New Regional Development Paradigms: Volume 4, Environmental Management, Poverty Reduction, and Sustainable Regional Development

New Regional Development Paradigms: Volume 4, Environmental Management, Poverty Reduction, and Sustainable Regional Development




In the past half century, heroic efforts have been made to extend the benefits of economic development to impoverished multitudes, but human security—a concept the UN suggested in 1994—remains elusive for too many. Like sustainable development, human security brings together issues and factors often thought to be opposites and in conflict such as development and environment, core and periphery, market and state. Thinking in terms of human security and sustainable development, this volume discards this either-or approach and delineates linkages between regional development and such human security dimensions as poverty and unemployment and access to health and education services. In particular, the volume considers the incorporation of poverty alleviation and environmental management into regional development policy.

The book provides a synthesis of the issues involved in poverty reduction, environmental management, and regional development. The volume also offers specific examples and case studies, including, for instance, contested river basins, the use of social mobilization in reducing poverty, environmental movements in India, watershed management in China, local government in Malaysia, and urban development in Kenya. Human security, the authors demonstrate, is attainable worldwide and can be achieved alongside sustainable development.

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ISBN-13: 9780313317682
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/30/2001
Series: Contributions in Economics and Economic History Series
Pages: 208
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About the Author

JAMES E. NICKUM is Visiting Professor of Economics at Hosei University in Tokyo.

KENJI OYA is Chief Researcher at the United Nations Centre for Regional Development in Nagoya, Japan.

Table of Contents

Environmental Management, Poverty Reduction, and Sustainable Development by James E. Nickum

Poverty Reduction, Environmental Management, and Regional Development: A Synthesis by Uttam G. Dabholkar

Environmental Conflict and Regional Development: Insights from Institutional Theory and the Practice of Contested River Basins by James E. Nickum

Social Mobilization as a Means to Reduction of Poverty and Regional Disparity by Shoaib Sultan Khan

New Millennium Strategies for Reduction of Poverty and Regional Disparity in India by Bijayanand Misra

Environmental Movements in India: The South Forges Its Own Discourse by Amita Baviskar

The Japan Development Bank and the Role of Policy-Based Finance in Reducing Regional Disparity by Masahiko Ishida

Watershed Management for Regional Development of Jilin: Applying Japan's Experience to China's Needs by Michio Watanabe and Jinichiro Yabuta

Employment Generation and Urban Poverty Alleviation in the People's Republic of China by Li-hua Chen

The Role of Local Government in Urban Poverty Alleviation: A Case Study of the Kuala Lumpur City Hall, Malaysia by Mohd. Zin Bin Mohamed

Sustainable Urban Development Practice in Africa: The Case of Mukuru Recycling Centre, Nairobi, Kenya by Paul Kirai



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