Deaths" of Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd 94

Encyclopedia or Newspaper? 95

Does Wikipedia Make Libraries Unnecessary? 96

The United Kingdom vs. Wikipedia 98

Chapter 5 Digg 100

Shouting, Paying for Diggs (and Buries) 101

"Friends" in New New Media 102

Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama on Digg 104

Ron Paul and the Older Media 107

Reddit, Fark, Buzzflash and Digg Alternatives 108

Chapter 6 MySpace 110

The Irresistible Appeal of "Friends" 110

"Cyberbullying" on MySpace 112

New New Media Provide Medicine for Cyberbullying 113

MySpace as One-Stop Social Media Cafeteria 114

MySpace Music and New New Media 114

MySpace Poetry 117

MySpace "Bones": Cooperation Between Old Media Narratives and New New Media 118

Chapter 7 Facebook 120

MySpace vs. Facebook: Subjective Differences 120

MySpace vs. Facebook: Objective Differences 122

Facebook Friends as a Knowledge-Base Resources 122

Facebook Friends as Real-Time Knowledge Resources 123

Facebook Groups as Social and Political Forces 125

Facebook as Myriad Local Political Pubs 126

Meeting Online Friends in the Real World 128

Reconnecting with Old Friends Online 129

Protection for the "Hidden Dimension": Cleaning Up Your Online Pages 130

Photos of Breastfeeding Banned on Facebook 131

Chapter 8 Twitter 133

The Epitome of Immediacy 134

Interpersonal + Mass Communication = Twitter 135

Twitter as Smart T-Shirt or Jewelry 136

Pownce and Other Twitter-Likes 138

Twitter Dangers: The Congressman Who Tweeted Too Much 138

Twitter vs. the Mullahs in Iran 139

McLuhan as Microblogger 141

Chapter 9 Second Life 143

History and Workings of Second Life 145

Second Life and Real-Life Interface 146

A Seminar in Second Life 146

Kenny Hubble, Second Life Astronomer 148

Sex in Second Life 149

"Lost" in Second Life 151

Chapter 10 Podcasting 153

How Is a Podcast Made? 154

Blueprint for a Podcast 154

Podcast Storage and Distribution: Players, iTunes and RSS Feeds 156

Case Study of Podcast Success: Grammar Girl 157

Podcasts on Phones and in Cars 158

Podiobooks 159

Podcasts and Copyright: Podsafe Music 159

Advertising on Podcasts 161

Live Streaming 164

Webinars and Vidcasts 166

Chapter 11 The Dark Side of New New Media 168

Pre-New New Media Abuses: Bullying, Flaming, and Trolling 169

Online Gossiping and Cyberbullying 171

Cyberstalking 173

Twittering and Terrorism 174

The Craigslist Bank Heist 175

Spam 176

Old Media Overreaction to New New Abuses: The Library vs. the Blogger 177

Chapter 12 New New Media and The Election of 2008 180

Obama "Married the Internet to Community Organizing" 181

New New Media VP Announcement Misstep 181

Inauguration and After on the Internet 182

The President and the BlackBerry 183

White House Moves from Web 2.0 "Dark Ages" to New New Media 185

Chapter 13 Hardware 186

The Inevitability of iPhone and Mobile Media 187

The Price of Mobility 188

The New New Media Exile of Useless Places 189

Smartphones in the Car, in the Park, and in Bed 189

Batteries as the Weak Spot 190

iPhones, BlackBerrys, Bluetooth and Brains 191

Bibliography 192

Index 217

About the Author 226

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