New Perspectives in British Cultural History

New Perspectives in British Cultural History




This book is composed of a selection of papers presented at a conference in Cambridge in December 2005. Cultural history is a relatively new sub-discipline. Over the past few decades, it has become increasingly apparent that a new generation of historians has emerged. These scholars have become concerned with research, sources and questions traditionally beyond the scope of the discipline of history. Indeed, recent monographs in history have demonstrated a growing awareness of the cultural imagination in analyses of patterns of change and continuity in the past. Such a movement has also encouraged the development of new networks between different disciplines in the Arts and Social Sciences. The authors of these chapters come from a wide range of academic backgrounds. While all are concerned with crucial issues of the past, they represent a substantial variety of disciplines. In addition to the historians are those trained and working in literary studies, art history, design, music and science. As early-career scholars, the research they present is cutting edge: these contributions represent the very latest trends in cultural studies and demonstrate the attempts of new researchers to answer the most current and challenging questions that are being proposed in this field.

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ISBN-13: 9781847181558
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Publication date: 04/01/2007
Pages: 290
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Rosalind Crone: Rosalind Crone is a post-doctoral research fellow in literature at The Open University and is currently working on an AHRC-funded project, The Reading Experience Database (1450-1945). She recently completed a doctoral thesis at St John's College, Cambridge, on representations of violence in popular entertainments in nineteenth-century London and has published some of this research in The Historical Journal. David Gange: David Gange is completing a doctoral thesis entitled Ancient Egyptian Discovery and the British Popular Imagination, 1860-1922 at Trinity College, Cambridge. In September 2007, he will begin a fellowship in Victorian Studies with the Cambridge Victorian Studies Group. He has published a number of articles based on his research in The Historical Journal and Current Research in Egyptology. Katy Jones: Having completed a PhD in History at the University of Cambridge, Katy Jones is now a Research Associate at the University of Liverpool. In January 2006 she began an ESRC-funded research project examining the cultural, social and architectural history of parks and public spaces. In addition to her research, she is a visiting tutor at Goldsmiths College and City University, London. Forthcoming publications include: Places of Health and Amusement (English Heritage) and The Synthesis of Town and Trade: Visualising Provincial Urban Identity 1800-1851, Urban History.

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