New York Matrimonial Trial Handbook

New York Matrimonial Trial Handbook

by Joel Brandes




The New York Matrimonial Trial Handbook, by Joel R. Brandes, of the New York Bar, is devoted solely to the trial of a New York matrimonial action. It is a courtroom reference book to be used during the trial to enable counsel to successfully handle unusual evidentiary issues that frequently arise only in matrimonial actions. It is also an encyclopedia of questions for the direct and cross-examination of the parties and witnesses. It contains thousands of questions to ask in order to establish each element of a party's cause of action and requests for ancillary relief. The New York Matrimonial Trial Handbook has one purpose - to help an attorney try a matrimonial action. Its scope is limited to that part of a matrimonial action that begins after trial preparation has been completed, and ends with the conclusion of the trial. The New York Matrimonial Trial Handbook is divided into five parts. Part 1 deals with preliminary matters, how to conduct a trial and the rules of evidence. Part 2 covers obtaining a divorce, separation, or annulment with questions to establish a prima facie case. Part 3 is devoted to obtaining maintenance, child support, exclusive occupancy of the marital residence, counsel fees and other ancillary relief. Part 4 deals with equitable distribution of marital property and the determination of separate property. Part 5 contains extensive coverage of custody litigation. Each Part of the Handbook includes the relevant substantive and procedural law, and the law of evidence related to that Part, and contains suggested questions for the examination and cross-examination of the parties and their witnesses.

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ISBN-13: 9781543910582
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 11/09/2017
Pages: 836
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About the Author

Joel R. Brandes, of the New York Bar, practices law in New York and lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with his wife Elizabeth. He is a noted authority and expert on New York family law and divorce. He is an advisor and counsel to the legal profession in complex matrimonial and custody litigation, trials, appeals and international child abduction cases, and provides concierge legal services to individual clients. He is the author of the treatise Law and The Family New York, 2d (9 volumes), and Law and the Family New York Forms (5 volumes), (Thomson Reuters). The New York Matrimonial Trial Handbook is available in Bookstores and online in the print edition at the Bookbaby Bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads and other online book sellers. It is also available in Kindle ebook editions and epub ebook editions for all ebook readers. He writes the annual updates to Law and the Family New York, 2d, and Law and the Family New York Forms, 2d. He wrote Digest of Equitable Distribution Cases, and Equitable Distribution Case Law, both published by the New York State Bar Association and has been a contributor to several law books. Mr Brandes has written and lectured extensively on family law and international child abduction. He has authored more than five hundred published articles that have appeared in legal journals. For many years he authored "Law and the Family," a regular monthly column in the New York Law Journal. During that time, he co-chaired the Continuing Legal Education Committee of the New York State Bar Association, Family Law Section. In that capacity he moderated and participated in more than 150 seminars. He wrote a quarterly column, entitled Recent Decisions, Trends and Legislation, in the New York State Bar Association, Family Law Review. He writes and publishes Bits and Bytes, ™ a bi-monthly electronic newsletter for the New York divorce and family law bench and bar, a website, New York Divorce and Family Law (, and two blogs, "New York Divorce and Family Law" ( and "A Child is Missing: The International Child Abduction Blog"( Mr. Brandes was counsel in the landmark Court of Appeals cases of Morone v Morone, Tucker v Tucker and McSparron v McSparron, and has more than 120 reported New York trial or appellate decisions. He earned his J.D. at Brooklyn Law School and his LL.M. at New York University.

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