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ISBN-13: 9781897071519
Publisher: Between the Lines
Publication date: 09/15/2009
Pages: 512
Product dimensions: 7.20(w) x 8.70(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Karen Dubinsky is Professor in the Department of History at Queen's University.

Catherine Krull is Associate Professor and Undergraduate Chair in the Department of Sociology at Queen's University.

Susan Lord is Associate Professor in the Department of
Film and Media at Queen's University.

Sean Mills is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Scott Rutherford is a PhD Candidate, Department of History, Queen's University.

Table of Contents


The Global Sixties
Scott Rutherford, Sean Mills, Susan Lord, Catherine Krull, and Karen Dubinsky

Revolution from de Beat
Lillian Allen

Section I: Nation-Decolonization-Liberation

Whose 1960s? Gender, Resistance and Liberation in Palestine
Rabab Abdulhadi

The Liberation Formation, 1965-1976: International Themes, Canadian Variations
Ian McKay

Moving into “The Master's House”: The State-Nation and Black Power in the United States
Van Gosse

1968 and the Soviets
Kimmo Rentola

“The Malcolm X Doctrine”: The Republic of New Afrika and the Decolonization of America
Dan Berger

Interpretations of Third World Solidarity and Contemporary German Nationalism
Jennifer Ruth Hosek

The National Security War on Queers, the Left, and the “Sixties”
Gary Kinsman

The Clash between the Extreme Right and the New Left Wing in the Years of Mass Protests in Italy, France and the Federal German Republic (1967—1969)
Guido Panvini

Resisting the Sixties: the Dutch New Right in a Global Perspective
Tity de Vries

Transpacific Revolutionaries: The Creation of Latin American Maoism
Matthew Rothwell

On Digging It: Correspondences between Dineh Uranium Miners and the Health and Safety Program of the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers' Union
Julie Boddy

“Liberation Support/Anti-Apartheid as Seeds of Global Consciousness: The Birth of Solidarity with Southern African Struggles in the 1960s”
John S. Saul

Section II: Cultural Citizenship of the Sixties

“Revolution in 16mm: Film and Transnationalism in the Making of Latin American Radicalism”
Michael Kirkpatrick

The Global Dimensions of Cuban Film Institute in the 1960s
Maria Caridad Cumana

The Japanese Sixties: Kon Ichikawa's Tokyo Olympiad
Kyoko Sato

Black Diasporic Politics and Style in 1960s Tanzania: Toward a Transnational History
Andrew Ivaska

A Global Blackness: Art, Race and Internationalism in the 1966 Exhibition The First World Festival of Negro Arts
Tobias Wofford

Media, Politics and Society during the Italian Economic Boom (1958-1963)
Marilisa Merolla

Rural Working-Class Theatre in Sweden
Stefan Backius

A 'Bubbling Volcano': Edinburgh, the Festivals, and the Cultural Explosion of the Sixties
Angela Bartie

Constructing Pariah Spaces in the Americas North and South: Newspaper Representations of Slums, Ghettos and Favelas in the 1960s
Sean Purdy

“No Axe to Grind in Africa”: Violence, Racial Prejudice and Media Depictions of the Canadian Peacekeeping Mission to the Congo, 1960-1964
Colin McCullough

Trip to Hanoi: Anti-War Travel and Transnational Consciousness
Franny Nudelman

Political graphics of the “long 1960s”
Lincoln Cushing

Section III: Mobilizing Bodies

1968: Spring-board for Women's Liberation
Sheila Rowbotham

Group consciousness in Brazil: appropriation (1964-1989)
Joana Maria Pedro

Reframing the 'Whiteness' of US Feminism: The 1960s Protest 'Movement', Radical Feminism, and the Abjection of Whiteness
Amanda Third

Breaking outlines in the time of transformation in Cuba
Sonia Enjamio Expósito

Shamans of the Spring: 1960s Environmentalism and the New Jeremiad
Michael Egan

“More Dangerous Than Bombs or Bullets: Agent Orange, Dioxin, and the Environmental Imaginary”
Edwin Martini

Transcending the Liberal Order: The political and cultural climate of 'The Sixties” and sex reassignment surgery in Ontario
Kristin Ireland

At the Point of the Lance: Gender, Development, and the 1960s Peace Corp
Molly Geidel

Student Politics in Mexico in the Wake of the Cuban Revolution
Jaime Pensado

Quebec, English Canadian Student Activism in the Sixties: The Rise of Student Syndicalism
Barbara Godard

'Women United Against the War': Gender Politics, Feminism, and Vietnam Draft Resistance in Canada


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