New Thought Essays Vol. 1 Healing Your Life and Bank Account

New Thought Essays Vol. 1 Healing Your Life and Bank Account

by Janette Getui

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For many of us, Abundance is something we deeply desire, long for, regularly affirm out- loud and inwardly fear will never come to us in as much measure as we would like. We tend to overrate affirmations and it's bringing about more frustrations and resistance as we see more and more people interested in self- development investing strenuous effort to apply affirmations in the hopes that it will help them manifest the prosperity and abundance they desire. There can be no denying that the topic of money is one that can never go out of fashion but just because more of the world is coming up with ways of generating massive wealth and income, doesn't guarantee that you will actually experience the same in your life. Your abundance can and will only be accessed by you, through you... Anyone who tries to convince you of any external way is simply delaying your chances of actual manifestations.
What many of us still don't get is that abundance isn't something external to chase after but rather, something we must all learn to tune into in the right way. We are by nature abundant beings and cannot help but surround ourselves with an abundance of some kind. Living in a dualistic world it means that abundance can demonstrate itself negatively or positively and life will generously continue to give us more of where we are. So when it comes to the hot topic of money and wealth, we are either tuned into the negative side of it where the conditions manifest the absence of such or we can shift and tune into the positive side of prosperity and money where conditions will then manifest the presence of such - but make no mistake you will always be surrounded by an abundance of the things that matter in your world. This little essay is written with the sole aim of showing you how you can tune into abundance in the right way and experience the positive side of it while on earth. It in no way takes off the need for physical action but rather is the missing complimentary that will ensure whatever actions you are now taking or will take in the realisation of your goals, produce maximum desirable effects. This world and all the abundance you wish to make manifest are only effects that emanate from a certain cause. In this volume we heal ourselves at that level of cause so that life and all the prosperity we wish to experience can flow freely.

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About the Author

Janette Getui is a Wealth psychology, leadership & Lifestyle strategist. She is Certified as a Business Coach, Law of Attraction expert & a Thinking into Results facilitator who has worked with, been trained and certified by some of the biggest names in the personal development industry. She is an author, in-demand speaker, trainer, seminar leader and transformational coach who came from a homeless struggling background and born in a slum in Kenya, Africa yet made through to the successful entrepreneur, inspirational thought leader and mum that she is today. Her purpose is to share and teach the art and secrets of recreating new realities and destinies regardless of current conditions, circumstances or environment. Janette believes in successful living and a thriving lifestyle for each individual and shows simple formulas that can unfold your version of heaven here on earth so you may attain a healthy, wealthy, prosperous and happy life. She strives to help individuals seeking to become independently wealthy how to integrate material earthly riches with spiritual richness because it has been her extraordinary story and experience that there is a connecting link that we can use to build a strong bridge that makes manifest lasting soulful success. In other words, being rich will not only feel good but you'll discover it's also heavenly! Through her mentoring and guidance you will be able to realize and bring to life a whole new understanding and approach of how to make manifest the experience and reality of enjoying wealth and well-being every single day through developing, directing and utilizing your mind in a manner that has never been done before. Every business, team or individual she works with, is able to achieve quantum success because she shows them how to overcome obstacles and break free from limiting beliefs into the results they are vested in. She is serious about showing you how to discover more creativity, more passion,more inspired insight and more love in your life; which are evidently the main ingredients to massive success, wealth and well-being in life. Her fresh, light and fun approach to mastering this thing we call life whilst rising into our individual greatness in a manner that is scientific, lawful and in alignment with the God-self that she feels we all have within us, is the magical formula that she promises to share with you. It is time to rewrite your story and finally have it all. If you are hungry about being healthy, happy, wealthy, growing your business and thriving in every area of your life – She will show you how… The unique gifts she brings to the table are unquestionable and the results experienced by those who work with her are certainly life changing. You can follow her on Twitter :@janettegetui Facebook: Or visit Allow Janette show you how to re-write your destiny today. Make a request to Book a complimentary consultation with her by sending an email to:

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