New World Order vs New Orderly World: Which will best assure our sustainability?

New World Order vs New Orderly World: Which will best assure our sustainability?

by Larry Stokes


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Finally! The reader is introduced to a fairly well hidden technology, scientifically proven, that can save Mankind from itself. The common sense of this practical approach to society's main problems is capable of reuniting people of sensibility. Within democracies, unity should prove to be enough to derail the Godless agenda of Communism and corruption in general. The controlling fanaticism of Megalomania is encrusted within a host of corrupting factions, governments, tyrants, false religions, cults, etc. By strategically depriving the contaminating Megalomaniacs of the ability to blatantly deceive "We The People", truly urgent matters of Mankind's SUSTAINABILITY can be addressed. One obvious conundrum escapes the attention of a vast majority of "We The People". Since Communist cohorts have successfully dumbed down most of the voting population by substituting Godless indoctrination for education, and desensitizing (shock & awe) programing posing as entertainment, what will impassion "We The People" to perceive the urgent need to modernize our rusty old governmental system and assure our sustainability. Although America's Constitution is Man's best documented proclamation of Freedom, many powerful politicians sworn to uphold it are more intent to alter or even destroy it. Current available technologies can easily squelch such deviant agendas against freedom by men without honor. In fact, more modern techniques could make alleged representatives virtually obsolete. I can't imagine shaking hands with a crafty corrupt politician who allow disease infected illegal immigrants to contaminate our society. Forget letting them kiss my baby. No telling what they've been kissing. Overt theatrics of current campaigns merely serve to cover up the tenacious progressive tyranny that's evolving. With overall knowledge increasing exponentially, and the rapid evolution of questionable technologies, "We The People" can no longer afford the gross culpability of dinosaurs posing as repr

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ISBN-13: 9781478753117
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 03/24/2015
Pages: 48
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About the Author

Having survived the cultural revolution of the 60's, I'm eternally thankful to GOD for enlightening me concerning the subtlety of the media's mind control and how skillfully the Godless communist use it. I'm almost convinced the best way to achieve safe sex and a better piece of mind is to Marry my motorcycle. What a mainstay for Mankind!

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