New Perspectives on Late Antiquity

New Perspectives on Late Antiquity

by David Hernandez de la Fuente (Editor)



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New Perspectives on Late Antiquity by David Hernandez de la Fuente

Perhaps it is fully justified to think of Late Antiquity (3rd-7th centuries) as the first Renaissance of the Classical World. This period can be considered a fundamental landmark for the transmission of the Classical Legacy and the transition between the ancient and the medieval individual. During Late Antiquity the Classical Education or enkyklios paideia of Hellenism was linked definitively to the Judeo-Christian and Germanic elements that have modelled the Western World.

The present volume combines diverse interests and methodologies with a single purpose-unity and diversity, as a Neo-Platonic motto-providing an overall picture of the new means of researching Late Antiquity. This collective endeavour, stemming from the 2009 1st International Congress on Late Antiquity in Segovia (Spain), focuses not only on the analysis of new materials and latest findings, but rather puts together different perspectives offering a scientific update and a dialogue between several disciplines.

New Perspectives on Late Antiquity contains two main sections-1. Ancient History and Archaeology, and 2. Philosophy arid Classical Studies-including both overview papers and case studies. Among the contributors to this volume are some of the most relevant scholars in their fields, including P. Brown, J. Alvar, P. Barceló, C. Codoñer, F. Fronterotta, D. Gigli, F. Lisi and R. Sanz.

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ISBN-13: 9781443827188
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Publication date: 03/01/2011
Pages: 520
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About the Author

David Hernandez de la Fuente is Associate Professor of Classical Studies at Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, Spain. He has been Visiting Scholar at Columbia University, Invited Researcher at CNRS (Paris), Universite Paris-X Nanterre and Akademie der Wissenschaften (Berlin) and Humboldt Fellow at Universitat Potsdam. His main research areas are Late Antique Greek Epic (Nonnus), Greek Religion (Oracles) and History of Platonism (Laws). Some of his recent publications include Nono de Panopolis. Dionisiaca (3 vol. 2001-2008), Bakkhos Anax. Un estudio sobre Nono de Panopolis (2008), Oraculos Griegos (2008) and Mythische Vorbilder des sakralen Gesetzgebers bei Platon (Nomoi I-IV), in Zeitschrift fur Religions- und Geistesgeschichte 62.2 (2010) 105-125.

Table of Contents

Preface: New Perspectives on Late Antiquity David Hernández de la Fuente 1

Key Note Paper: The Field of Late Antiquity Peter Brown 6

Part I Ancient History and Archaeology

Overview Papers

The Deconstruction of the Emperor in the IVth Century Pedro Barceló 23

Paganism and Christianism during the 4th Century: Crossed Influences Jaime Alvar 40

The Seclusion of the Orator and the Decline of Hellenistic Paideia in the Christian Empire Rosa Sanz Serrano 56

Oriental Trade in the Iberian Peninsula during Late Antiquity (4th-7th Centuries AD): An archaeological perspective Enrique García Vargas 76

Case Studies

New Findings of Late Antiquity in a Town of the Vascones Area Los Bañales de Uncastillo Jaokvier Andreu María J. Peréx Juan José Bienes 119

Anti-Germanism in Constantinople or the Revolt of Gainas? Eike Faber 124

The Possibilities for Financial Gain in Lusitania during Late Antiquity Marta González Herrero 136

Coins and Power in Rome: Political Ideology in the 41th Century Cláudio U. Carlan 150

Sidonius Apollinaris and the Fourth Punic War David Álvarez Jiménez 158

From villae to villulae: Settlement and Social Organization in Late Antique Hispanic Countryside Saúl Martín González 173

New Lines of Enquiry in the Study of the Late Antiquity of Baetica (I): The Christianisation of the Rural Landscape Francisco José García Fernández Jerónimo Sánchez Velasco 188

New Lines of Enquiry in the Study of the Late Antiquity of Baetica (II): Archaeological Topography of the City of Córdoba Jerónimo Sánchez Velasco 206

Late Roman Metallurgy in Castro of El Castillón Santa Eulalia de Tábara Zamora Jose Carlos Sastre Blanco Patricia Fuentes Melgar 229

Part II Philosophy and Classical Studies

Overview Papers

How Original was Neoplatonism in the Platonic Tradition? Francisco L. Lisi 247

On the One and the Diverse: Pervigilium Veneris Carmen Codoñer 263

John of Gaza and the Late Antique Greek Ekphrastic Poetry Daria Gigli 288

The One and the Many and the Circular Movement: Neo-Platonism and Poetics in Nonnus of Panopolis David Hernández de la Fuente 305

Rhetoric, Satire and Encyclopaedia in Martianus Capella Paula Olmos 327

Case Studies

Plotinus' Nous and the Timaeus' Demiourgos: The Generation of the Sensible World in Enneades VI7 [38] 1-3 Francesco Fronterotta 353

Dionisysm in Late Antiquity: The Three Dionysos in the Dionysiaca Rosa García-Gasco 367

Christian Assimilation of "Pagan" Elements: An Apologetic Concept? Miguel Herrero de Jáuregui 380

New Perspectives for the Laterculus of Polemius Silvius David Paniagua 393

Towards a New Critical Edition of Emporius' Work (RhLM 561-574 Halm) Luigi Pirovano 407

Late Antique φαντασια and the Greek Fathers: A Survey Aglae Pizzone 416

Aesopic Tradition and Rabbinic Literature Lorena Miralles 433

Bibliography 447

Contributors 517

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