The New Ranch Handbook: A Guide to Restoring Western Rangelands

The New Ranch Handbook: A Guide to Restoring Western Rangelands


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ISBN-13: 9780970826404
Publisher: University of Nevada Press
Publication date: 07/01/1901
Series: Quirvira Coalition Series
Pages: 102
Product dimensions: 8.46(w) x 10.98(h) x 0.41(d)

Table of Contents

List of Figures
Figure 1Sid Goodloe's Pastures7
Figure 2The Various Scales at which Grazing May Be Analyzed and Understood13
Figure 3Water Flow Across Dense Vegetation37
Figure 4Roger Bowe's Monitoring Data46
Figure 5Roger Bowe's Cost per Pound of Beef47
Figure 6State and Transition Model50
Figure 7Relationship Between Fundamental Criteria, Indicators, and Measurements for Riparian and Upland Communities53
Figure 8Annual Precipitation and Grass Yield, 1960-198882
The Carrizo Valley Ranch6
Chapter 1Ranching As Sustainable Agriculture9
Ranching Can Be Sustainable9
Grazing and the Problem of Scale11
The Goal: Rangeland Health11
Conventional Range Management Tools and Their Limitations12
More on Disturbance17
The Ogilvie Cattle Company and the U Bar Ranch19
Chapter 2Grazing As a Natural Process21
Grasses and Grazers: An Evolutionary Perspective21
The Debate Over Short-Duration Grazing22
Wild vs. Domestic Grazing24
The Grazing Animal25
The Grazed Plant27
Grazing is a Disturbance that Grasses Tolerate28
Misunderstandings About Utilization Rates29
Timing, Intensity, Frequency30
Overgrazing and Overrest31
The Empire Ranch33
Chapter 3The Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Water and Nutrients35
Understanding Grazing at Larger Scales35
The Importance of Water and Nutrients36
The Water Cycle38
Biodiversity and Resilience39
The Nutrient Cycle41
The McNeils: Measuring Success in a New Way43
The Rafter F Cattle Company45
Chapter 4Thresholds and Monitoring48
Understanding Rangeland Change48
State and Transition Models50
Patches: Models from Australia51
Restoring Riparian Areas54
The Soil Surface: Litter, Capping, and Biological Crusts55
Designing a Monitoring Program58
The Beck Land and Cattle Company59
Chapter 5New Ranch Management62
The Tools: Disturbance and Rest62
Controlling the Timing, Intensity, and Frequency of Grazing63
Using ADAs to Control Grazing Intensity67
Animal Distribution68
Ghost Ranch: Grazing in the Dormant Season Only73
Animal Impact74
The Williams Ranch75
Chapter 6Making the Leap77
Making Changes on the Ground77
Examine Your Goals78
Take Stock of Your Operation79
Principles for Planning80
Managing to Cope with Predators81
Endangered Species85
Collaborate and Communicate86
Conclusion: Find and Expand the Radical Center87
About the Author102

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