The New World Order Is The Old World Order

The New World Order Is The Old World Order

by George Radanovich


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Politicians in Washington are grappling with a soaring national debt that threatens our status in the world and, indeed our very future. The government funded by this debt is seen as too big and intrusive. Yet, eighty years of liberal progressivism have left us a nation ill prepared to face a future of less government. Even more urgent than the massive debt accumulated over the decades are the crumbling institutions left in the wake of the failed experiment of socialism. Americans sense that the old social contract of "cradle to grave" care no longer works, if it ever did. They know that anarchy is not a replacement for big government and are searching for a new world view.

But the way forward will never be found until we understand how our nation fits within a higher purpose for all men and women. The Four Institutions of the Cultural Mandate provide this understanding and clarifies what the American people must do to secure our country's future. This book shines a light on these institutions and provides the new world view and the new social contract Americans are longing for.

George Radanovich was elected to Congress in 1994. He served as president of the freshman class of the new republican majority and pressed the need for cultural reform to accompany the reduction in the size of government. A believer that politics and jurisprudence are downstream from culture, The New World Order is the Old World Order, is the culmination of his thirty-year effort to develop a new social contract based on cultural reform. He retired from Congress in 2011, after the tragic loss of his wife, and returned to his hometown of Mariposa, CA, to raise their 12 year-old son, rebuild the family vineyard and establish a foundation, The Four Institutions, to restore the institutions of the Cultural Mandate.

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ISBN-13: 9781613792629
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication date: 05/26/2011
Pages: 162
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