New Teacher Induction: How to Train, Support, and Retain New Teachers

New Teacher Induction: How to Train, Support, and Retain New Teachers


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New Teacher Induction: How to Train, Support, and Retain New Teachers is the leading book on how to structure a New Teacher Induction Program. Co-authored by Annette L. Breaux, whose own district's program was adopted by Louisiana for state implementation and Harry K. Wong, the nation's foremost new teacher advocate, this book blends first hand knowledge into workable solutions for easy implementation. Written for school and district administrators, principals, school board members, and anyone in a decision making capacity, New Teacher Induction will show you how to set up a support program step-by-step. Extensive research is provided that is both historical and practical. Over 30 induction programs are featured with their contact information listed. The 80-page Reference section contains schedules and handouts from 3 of the most effective induction programs in the country. New Teacher Induction is the ultimate source book for training new teachers and keeping them.

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ISBN-13: 9780962936043
Publisher: Wong, Harry K. Publications
Publication date: 01/28/2003
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 474,999
Product dimensions: 9.04(w) x 10.84(h) x 0.49(d)

Table of Contents

What We Believev
Why We Wrote This Bookvi
Highlights of This Bookviii
1The Case for Induction: Prepping the soil
Sources and Notes for Chapter 11
It's the Very Effective Who Are Leaving3
Induction: Preparing, Supporting, and Retaining New Teachers4
Teacher Quality, the Top Ten States5
The Expectations Are Frightening8
Retention and Support: A Critical Link8
Induction: A Necessary Investment11
A Typical First-Year Experience12
Induction: The Key to Helping New Teachers Succeed14
What Induction IS and IS NOT14
Summary and Implementation16
2There Is Only One Way to Improve Student Learning: Planting the seed
Sources and Notes for Chapter 218
Student Achievement and Teaching Experience20
Student Achievement At a Fraction of the Cost22
Student Achievement and Teacher Effectiveness23
Teacher Quality--It Is THE ISSUE25
How an Induction Program Can Help27
Summary and Implementation28
3How to Structure an Induction Program: Nurturing the seed
Sources and Notes for Chapter 330
An Exemplary On-Site Induction Program32
Elements of Successful Induction Programs33
What New Teachers Are Taught34
First Day of School Script35
How to Start Your Own Induction Program36
The Components of Induction36
The Induction Process37
How to Structure an Induction Program38
Why There Must Be Structure51
Summary and Implementation52
4Mentoring the New Teacher: Supporting the fruits
Sources and Notes for Chapter 454
No Research to Support Mentoring Alone55
Mentoring--One Component of Induction59
The Real Needs of New Teachers61
The Original Mentor--a Teacher, Not a "Mentor"63
How Lafourche Parish Trains Its Mentors66
Mentor Roles and Responsibilities66
How to Develop a Mentoring Component for Your Induction Program68
A Final Word on Mentoring69
Summary and Implementation70
5Exemplary Induction Programs: Sprouting
Sources and Notes for Chapter 572
The Induction Process74
The Port Huron Program--Typical Yet Elegantly Effective74
Induction and Culture77
Results of an Effective Induction Program78
Three Highly Effective Induction Programs79
Framework for Inducting, Retaining, and Supporting Teachers (FIRST) Lafourche Parish Public Schools79
Teacher Induction Program for Success (TIPS) Flowing Wells School District85
Professional Educator Induction Program Prince George's County Public Schools89
Comparison of Induction Programs92
Summary and Implementation94
6More Induction Programs: Blossoming
Sources and Notes for Chapter 696
List of Induction Programs99
Principals Need to Be Inducted Too!115
Do You Have a Success Story to Share?119
Summary and Implementation120
7Frequently Asked Questions: Collecting the fruits
Sources and Notes for Chapter 7122
What is "induction"?123
Who should attend induction?123
What is the difference between "orientation" and "induction"?123
What is the difference between "mentoring" and "induction"?124
When should induction begin and how long should it last?124
Who should be included on the induction team?125
Who should do the actual presenting and modeling for new teachers?125
What is a "demonstration classroom"?125
What topics should be covered during the initial induction week?125
Where can I find information to help me get started with my own induction program?126
Can an individual school have its own induction program even if there is no districtwide program for all new teachers?126
Should participation in induction be mandatory?126
How do schools or school districts typically fund induction programs?126
How much does an induction program cost?127
How do we induct a teacher who is hired after the first day of school?127
Summary and Implementation128
8An Investment in Our Future Treasuring the harvest
Sources and Notes for Chapter 8130
This Matters Most131
Summary and Implementation134
Epilogue: Beyond Induction
Sources and Notes for the Epilogue136
Our Responsibility to the Next Generation of Teachers137
Implications of the Research139
"Beginning Teacher Induction"142
"Induction: The Best Form of Professional Development"146
"Teacher Mentoring: A Critical Review"150
Lafourche Parish Schools Three-Year Induction Structure154
Flowing Wells School District Information Packet169
Homewood-Flossmoor New Teacher Induction Packet200
Stanislaus County Retention Data Table216
"Play for Keeps"217
About the Authors221
"Which Way?"228

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