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New Technology for Geosciences: Proceedings of the 30th International Geological Congress, Volume 10

New Technology for Geosciences: Proceedings of the 30th International Geological Congress, Volume 10

by Guo Huadong, Singhroy, Farr


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ISBN-13: 9789067642651
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 11/01/1997
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 6.12(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.78(d)

Table of Contents

Remote sensing methods at the century border
A.V. Pertsov
Geologic remote sensing in the thermal infrared
A.B. Kahle
Multi-frequency and multi-polarization radar for geological applications
Guo Huadong, Wang Changlin, Shao Yun and Liao Jingjuan
The combined Multispectral-Stereo scanner MOMS: A new remote sensing tool for geological applications
J. Bodechtel and Qingxia Lei
Estimation of SiO2 content using simulated TIR remote sensing data generated from spectra measured on the sawed surfaces of rocks at Cuprite, Nevada, U.S.A.
Y. Ninomiya, T. Matsunaga and Y. Yamaguchi
Geothermal zoning of European Russia on the base of satellite infra-red thermal survey
V.I. Gorny, S.G. Kritzuk, I.Sh. Latypov and A.A. Tronin
The geological features of Tang impact structure detected by spaceborne SAR image
Shao Yun, Shi Huosheng, Guo Huadong and Liu Hao
Mineral exploration in Israel using integrated remote sensing data
T. Wever, M. Frei and J. Bodechtel
SIR-C interferometry for Karakax fault study in West China
Wang Chao, Guo Huadong, Wang Changlin, T. Farr and G. Peltzer
Detection of infrared and microwave radiation in rock fracturing experiments: A potential remote sensing tool for earthquake forcasts
Cui Chengyu, Zhang Jinkai, Zhi Yiqiao, Deng Mingde, Geng Naiguang, Fan Zhenfang, Ji Quanquan and Wang Tinghui
Direct and indirect petroleum exploration methods by using remote sensing techniques
Guo Defang, Zhang Dengrong and Bao Shaohua
Remote sensing - GIS for dynamically monitoring of land salinization and urbanization trend in North China Plain
Sun Xinghe, Zhang Chuanxia and Jiang Tao
Technology supporting access to multisource, multidiscipline, geoscience data
A.M. Hittelman
Digital representations of topography: Attempting to characterize the Earth's surface
D.A. Hastings, P.K. Dunbar and A.M. Hittelman
The lineaments studies of the earthquake affected area in Decaan basalts (India)
P.S. Kulkarni, B.M. Karmarkar and D.G. Chande
A new system of the analytical SEM producing color images
T. Shoji, K. Okaya, S. Ono, H. Kaneda and M. Kojima
New improvements in multi-element analysis of geological samples by multi-ion counting spark source mass spectrometry (MIC-SSMS)
K.P. Jochum, H.-J. Laue, H.M. Seufert and A.W. Hofmann
Integrated systems analysis of the multilevel heterogeneous geoinformation
O.L. Kouznetsov and Eu.N. Cheremisina
Precious metal concentrations in polymetallic nodule reference samples
V. Balaram, K.V. Anjaiah and S.L. Ramesh
The advanced geodrilling techniques in China
Geng Ruilin
Appearance of insert and button complex-type rock drilling tools in China
Zhang Hanbin and Zhang Guoju
The down-the-hole hammer reverse circulation drilling technique and its application
Yin Kun and Jiang Rongqing
Geological applications of RADARSAT
V. Singhroy

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